Advanced Cardio Rebound Workout | Mini Trampoline HIIT 15 MIN

Advanced Cardio Rebound Workout | Mini Trampoline HIIT 15 Min is a short and intense cardio workout from Michelle Briehler. Though this is some advanced cardio, it is definitely not Michelle’s most advanced rebounder workout. Most of the exercises are not advanced or difficult though she does have a squat jump across the rebounder–that is a more advanced move. What makes this more advanced/intense is the speed. Michelle puts together some combos which on their own aren’t too difficult, but done to a quick tempo they become much more challenging. Even Michelle’s background exercisers had problems keeping up at times. Still, this is a great workout to use to squeeze in some quick and intense cardio. I burned 150 calories. Or you can combine it with another workout for a longer workout. I wouldn’t use this workout as a finisher since Michelle doesn’t give you much of a stretch at the end–unless you plan to add an additional stretch to the end. This morning I used this workout to warm myself up before doing another one of Michelle’s rebounder workouts that includes a cool down bounce and a longer stretch at the end. They worked very well together to give me nearly an hour of cardio rebounding.

Advanced Cardio Rebound Workout | Mini Trampoline HIIT 15 Min is 19:39 minutes; 35 second intro, 3 minute warm up and 1:50 minute stretch. If this workout isn’t intense enough for you, Michelle recommends adding 1-2 pound hand weights.

  1. 4 fast basic bounce with legs/feet together, push arms overhead and pull them down + 2 jumping jacks
  2. One knee raise + one hopping hip twist, repeat on same side of body then repeat combo 2x on other side of body
  3. One corner kick each leg + 4 basic bounces with legs wide (this changes to basic bounce with heel clicks–bounce-click)
  4. 4 high knee runs + 4 alternating insole taps
  5. Repeat #1-4 several more times
  6. With one foot on the floor and one foot on the rebounder, squat then jump on the rebounder then jump so the other foot is on the floor on the other side of the rebounder, continue squatting and jumping on the rebounder change sides
  7. Jump forward and back + one knee raise + jump forward and back + one knee raise (other leg) + 8 lateral ski hops
  8. Rocking horse, 4 reps (raise one knee then lift other leg behind you), repeat on other side of body
  9. One knee raise + one front kick (same leg), reach arms overhead and pull straight arms down to frame legs, repeat combo on same leg then repeat combo 2x on other leg
  10. One side kick extending both arms out to sides in a T + one knee raise bringing opposite elbow to knee (same leg), repeat combo on same leg then repeat combo 2x on other leg
  11. Repeat #6-10 several more times
  12. Repeat #1-3
  13. 8 high knee runs + 8 alternating insole taps
  14. Repeat #6-10
  15. Repeat #6
  16. Repeat #1-3
  17. Repeat #13
  18. Repeat #6-9
  19. Basic bounce (cool down bounce)
  20. Jumping jacks (to a slower pace)
  21. Double scissor runs
  22. Double jacks
  23. Single jumping jacks
  24. Hopping hip twists
  25. Health bounce (basic bounce, feet don’t leave the mat)
  26. Body weight squats (no jumping); add 3 pulses at bottom of squat
  27. Booty bounce (lay on back on rebounder, raise legs to ceiling, hands hold rebounder frame behind head, bounce bottom)

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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