AngieFitnessTV: Rebounder Cardio Bounce Sculpt

Rebounder Cardio Bounce Sculpt is another fun and effective rebounder workout from AngieFitnessTV. As the title indicates you use light hand weights to do some pilates upper body sculpting, then you do mat work on the rebounder to work your lower body and you end with standing (or hopping) core work on the rebounder. And of course, there is bouncing cardio alternated with all of this. The cardio isn’t super intense but Angie’s focus with the cardio in this workout is directional changes. So every cardio move you do she has you rotating in a circle. This does challenge your balance when doing it on a rebounder but it is not advanced. I am balance challenged and I have no problems with directional changes. As usual this was a fun and effective workout. I got a good workout that left me feeling good afterwards. I only burned 266 calories in the course of this 49 minute workout but that isn’t bad when you consider that at least half of it was strength training of some sort (upper, lower and core). Plus, this has a nice long stretch at the end. Very much a feel good, but effective workout.

Rebounder Cardio Bounce Sculpt is 49:42 minutes; 6 minute warm up and 7 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder, pilates or playground ball, light hand weights (Angie is using 3 pound hand weights for the upper body sculpting and 2 pound hand weights for the punching at the end). The warm up uses the pilates ball. The pilates ball is not used for anything else.

  1. Bounce on rebounder
  2. With legs wide on rebounder, bounce-shift side to side
  3. Double hop scissor runs with directional changes
  4. Single scissor runs with directional changes
  5. Jump while bringing knees up (mini tuck jump)
  6. Double hop scissor runs while raising and lowering arms; changes to single scissor runs
  7. Repeat #5
  8. (grab your light hand weights) Circle arms out to sides to overhead and once overhead, lower arms straight down in front of you to thighs, reverse this move, front raising arms back to overhead then circling arms back to to sides of thighs
  9. X arms chest press (open and close arms on a diagonal, one arm high and other arm low, alternate levels)
  10. Front raise, at top of front raise open straight arms out into a T then lower to sides + upright row; reverse this motion–straight arm side raise, at top of raise bring straight arms in front of you then lower to thighs + upright row
  11. Alternating single arm rows (but not bent over rows–stand up straight and start as if doing a single arm upright row then continue circling DB back as if doing a bent arm shoulder circle); reverse this motion
  12. Bent arm side raises
  13. Brisk alternating bent over rows
  14. (set DBs aside and get on all 4s on top of rebounder) Bring one knee in under chest then lift it out straight behind you
  15. Bend knee and bring knee under chest then push foot up to ceiling
  16. Lay on side on rebounder (leaning on bottom elbow), bottom leg is bent, raise and lower top leg (leg is straight, foot flexed); changes to bringing knee into chest then pushing leg out straight (in line with hips, foot still flexed)
  17. Sit on rebounder and lean back, resting elbows on rebounder behind you, raise legs and bicycle them (point toes)
  18. Same starting position as #17, knees are bent and raised w/ feet off mat, open and close legs in this position (feet flexed); add 3 pulses when legs are open wide
  19. Jump on rebounder while circling arms
  20. Jack legs; add circling arms; add directional changes
  21. Double jacks, raising and lowering the arms; add directional changes
  22. Regular single jacks with arms
  23. Scissor runs
  24. Alternate #22 & 23 doing 4 reps of each
  25. Mini tuck jumps
  26. (Angie grabs 2# DBs) Shift hop side to side with alternating front jabs; changes to alternating overhead punches
  27. Side raises, crossing arms in front of you at bottom of move (arms are slightly bent)
  28. Jab-cross
  29. Hold DBs together at chest and hop-twist hips side to side, 2 hops in each direction; changes to single hops in each direction
  30. Small health bounce, alternate large arm circles
  31. Stand on rebounder with legs wide and circle hips; raise arms overhead with wrists crossed (still holding DBs); changes to shifting hips forward and back; changes to shifting hips side to side
  32. Still standing on rebounder with legs wide, extend arms straight out to sides in a T and circle hips; again changes to shifting hips forward and back; changes to shifting hips side to side
  33. Raise arms in a goal post and bring same side elbow to hip, alternate sides

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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