Naomi Joy Fitness: Fitness Trampoline Workout/ HIIT Cardio MASH UP/ No Talking Workout

Fitness Trampoline Workout / HIIT Cardio Mash Up / No Talking Workout is a cardio workout from Naomi Joy. When she created this workout, Naomi was recovering from COVID, so she used her interval/HIIT workouts and created a “mash up”–taking intervals from various workouts and putting them together to create something new and fun. This was an awesome rebounder workout! I have done all of Naomi’s rebounder workouts–most of them many times–so I was familiar with all of the intervals. I loved every one of them! She pulled from both cardio workouts and from cardio + strength workouts. In the case of the latter, she obviously only pulled the cardio intervals. Also, all of the workouts she pulled from were filmed outdoors, so doing this workout is like a beautiful tour of Vancouver, Canada!

The intervals are 40 seconds long followed by 10-20 second recovery periods (most of the recoveries seemed to be 10 seconds though a few were longer). There is a timer at the lower right hand corner of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. There is another timer at the top of the screen counting down the workout time minus the stretch. Naomi previews the next exercise during the recoveries. Unlike her other intervals workouts there is no voice over giving form pointers. She does do voice over during the warm up and during the stretch, but the intervals are just music and following along.

Due to the length there are lots of ways I can (and will!) use this workout. This morning I paired it with another rebounder cardio workout so that my total workout time this morning was just under an hour. Since Naomi always gives us such wonderful stretches at the end of her workouts, I did this workout last. So I came to it already warmed up from 33 minutes of cardio from the other workout. According to my FitBit I burned 203 calories during this workout and spent a total of 7 minutes in my peak heart rate zone. Plus, this was tons of fun!

Fitness Trampoline Workout / HIIT Cardio Mash Up / No Talking Workout is 24:24 minutes; 40 second intro, 2:30 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch.

  1. Bouncing alternating knee raises w/ jump rope arms
  2. Lateral hops with speed bag arms
  3. Alternating hopping knee raise, fingers tap together when leg is raised then raise to sides in a T
  4. Double hop + one tuck jump
  5. Jump with legs/feet together, with palms together at chest level push arms straight in front of you, open arms out to sides, close arms bringing palms together again then bend elbows, pulling hands back to chest
  6. Alternating front kicks with alternating front punches (punch with opposite arm from leg that is kicking)
  7. Quarter turn squat jumps (jump to side, jump to front, jump to other side)
  8. Alternating hopping knee raises, arms are raised to shoulder level and extended out to sides in a T, bend elbows bringing hands together in front of chest then extend arms out straight in a T
  9. Twist hip hops with legs/feet together, arms are moving in opposition to hips while also raising and lowering
  10. High knee run, arms push over head, then lower fingertips to shoulders then push arms out to sides in a T
  11. Alternating heel dig hops with arms in genie
  12. Fast feet, arms are held at shoulder level, reach arms in front of you then pull them back behind you, keeping arms straight in a sort of swimming motion
  13. Alternating hopping front kicks, when kicking do a front punch with opposite arm
  14. Jack the legs, arms alternate opening to sides in a T and pushing overhead
  15. High knee sprint, hands are stacked and rotate to knee as it raises
  16. Squat jump w/ hands in prayer + cross jack, when jacking, raise arms to shoulder level and pull elbows back behind you, alternate which foot crosses in front when jacking
  17. Alternating hopping knee raise, palms are together and arms chop down to thigh when knee raises
  18. Double jacks, reach arms overhead/in front of you with palms together when feet are together, pull arms back with arms close to sides when legs are wide
  19. Squat jacks with alternating front punch (punch while in squat)
  20. High knee sprint with fast alternating front punches

For more info on Naomi Joy Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “Naomi Joy Fitness: Fitness Trampoline Workout/ HIIT Cardio MASH UP/ No Talking Workout

  1. I look forward to doing more rebounding once my chest thing gets better. I might redo that one that has anushka in it because it was a little easier. ☺️

    Today I did Caroline’s Endgame Day 6 tri’s and chest. Even without previewing you already know what you’re in for when she combines tris and chest — yep, lots of push-up variants that target the tris. So yeah, it was another toughie but I got through it ok with 17.5s and 30s. The finisher was 100 reps of tricep presses which was TOUGH given that I was pretty spent from all those push-ups. But Caroline was, too, so we struggled together! 😉☺️

    I finished with one of her at-home body weight shoulder workouts ( It was kind of dumb to pick this one because she does more push-ups, this time targeting the upper chest and shoulders. I had to modify everything, I think, in regards to the push-ups. I probably should have just nixed that one and picked something else but I either had to get started and finish or not do anything because I was running out of time so I just kept at it and did the best I could. The last 30% was standing stuff which helped end on a good note.


    1. That looks like one of Caroline’s super early workouts.

      I’m so glad to be rebounding again. In fact, I loved this workout so much I did it again this afternoon after work!


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