JessicaSmithTV: Relax & Restore

Relax & Restore is another gentle and restorative yoga/flexibility routine. Nothing aggressive but you can always go deeper into the stretches if you want to (and are able to). And it is a nice way to wind down and recover after a more strenuous workout or a week of challenging workouts. I did really like this flexibility routine but Peanut was quite distracting. At one point she became obsessed with licking Jessica–apparently right where the microphone is situated because you hear a lot of slurpy licking and snorting. And it seems to go on for quite some time. This might be more irritating to me than it is to other people because I cannot stand the sound of my own dogs slurpy licking. Makes my skin crawl. But Peanut’s snorting was cute (her licking wasn’t). By the end of the routine Peanut had thoroughly relaxed herself and was passed out on the mat.

Relax & Restore is 31 minutes. Round shoulders. Neck stretches. Side stretches. Chest stretch; add spine extension, arching back. Forward fold. Standing spine twist. Arm swings. Shake out fingers and wrists. Stretch wrists. Forward fold w/ legs wide. Triangle pose. Forward fold into runners lunge; lower back knee to floor and lower down to forearms; reach one arm to ceiling. Straight arm plank. Child’s pose. Cat/cow. Round and straighten spine while sitting w/ knees bent. Butterfly stretch. Seated spine/side stretch. Shoulder stretch. Tricep stretch. Shoulder rolls. Bridge pose. Lay on back w/ knees into chest and rock side to side. Cross knees and pull them into chest again. Seated straight leg forward fold. Seated spine stretch. Single leg forward fold. Straight leg seated forward fold. Spine stretch (other side). Single leg forward fold (other leg). Come into a sort of crab but lowering knees toward floor (stretching quads). Frog pose (deep wide squat). Straighten legs but remain in forward fold. Spine extension (arching spine). Grab one wrist and do a side stretch, pulling on wrist. Forward fold, pulling up on toes with fingers. Ends w/ deep breaths.

or more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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