Barlates: Bounce Intervals/ Up & Down

Bounce Intervals: Up & Down is another cardio rebounder workout from Linda @ Barlates. Since I have fallen in love with rebounding, I approach every rebounder workout with hope that I will love it. Unfortunately I was disappointed in this workout. It is a tough and advanced workout and I did not enjoy it. I am not at the level of this workout and I struggled to keep up. Plus it had one of the types of moves that I feel are inappropriate for rebounder workouts–jumping on the floor. In one move you start on the floor, jump onto the rebounder, tuck jump on the rebounder then jump backwards off the rebounder onto the floor. If I wanted to do box jumps I would do a Cathe HIIT step workout. I have no issue doing tuck jumps on the rebounder, its the jumping on and off the rebounder that negates the entire point of doing rebounder work, IMHO. I also don’t mind moving on and off the rebounder. It’s jumping on the floor or from the floor to the rebounder and vise versa that I don’t care for. At least not in this type of a workout. Rebounding is a low impact workout and I do not want impact in my low impact workouts.

This workout is set up in intervals of 70 seconds of work with 10 seconds of recovery before moving on to the next exercise. There are 20 intervals. Linda shows modifications for some of the moves. And btw–she does encourage you to do what you can. She admits it is an advanced workout and you may have to grow into this workout. So, one day I may return to this workout and see if I change my mind. I have actually done several of Linda’s more advanced rebounder workouts without any problem. Plus I loved one of the other workouts in Linda’s Bounce Interval Series (Cardio), so I am hoping I also love the other two workouts in this series. We shall see!

There are several ways you can do Bounce Intervals: Up & Down. It is available on DVD along with 3 other Bounce Intervals workouts, you can buy a Bounce Series Box Set which contains 3 DVDs/12 rebounder workouts (which is what I did), you can purchase it via download from Linda’s website and it is also available for free on YouTube.

Bounce Intervals: Up & Down is 34:30 minutes; 1:30 minute intro, no warm up and 6 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment: rebounder and light hand weights (Linda os using 1kg/2 pound hand weights). Unless noted below, you are holding the dumbbells throughout the workout and there are arm movements even if they are not mentioned.

  1. Hop on rebounder and extend on leg out to side then sweep same leg in front of opposite leg then extend it back out to side, alternate legs
  2. One jumping jack to the front + one jumping jack to the back + 4 hopping hip twists
  3. One cross jack + one insole tap in front of you (all done on the same side–so same foot is crossing back and same insole is being tapped for entire 70 seconds)
  4. One cross jack + one heel tap behind you (just like #3 it is all done on same side)
  5. Alternate one insole tap to front + one heel tap behind you (all on same side)
  6. Cross jacks
  7. (set DBs aside) Stand behind rebounder with legs wide, place hands on rebounder and jump feet on top of rebounder, stand, do one tuck jump, squat and place hands back on top of rebounder and jump feet onto the floor
  8. With hands on rebounder, one foot on rebounder and one on floor, do 3 mountain climbers (so one foot is always on the rebounder) then raise floor leg up straight behind you
  9. With hands on floor and feet on rebounder, do butt kick runs to pattern: single, single, double (double is hopping 2x on same foot)
  10. (pick up DBs again) Alternate front knee raises (one each leg) then alternate lifting legs straight behind you on an angle (one each leg), continue alternating knee raises and back leg lifts
  11. Rocking horses with straight back leg lift to a pattern: 2 reps to one side + 2 singles (one on each side)
  12. Repeat #3-6 on other side of body
  13. (set DBs aside) Repeat #7-9
  14. (pick up DBs again) While hopping on top of the rebounder, do one front knee raise + one straight leg side raise (all on same leg)
  15. Repeat #14 on other leg

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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