Barlates: Bounce Intervals/Cardio

This is exactly what I was looking for when I purchased my rebounder. Trust Linda @ Barlates to deliver an excellent, intense and fun workout. Bounce Intervals: Cardio is an all cardio workout done on the rebounder and it was intense. The workout is made up of 20 exercises; each exercise is done for 70 seconds followed by 10 seconds of recovery. 70 seconds is a long time for some of these moves! I was working very hard and burned 250 calories in 30 minutes. Linda is working very hard, too! She is breathing hard and at one point commented that she might have to stop talking to get through an interval! And she basically did, though she kept alerting us how much time was left in the interval. Throughout the workout she did that. So you are not going hard for 70 seconds but having no clue when that 70 seconds ends. She always lets you know about halfway through the interval then at about 10 second intervals after that.

There are several ways you can do Bounce Intervals: Cardio. It is available on DVD along with 3 other Bounce Intervals workouts, you can buy a Bounce Series Box Set which contains 3 DVDs/12 rebounder workouts (which is what I did), you can purchase it via download from Linda’s website and it is also available for free on YouTube.

Bounce Intervals: Cardio is 30:30 minutes; 1:30 minute intro, 4 minute warm up (Linda says the warm up is actually #1-3 below, but personally, #3 is when it felt like the real work began!) and 2:45 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment: rebounder.

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Knee ups (alternating knee raises with hops, pulling arms down from overhead)
  3. Pendulum legs (legs are straight, arms in goal post, bringing elbow to hip as leg raises to side)
  4. 3 bounces then jump, bending knees, bringing both feet up to one side on an angle and tapping one knee and one ankle with hands, alternate sides (this is what Linda is doing in the picture)
  5. Start with one foot on the floor and one on the rebounder, hop across so foot placement is swapped and you are landing in a squat, keep hopping back and forth across rebounder (Cathe would call this uneven squats)
  6. Knee pulls with one foot on the rebounder and the knee that is raising taps the floor between knee raises
  7. Repeat #6 on other leg
  8. Alternating straight leg front kicks with little hops
  9. With one foot on rebounder and one on the floor, do a knee raise (floor leg) then tap that heel on rebounder then tap foot on floor, the entire time you are hopping with the rebounder leg
  10. Repeat #9 on other leg
  11. 3 small bounces + wide leg tuck jump + 3 small bounces + narrow tuck jump; the final 20 seconds of the interval it changes to just tuck jumps alternating narrow and wide
  12. Alternating narrow lunges off back of rebounder (same as a step move Cathe calls plunge lunges)
  13. With one leg on rebounder, squat then hop while lifting floor leg out straight to side, circle arms low to high while doing this move
  14. Repeat #13 on other leg
  15. Start in a down dog position with feet on rebounder and hands on floor, do butt kick runs with feet
  16. Alternating knee raises, raise knee on an angle across the body (and hopping the whole time), straight arms do a large figure 8 movement
  17. Hitch kicks (knee raise then front kick other leg)
  18. Repeat #17 on other leg
  19. A different version of #12, this time it is more like an A step plunge lunge
  20. 2 alternating cross knee raises + 2 alternating straight leg cross kicks

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


6 thoughts on “Barlates: Bounce Intervals/Cardio

  1. So, you want us to believe that Linda got short of breath? No-no! I have long believed that she could run a marathon in 1:32:00 if she wanted to. I may have to buy this just to see for myself. : )

    Edit: This week I pulled Tae-bo II off the dusty part of the shelf. It is much better than I remembered. Or am I just getting worse?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I know! She is a machine. hard to believe she feels pain or anything exerts her.

      It has been a while since I’ve done Tae Bo but that use to be my favorite workout. I did pick up a few Tae Bo workouts at the library sale this year for a $1 each, so I may be returning doing some more in the future.


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