Naomi Joy Fitness: Full Body Workout At Home / No Equipment / Low Impact/ No Repeat

OMG. This workout was so much harder than I thought it would be. What an excellent total body strength workout. Full Body Workout at Home /  No Equipment / Low Impact / No Repeat is a body weight strength workout from Naomi Joy and the intervals are long. Each exercise is done for 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of recovery. 50 seconds never seemed so long! This is a perfect travel workout. As the title indicates, there is no jumping. It is a quiet workout–unless you count my many whines of pain! Naomi manages to hit every muscle group in your body in some fashion. However, because the majority of the workout is done on the mat, this is not a big calorie burner. According to my FitBit I only burned 85 calories. Even so, I still count this as an intense workout. Even though my heart rate wasn’t spiking, I was working hard and sweating. And my glutes are still burning!

Full Body Workout at Home /  No Equipment / Low Impact / No Repeat is 34:01 minutes; 2 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. Equipment: fitness mat. There is a timer in the lower right hand corner of the screen counting down the total workout time. There is another timer in the upper right hand corner of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recoveries Naomi previews the next exercise. Naomi also shows easier modifications for many of the exercises.

  1. Inchworm push ups (stand at end of mat, hinge forward and walk hands out to plank, do one push up, walk hands back to feet, stand and circle the arms)
  2. Push up side plank (do one push up then rotate into side plank reaching top arm to ceiling, pull elbow down behind back then reach arm to ceiling again, alternate sides when doing side plank)
  3. Side booty bridge leg circle (in modified side elbow plank (on one elbow and one knee, top leg is extended straight) with top arm raised to ceiling, raise top straight leg and draw circles with the leg)
  4. Repeat #3 on other side of body
  5. Tricep dip pulse (on hands and heels with knees bent, raise glutes off ground and pulse, bending elbows to work the triceps)
  6. Tricep push up pulse (pulse 2x at bottom of push up)
  7. Plank hip dips (in elbow/forearm plank, rotate hips side to side)
  8. Wide leg plank reach (in wide leg plank, alternate reaching one arm in front of you, raising arm to shoulder level)
  9. Back extension thumbs out (lay on stomach with arms along side, palms facing floor so thumbs are facing to sides, lift head/chest/arms/legs, hold briefly before lowering)
  10. Criss cross core (lay on back with arms extended overhead and legs extended straight on floor, raise one straight leg to ceiling while reaching other arm to touch shin, alternate sides)
  11. Lower body twist (lay on back with arms extended to sides and legs raised straight to ceiling, windshield wiper the legs side to side)
  12. Leg lower pulse (lay on back with hands behind head and legs raised straight to ceiling, pulse crunch upper body 3x then lower one straight leg and raise it, alternate legs w/ 3 crunches in between each leg lower)
  13. Double leg lower (lay on back with hands behind head and legs raised straight to ceiling, lower legs to 45 degrees then bend knees, pulling legs back up to chest and straighten legs to ceiling again)
  14. Finger tap burner (lay on back, head/shoulders elevated, knees are bent and arms reached along the side of body, bicycle legs tapping fingers together behind hamstring when knee is pulled in to chest)
  15. Straight leg booty squeeze (get on all 4s with one leg extended straight behind you, raise and lower straight leg)
  16. Rainbow kick (on hands and knees, extend one leg out straight behind you, keep leg straight and tap toe out to side of body, raise leg in an arc (like a rainbow) over to other side of body and tap foot to floor outside of other leg)
  17. Straight leg booty pulse (same position as #15 but keep leg raised and pulse leg upward)
  18. Side & back donkey kick (on knees and forearms, raise one bent leg out to side (hydrant) then raising bent leg up behind you, pushing sole of foot to ceiling)
  19. Donkey pulse (still on knees and forearms, lift one bent leg up behind you and pulse sole of foot up to ceiling)
  20. Reverse lunge into a front knee raise
  21. Lunge pulse (stationary/static lunge, lower to bottom of lunge and pulse, arms are extended to sides in a T, push arms behind you as you pulse in lunge, alternating palms forward and palms backward)
  22. Repeat #15-21 on other side of body
  23. Low plie (in wide leg plie, lower to bottom of squat and pulse)

For more info on Naomi Joy Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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