POWER HOUR! 60MIN Total Body Workout

Power Hour! 60 Min Total Body Workout is a long cardio + strength workout from Heather Robertson. She wore me out! The first 2 circuits will give you total body strength work with some cardio bursts. The last circuit is cardio and core work and is all body weight. The entire workout is very metabolic. According to my Apple Watch I burned 632 calories! That includes the 5 minute stretch I added on to the end of this workout. That was one thing I wasn’t crazy about with this workout–for 60 solid minutes of hard work she gives you a very short warm up and stretch. But of course a longer stretch (or warm up) would just make this workout even longer. It is an excellent and intense workout but one I will have to reserve for weekends or days off when I have more time.

This workout is made up of 3 circuits, each containing 10 exercises. Each circuit is done twice before moving onto the next circuit. The exercises are all done interval style: 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of recovery. There is a timer in the lower right hand corner of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recoveries Heather previews the next exercise.

Power Hour! 60 Min Total Body Workout is 66:41 minutes; 2:15 minute warm up and 2:40 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells and a fitness mat. Heather is using 5, 10 and 15 pound dumbbells. She also using one heavier dumbbell that she doesn’t reveal the weight of. The weights listed below are what I used.

Circuit 1:

  1. Lunge & lateral raise (alternating reverse lunges, at the bottom of the lunge do a double arm straight arm lateral raise) (8# DBs)
  2. Sumo deadlift & squat (stand with legs wider than hip width and toes turned out, holding one DB both hands, alternate one sumo squat with one deadlift) (one 60# DB)
  3. Power jacks (sumo squat jacks)
  4. Stand up & press (start in high kneeling on the mat holding one DB in both hands behind head, step one foot forward into kneeling lunge, step other foot forward to join it, stand and straighten arms, reaching DB to ceiling, lower DB again then reverse the motion, stepping one foot back into kneeling lunge then stepping the other foot back so you are back in high kneeling) (one 20# DB)
  5. Wall sit & lift (hold a wall squat while also arcing straight arms/DBs out to side and overhead then back down) (5# DBs)
  6. Deadlifts (40# DBs)
  7. Side lunges (stand with legs wide holding one DB in both hands, do alternating stationary side lunges, between each lunge do an overhead press) (one 30# DB)
  8. Goblet squat (one 50# DB)
  9. Squat & front raise (holding one DB in each hand, lower into squat while also doing a straight arm front raise) (5# DBs)
  10. Pop squat (squat jacks tapping one hand to ground when in squat)
  11. Repeat #1-10

30 second rest

Circuit 2:

  1. Kneeling press (in kneeling lunge do a single arm overhead shoulder press) (one 18# DB)
  2. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  3. T-push ups (holding a DB in each hand, do one push up then rotate into side plank and raise top arm/DB to ceiling, alternate sides with a push up between each side) (10# DBs)
  4. V-sit & curl (sit on mat, torso leaned back, knees bent with heels on mat, hold this position while doing bicep curls) (13# DBs)
  5. Out & up jacks (jack the legs, alternate regular jumping jack arms with raising arms in front of you to overhead)
  6. Skull crushers (lay on back with knees bent and feet on mat close to glutes, raise hips into bridge and hold isometrically while doing skull crushers) (13# DBs)
  7. Crunch & punch (lay on back with knees bent and feet on mat, holding one DB in each hand, do a full sit up, at top of sit up do alternating overhead presses, once each arm) (8# DBs)
  8. Row & kickback (one renegade row each arm + one leg lift each leg) (30# DBs)
  9. Fly & row (do one bent over double arm row then straighten and do one double arm lateral raise) (10# DBs)
  10. Cross punch comb (one cross punch each arm + one jumping jack pushing arms/DBs overhead) (5# DBs)
  11. Repeat #1-10

30 second rest

Circuit 3:

  1. Side bridge (in side elbow plank with top arm extended to ceiling, raise and lower hips)
  2. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  3. Mountain climbers
  4. Side driver (in split stance with arms reached overhead to one side, do single knee raises with back leg, bringing hands down to knee)
  5. Repeat #4 on other side of body
  6. Jump squat & jack (alternate one jump squat with one jumping jack)
  7. Reverse crunch (lay on back on mat, push legs overhead while raising hips into reverse crunch then bend the knees and push the legs out straight in line with hips)
  8. Bicycle crunch
  9. High knees (alternate 4 high knee runs with 4 butt kick runs)
  10. Flying frog (jump squats, when in squat tap fingers to mat between legs, when you jump alternate extending arms out to sides in a T with raising both arms overhead)
  11. Repeat #1-10

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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