URX-MT: Poly Performance Metabolic Plyometric Circuits

Poly Performance Metabolic Plyometric Circuits is the 6th workout in the URX-MT fitness program and it is led by trainer Kelli Roberts. Kelli is another new to me trainer and I thought she did a good job with this workout. Early on in this workout, I did not think I was going to like it. That is due to #10 in the breakdown below. Yet another trainer who has you jumping on and off the rebounder in box jump fashion. Arrgghh!! One of the huge reasons people rebound is because it is low impact/easy on the joints. Intensity without impact. So why do trainers have you jumping on the floor? My griping about this probably sounds like I have joint problems and need low/no impact. I have zero joint problems. It is the principle of the matter. Plus, I do enjoy low impact workouts and when I choose to do a low impact workout (i.e. rebounder workout) I do not expect or want impact. But I digress. #10 is the only move in the entire workout that has you jumping on and off the rebounder in that fashion (though there are “leaps” on and off the rebounder but those are easier on the joints) and if you don’t like it you can modify. This workout is primarily a lower body metabolic workout. Kelli hits your lower body from every angle. There is also some push ups and the workout ends with core work. I didn’t love this workout but I did like it. There is less bouncing than what you would expect in a rebounder workout. Much more bodyweight strength work. You are holding the sandbags throughout but that is more to increase intensity since there is no way 1-3 pound hand weights will add anything to a lower body workout.

Here is a little background on this series. URX-MT stands for Urban Rebounding Extreme Metabolic Training. I bought the entire series as a program. The program is made up of 13 workouts but you can buy each workout individually on the Urban Rebounder site, so that is how I will be reviewing them. The program apparently originally came with more than just the rebounder and the workouts. It also came with sandbag hand weights that you can no longer purchase. I think all of the workouts in the program use the sandbags. They range from 1-3 pounds. I did not purchase an Urban Rebounder. My rebounder is a different brand. I also did not buy the DVD program from the Urban Rebounder website. I found it much cheaper on Ebay.

Plyo Performance Metabolic Plyometric Circuits is 51:30 minutes; 4 minute warm up and 2:30 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and sandbag weights.

  1. (pick up sandbag weights) Stand behind rebounder and do a front lunge step on top of rebounder and a reverse lunge step off of the rebounder; changes to a leap step onto rebounder, landing in a squat then reverse lunge step off
  2. Stand with one foot on rebounder and one on floor, squat while reaching outside hand toward rebounder then raise to standing on rebounder, lifting floor leg into a knee raise while punching opposite hand/sandbag in front of you; add a hop when raising knee
  3. Still standing with one foot on rebounder and one on floor, do a jog hop in this position; run/hop in a circle around the rebounder keeping one foot on the rebounder and one of the floor
  4. Repeat #2 on other side of body
  5. Repeat #1-4
  6. Squats while pushing sandbags straight in front of you; changes to squatting while pushing glutes/hips out to one side while pushing sandbags out to opposite side, alternate sides; arms change to pushing one arm forward on a diagonal while pushing the other arm straight behind you, alternate arms with squats; changes back to regular squats (no longer pushing glutes/hips to sides) while reaching one arm overhead and the other to the rebounder, alternate arms with each squat
  7. Squat jumps
  8. Tuck jumps
  9. (set sandbags aside) Uneven push ups with both hands on rebounder (one hand is in a higher position)
  10. Standing on floor behind rebounder, jump on top of rebounder, 180 jump on rebounder, jump off rebounder to the floor, 180 jump so you are facing rebounder
  11. Repeat #6 & 7
  12. Rock star jumps (jump high, bringing feet up behind you to bottom but also angling feet out to side, alternate the sides you angle your feet)
  13. Repeat #9 with hand positions swapped
  14. Repeat #10
  15. Repeat the push ups (same as in #9 and #13) but this time, each rep you will alternate hand position
  16. Repeat #10
  17. (pick up sandbag weights) Side stepping squats, going over rebounder, at least one foot is always on rebounder (squat with both feet on rebounder, step one foot off rebounder and squat, step foot back on rebounder and squat, step opposite foot off of rebounder and squat); same squats but this time you are hopping in and out of each position not stepping
  18. Stand behind rebounder, front lunge with one foot on top of rebounder (other leg still on floor) while doing an upright row, while remaining in lunge do one back row then step foot back onto floor while doing an upright row
  19. Skip steps with one foot on rebounder and one foot on floor; changes to bouncing repeater knees
  20. Repeat #18 & 19 on other side of body
  21. Repeat #17-20
  22. Hold sandbags together in front of chest, elbows raised and held out to sides, with one foot, step off the back of the rebounder into a side lunge (you will have to pivot rebounder foot to do this); add crossing arms over chest when standing on rebounder and opening arms wide to side on a diagonal when lunging
  23. Stand on floor behind rebounder but turned to the side (so rebounder is beside you), leap on top of rebounder; speed this move up so you are leaping from the floor to the rebounder and back with knee raised (you are standing on one leg on the floor and when you leap to the rebounder you are then standing on other leg)
  24. Repeat #22 & 23 on other side of body
  25. Start standing on top of rebounder, do a squat while reaching sandbags in front of you then curtsy lunge/squat off the rebounder (only one foot goes to the floor as it crosses back behind you, front leg stays on rebounder), alternate sides for the curtsy lunge/squat with a squat on the rebounder between each curtsy; changes to 4 bounces on rebounder + one curtsy lunge, alternate sides for curtsy lunge
  26. Repeat #22-25
  27. Stand on rebounder (still holding sandbags), squat while pushing sandbags in front of you and when you stand, lift one arm overhead and one out straight to side, alternate arms after each squat; add lifting one leg out straight to side after each squat (and while raising arms), alternate legs
  28. Pendulum legs; changes to doubles (hop 2x on each leg before changing legs); start alternating single and double pendulums on Kelli’s cue
  29. Repeat #27 & 28
  30. (set sandbags aside) Lay on your back on the rebounder, reach arms overhead and grip the edge of the rebounder, knees are bent and feet are raised off floor, in this position, so slow reverse crunches, bringing knees to elbows; bring knees to elbows then extend legs straight to ceiling and slowly lower straight legs to about 45 degrees then bend knees and bring them back into elbows
  31. Same starting position as #30 with knees bent at 90 degrees and feet off floor, lower one leg and tap toe to floor, alternate legs
  32. Still laying on back on rebounder, knees bent and feet are on floor now, arms are extended to sides with palms facing the ceiling, lift hips off rebounder into bridge and hold; continue holding hips up isometrically but pulse them up and down
  33. Repeat #30 & 31
  34. Begin in same starting position as #32 but while holding glute bridge isometrically, alternate raising heels; changes to lifting feet instead of heels (still alternating)

4 thoughts on “URX-MT: Poly Performance Metabolic Plyometric Circuits

  1. Hello again. I was just checking out your reviews on Metabolic workouts and stumbled across this one. I am not sure if this Keli Roberts is the same one I am thinking of, but ‘back in the day’ Cher (yes,THAT Cher) put out a couple of fitness videos on VHS, and they were pretty good videos because they were lead by Keli Roberts. Just for entertainment you may want to check it out on YouTube – even if it is just for Cher’s corny jokes, and or when she sings along to the music! And, Keli put out her own step dvds, but the one with Cher is the most fun. And the workout is pretty good too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I just checked out the clip you are referring to. The hair! The outfits! OMG! Especially Cher’s. Did people actually workout that way? Surely not off video!


      1. I actually used to teach aerobics, and people did dress ‘interestingly’, but NOT that interestingly, at least not in classes I was involved in … however, Cher is almost always over the top 😁. The workout is actually fun to do if you ever want to ‘rock it old school’, Keli Roberts does teach a good class.

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