Toned Arms // Home Workout

Toned Arms // Home Workout is a new workout from Heather Robertson. It has been a while since I have reviewed one of Heather’s workouts but that hasn’t stopped from doing them. I still revisit my favorites of hers that have already been reviewed here. But I like the length of this one. It is perfect for a fitness break during my workday (I am currently teleworking). I have already done it a few times and I decided to create a blog post about it. Toned Arms is an interval workout. There are 10 strength exercises, each exercise is done for 30 seconds and the 10 exercise circuit is repeated. There are no breaks between exercises so you lose time if you change dumbbells. I would probably swap dumbbells for some of the exercises if I were doing this as part of my main workout but currently I am using it as a fitness break and 5 pound dumbbells are sufficient for that. For some of the exercises 5 pounds is actually all I can manage! But for a few of them a heavier dumbbell would have been more appropriate. But either way, it is a great little mini workout to combine with other workouts or do on it’s own for a quick pump.

Like most of Heather’s workouts, there is no talking, just great music. There is a counter in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, counting down your intervals. Near the end of each interval, a rectangle appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen, previewing the next exercise.

Toned Arms // Home Workout is 13 minutes; no warm up and 2:15 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells (Heather is using 5 pound dumbbells).

  1. Alternating front raise
  2. Double arm straight arm side raise
  3. Bent over rear delt flys, alternate arms
  4. Overhead press, lowering arms to goal post then bringing elbows/DBs together in front of body, open arms back to goal post and do an overhead press
  5. Start with bent arms in front of body, DBs at chest level and palms facing each other, from this starting position lift one arm/DB overhead while pressing other arm/DB out straight to side, alternate sides bringing arms back to starting position between each rep
  6. Bicep curls, lowering very slowly and raising quickly
  7. Fast alternating bicep curls
  8. Double arm overhead tricep extensions
  9. Fast alternating tricep kickbacks
  10. Alternating front punches while in split stance
  11. Repeat #1-10

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


4 thoughts on “Toned Arms // Home Workout

  1. Hey there, I know this is completely random, but I just (very belatedly) discovered that if you buy a digital download you don’t have to stream it on your computer, you can burn it to a disc and play it in a DVD player. Since you have been in the know about what sites have been doing free streaming trials during the corona epidemic, I wonder if you know of any sites/fitness instructors that are currently having really good deals on digital downloads?

    That toned arm workout sounds like a fun 10-minute add on or just for a quickie. I’ve taken most of the week off from working out and it feels so weird and has affected my mood 😦 I think I have “jumpers knee” or something 😦 I’m not in any pain, but there’s soreness and stiffness, it is getting a bit better…. I think I’m going to try working out tomorrow, I have a new-to-me not high impact workout to try. Anyway, the toned workout does look good, I feel like with my Jillian workouts (beginner shred, 30 day shred) my biceps have developed a lot more than my triceps — gotta work on that and get my triceps more tightened….


    1. No, not on downloads. In fact the ones who offered free streaming for a period of time do not offer downloads at all. I have an AppleTV so streaming isn’t an issue for me–it plays straight through my TV just like a DVD would. I do purchase downloads of Cathe’s Live workouts but, again, since I use an AppleTV, it just talks to my computer and streams from my computer like a DVD would play. But since the pandemic, the only person I have purchased downloads from is Cathe. With that said, Linda @ Barlates always has deals on her downloads. Frequently she has sales where they are 99 cents each plus you buy one get on free. I am sure a lot of other trainers do as well but I don’t regularly purchase/download workouts so I am not aware of them.

      All of Heather Robertson’s workouts are fun. She is one of my favorite trainers. Right before the pandemic she created a 12 week workout program for the home exerciser. As soon as I get the go ahead from my ortho I plan to rehabilitate using her program. A different workout every day for 12 weeks! they start out at approx 30 minute each then get longer as the program progresses. But the longest workout is only 43 minutes. I plan to combine them with rebounding workouts to rehab after the “official” rehab is over.


      1. Oh I am envious that, when you get the all clear, you’ll know exactly what you are doing for the next 12 weeks. I feel lost right now without jillian, but more so the “program” idea of doing a workout for one week and then moving on to another (that progresses in difficulty) on the same disk and also with having taken most of this week off from working out.

        my new-to-me low-impact workout this morning was quite disappointing, it was blurbed as a total bodyworkout but it was not. i felt like i needed to workout after the workout but i knew that wouldn’t be a good idea because I need to be careful with my knees. sigh.

        good to know about linda’s barlates 99 cents sale, but her selection (that continues to grow) is just way to overwhelming for me. it feels like a chore to browse through her stuff but mostly it just overwhelms me. it’s a shame i feel this way because I’m sure she has some gems but I just won’t ever discover them.


      2. That is a problem I frequently see with a lot of workouts. They say they are total body but what they mean is they are working the legs, the arms and the core. The back and/or chest are not touched. That is definitely not total body since the back and chest are the largest muscle groups in the upper body!

        I personally love looking at workouts. So when something snags my interest, I have no problem previewing a trainer’s entire workout backlist. That’s part of my workout hoarding problem. If I love a trainer, I find it exciting that they have so much content for me. But it is also silly in a sense because of my exercise ADD. I do return to workouts but not as frequently as you would expect. But that is the point of this blog. It’s my own personal database of nearly every workout I’ve done since 2012 so I can refer back and see what I thought of it when deciding to do it again. It also helps me create workout calendars which is why I list how long everything is, what exercises are included, what equipment is needed, etc. Helps me plan.

        That’s my idea of fun. Super weird, I know.


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