Popsugar: Tabata Workout to Tone Everything

pstabata10Tabata Workout to Tone Everything is a fun little 10 minute Popsugar workout that you can use as an add on or finisher to another workout. It is led by guest trainer Dana McCaw, Equinox group fitness manager and Anna Renderer is present as always.

This workout is based on the tabata HIIT concept of 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of recovery. 8 of these 20/10 cycles equals one tabata circuit. As I mentioned in Popsugar’s 8 Minute Tabata workout, applying the word “tabata” to any activity that you do for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off isn’t a true representation of a tabata–you have to go all out, 110%, during that 20 seconds of work. So, a tabata (and HIIT in general) is a combination of the exercises used and the effort the exerciser puts into it. This workout does contain exercises that will spike your heart rate if you do them with intensity (and faster that Dana and the other exercisers are doing them). I sped my reps up and got an intense little workout. Not super intense, but it was still a great little add on to finish of my Cathe Live workout this morning.

Tabata Workout to Tone Everything is 11 minutes long; 2 minute warm up, no cool down/stretch. No equipment needed other than a mat. Each tabata contains 2 exercise that you alternate. Remember, in order to make this an intense workout, you need to put the effort behind it, do the moves as fast as you can with good form.

Tabata 1:

  1. Superwoman to plank (do a superman then push up from superman into plank)
  2. Squat to plyo lunge (when you squat you will bring elbows to knees, when you lunge you touch elbow to opposite knee; you hop with each move)

Tabata 2:

  1. Mountain climbers to burpee (4 mountain climbers then jump feet in and jump up)
  2. Tough jacks (a wide jack, bringing knees out to sides of body and touching elbows to same side knee)

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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