AngieFitnessTV: Bounce for Health Feel Good Recovery Workout

Feel Good Recovery Workout is part of AngieFitnessTV‘s Bounce for Health Series. Angie said this is a good workout to use on an active recovery day. She said it is also a good workout to do when coming back from an illness or surgery. However, Angie also points out the height of your bounce is up to you. She remains in a health bounce throughout the workout but you can jump higher if you want–which I did for some of the exercises. This is a wonderful, feel good rebounder workout. I used it in combination with one of her other Bounce for Health workouts: 40 Minute Cardio + Strength Interval Workout. That workout was more intense than this one, so this worked as a perfect finisher and a great way to round out my hour of exercise. This workout is some mild cardio and a lot of mobility and dynamic flexibility work. Between the two workouts I burned 410 calories. Plus, they both felt really good! As I mentioned in the review of 40 Minute Cardio + Strength Interval Workout, yesterday was my strength day and I am feeling mildly sore, so something lower key like these two workouts felt absolutely wonderful. I feel well worked but not worn out.

Feel Good Recovery Workout is 22:32 minutes. Equipment: rebounder. As noted above, when it says “health bounce” in the breakdown below, that is what Angie is doing. You are welcome to jump as high as you wish. I have a hard time with health bounces because when I am on a rebounder I want to jump. So I was generally jumping rather than health bouncing, but they were still lower/easier bounces than what I would do in a regular cardio workout.

  1. Health bounce (pushing down into rebounder with feet but you are not jumping); add alternating arm circles
  2. Continue the low bounce but lifting heels only now, alternate reaching arms overhead
  3. Shift bounce side to side
  4. Stop bouncing and alternate reaching arms overhead and to the side
  5. Continue twisting torso side to side, holding arms as if you are holding a stability ball
  6. Health bounce again with alternating arm circles
  7. Stand in split stance and twist torso forward and back, arms are extended as if holding a stability ball
  8. Health bounce; extend arms straight out to side in a T with thumbs to ceiling, rotate arms so thumbs are facing down, alternate between thumbs up and thumbs down
  9. Still health bouncing, clasp hands behind back to open chest; release arms and extend them out to sides, circle wrists; stretch wrists/forearms
  10. Shift bounce side to side with large double arm circles
  11. Stop bouncing and do alternating side bend reaches, reaching arm overhead and to other side of body while leaning into it; arms change to alternating arm circles
  12. Health bounce w/ running man arms
  13. Stand on rebounder with legs wide and arms reached overhead, circle torso to side then down so you are hinging forward at the hips then back up to other side, continue circling torso but alternate sides each time
  14. Repeat #2
  15. Stop bouncing, stand on rebounder with legs about hip width apart, forward folds then straighten and reach arms overhead
  16. Peddle heels on rebounder (like you are marching but toes don’t leave the canvas) while reaching arms overhead, hands clasped and pointer fingers pointing to the ceiling; add side leans

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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