SanFran Fitness: 25 Minute Low Impact Bounce Fit Class with Stability Bar

25 Minute Low Impact Bounce Fit Class with Stability Bar is a rebounder workout from SanFran Fitness aimed at beginners or those with balance issues that need a stability bar on their rebounder. As mentioned in other beginner level rebounder workout reviews on this blog, there are several reasons I like to try these easier rebounder workouts. I like to use lower key workouts on my recovery day–usually as a warm up before doing some yoga/flexibility/mobility work and the other reason is to have a nice collection of these types of workouts on hand for bad feet days. I have 12 screws and 2 plates in each of my heels that usually do not give me any trouble but I have days when I am on my feet a lot more than usual and the next day I am hobbled. Something gentle on my feet is exactly what I need on days like that. I just got back from a long weekend where we did a very long hike up and down a mountain, which destroyed my feet. They were improved this morning but still not back to normal. Any type of impact on the floor was out of the question, same with lower body exercises like lunges. So I decided to do this workout followed by another beginner level workout from SanFran Fitness: 25 Minute Beginners Bounce with Weights.

For my situation this morning, this workout was perfect. Claire starts this workout very slow and low impact, even for a rebounder which is much kinder on your joints than anything you do on the floor. You are also holding onto the stability bar for the entire workout. As the workout progresses, you bounce more and the moves become more advanced, though nothing in this workout is advanced. Just a higher level of beginner bouncing. When my feet are hurting, my balance goes to $hit, so until my feet warmed up, I held the bar, too. By halfway mark of this workout, I no longer needed to hold the bar and by the end of the workout, my feet felt normal while on the rebounder. I was still limping when I got off but when on the rebounder my feet felt great.

As for intensity, it starts very low intensity and by the end of the workout I was perspiring. By the halfway mark I had stopped holding the stability bar and started incorporating my own arm movements so that helped make it somewhat more intense. This is a great beginner level rebounder workout and it would also be great to use as a recovery day workout, giving you some easy cardio before doing a more extended stretch/yoga practice.

25 Minute Low Impact Bounce Fit Class with Stability Bar is 24:24 minutes; no designated warm up, though the first block of exercises serve as a warm up, and 2 minute cool down and stretch. Claire holds the stability bar the entire workout, but if you don’t need it, then don’t hold it.

  1. March on rebounder
  2. Alternate tapping feet out to sides
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. Health bounce
  5. Repeat #3 & 4
  6. Step touch side to side
  7. Repeat #5 & 6
  8. Double steps side to side (smaller steps than #6)
  9. Repeat #7 & 8 (she mentions that if you are feeling more confident, your health bounce can change to a basic bounce)
  10. Basic bounce
  11. Repeat #9 & 10
  12. Alternating front taps
  13. Repeat #11 & 12
  14. Alternating heel digs out to side, rotate hips to side when you heel dig
  15. Jack the legs
  16. Repeat &14 & 15
  17. Alternating knee raise hops
  18. Repeat #16 & 17
  19. Double steps to side + knee raise
  20. Repeat #18 & 19
  21. Double jack the legs
  22. Repeat #20 & 21
  23. Alternating hamstring curls
  24. Repeat #22 & 23
  25. 3 basic bounces + one hamstring curl, alternate legs
  26. Repeat #24 & 25
  27. Alternating front leg kicks with a hop
  28. Double knee raise hops, alternate legs
  29. Repeat #27 & 28
  30. One knee raise hop + one hop kick with other leg
  31. Repeat #29 & 30
  32. Hopping hip twists, 4 hops in each direction
  33. Repeat #31 & 32
  34. Repeat #32 but do 2 hops in each direction
  35. Repeat #33 & 34

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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