SanFran Fitness: 132BPM Bounce Fit Remake, part 1

This is a rebounder workout that SanFran Fitness posted 2 years ago but was taken down due to music copyright issues. They have remade it but in 2 parts. Part one posted on 01/15/21 and I have been waiting for part 2 to post before finally doing part 1. Part 2 finally posted! So this morning I did Part 1 & Part 2 back to back. This was a very fun cardio rebounder workout. Apparently the 132BPM is a faster beat but I honestly could not tell the difference from all of the other rebounder workouts I do–by SanFran Fitness, Naomi Joy, Bellicon Home, as well as other trainers. It is a fast pace, but intermediate and advanced level cardio rebounding always is. For this workout Claire builds combos add on fashion. She builds a combo of 3-4 exercises then you move onto the next combo. After she builds all of the combos, you run through every exercise you learned, in the order you learned them for one long combo. I think there is a total of 15 exercises. It was a lot of fun and relatively intense cardio. You get zero breaks to wipe away the sweat or get a drink of water. I also did SanFran Fitness’s Bounce Fit Warm up before starting this. Between the warm up, part 1 and part 2, I burned 406 calories. According to my FitBit it was about 52 minutes of work. So not bad!

132BPM Bounce Fit Remake, part 1 is 21:04 minutes; 50 minute intro. There is not specific warm up or cool down but when Claire is talking at the beginning and the end, you are doing low intensity moves that serve as a short warm up and cool down. I had this queued up in a playlist so it went immediately into part 2.

  1. Shift bounce side to side (transferring weight from one foot to the other)
  2. Step touch
  3. Alternating heel digs out to side
  4. Repeat #2 & 3
  5. Basic bounce
  6. Repeat #4 & 5
  7. Jumping jacks
  8. Repeat #6 & 7
  9. Basic bounce with alternating straight arm front raise; changes to double straight arm front raise
  10. Jack legs, arms are raised to shoulder level, elbows bent so hands are in front of shoulders, alternate extending one arm out straight to side; changes to extending both arms out straight to sides in a T then bringing hands back in front of shoulders
  11. Repeat #9 & 10
  12. Hop with feet together while pushing arms overhead
  13. Repeat #9, 10 & 12
  14. Jack legs, single arm raises overhead/out to side on a diagonal, alternate arms (she calls these “staying alive jacks” due to arm movements)
  15. Hop forward and back with speed bag arms
  16. Repeat #14 & 15
  17. Jack legs while pushing arms first in front of you then overhead
  18. Repeat #16 & 17
  19. Scissor run to single-single-double pattern
  20. Repeat #18 & 19
  21. Funky monkey (basic bounce, arms are raised overhead and held there, both elbows bend quickly bringing one forearm in front of face and one forearm behind head, quickly alternate forearms)
  22. Double lateral ski hops while circling arms at side (like rotating a wheel, or a “choo-choo” train motion)
  23. Repeat #21 & 22
  24. One jumping jack then turn to side and do one heel dig while raising both arms overhead, alternate sides with a jack between each side
  25. Repeat #23 & 24
  26. Hop + knee raise while raising both arms overhead, alternate legs
  27. Repeat #25 & 26
  28. Repeat #8 + #13 + #20 + 27 (you are repeating every move you just learned in the order you learned them)
  29. Repeat #1
  30. Little marches

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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