Bellicon Total Body Workout

Bellicon Total Body Workout has a subtitle of “New Gents Bellicon Routine.” It is led by trainer Jordan Brown. From the very beginning, Jordan is addressing men. Everything he says, he addresses to “Gentlemen.” Which is super weird, but whatever. This is not an official Bellicon workout–I could not locate it on the Bellicon streaming site which I subscribe to but it is a very good rebounder workout. I did this workout in combination with Bellicon Power Bounce for an excellent and intense hour long rebounder workout. Power Bounce was all cardio but Jordan’s total body workout includes some upper body strength work, too. There are push ups and upper body exercises using light hand weights while bouncing. Jordan does a lot of reps so it does burn out your arms. Between the two workouts I burned 500 calories but I did not enter my peak heart rate zone (according to my FitBit) until I started Jordan’s workout. So pretty intense! To make it more intense in the future, I won’t drop the light hand weights until we start doing cannonballs. The hand weights will continue to add intensity to the remaining moves in the workout. For those of you who don’t know, Bellicon makes high end rebounders but you can use any rebounder to do this workout.

Bellicon Total Body Workout is 29 minutes; 30 second intro; 2 minute warm up (the warm up is basic hops) and 1:30 minute cool down. Equipment: rebounder and light dumbbells.

  1. Hip twist hops
  2. Lateral hops side to side; changes to single, single, double hop count
  3. Hop forward and back while pushing arms forward and back; changes to a single, single double hop count
  4. Double hops traveling laterally side to side (2 hops to one side, 2 hops in the middle, 2 hops on other side); changed to single hops traveling side to side
  5. Jumping jacks; add direction changes
  6. Push ups with hands on rebounder and feet on floor; lift one one leg and do more push ups
  7. (get light DBs) Hop on rebounder; changes to hop skip; add bicep curls
  8. High knee runs with alternating hammer curls
  9. Jack legs in following pattern: out, cross, out, together; add raising arms out to side in a T then bringing arms/DBs together in front of you (still held at chest level), open arms back out to sides in a T then lower arms back to sides
  10. Stutter steps (bent knee scissor runs); add bicep curls; arms change to overhead press; arms change to bent arm chest press; add directional changes
  11. (get rid of DBs) Jumping jacks
  12. Skiers or moguls swinging arms side to side
  13. With legs wide, do alternating punches to the front while hopping; changes to a single, single, double punch pattern; changes to double punches each arm; back to alternating single punches
  14. Jumping jacks
  15. Repeat #12
  16. Jump forward and back while swinging arms forward and back
  17. Repeat #1
  18. Fast high knee run; add direction changes; add alternating overhead reaching arms
  19. Jumping jacks
  20. Jumps
  21. 3 regular jumps + 1 Cannonball (tuck jump, but bring knees into chest and grab knees); changes to 2 regular jumps + 1 cannonball; cannonball jumps only

For more info on other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page. For more rebounder workouts, check out my Rebounder Workout page.

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