Popsugar: Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout You Can Do Anywhere

PSbodyweightbootcampI was pretty excited about this workout. It is a 30 minute Popsugar workout led by guest trainer Adam Rosante. I have actually read his diet and fitness book The 30 Second Body and it is an excellent bodyweight fitness plan. So I was expecting a lot from this workout. Did it deliver? Not really, I am sad to say. I liked a lot about it but it was much easier than I expected.

Anna Renderer introduces Adam and he starts talking. A lot. And this was the real problem with this workout. He talked more than he trained. It was very frustrating! The demonstrations and rest periods were way too long. After the warm up you do 6 body weight exercises. You do 12 reps of each exercise. Adam claims you will run through this circuit back to back with no breaks, but that doesn’t happen. The first time you run through the circuit he spends a lot of time demonstrating each exercise before we do it. So I assumed (and hoped) that the second two times we ran through the circuit we really would do each exercise back to back with no rest. However, you get a brief (or not so brief) rest between every exercise and an excessively long rest/recovery between each circuit. According to my Fitbit my heart rate never got into the peak zone and I barely burned 150 calories in 30 minutes. BTW–I did no modifications. So…. this was not the incredibly intense workout I was hoping for.

However I did like the exercises and if the workout had been done briskly and w/ shorter recoveries between circuits, I do think it would be pretty intense workout. Sadly, you are on your own for that tho. Following this YouTube video will not give you that intensity. FYI–it had a great warm up and stretch. It really is disappointing since there was so many positives about this workout.

Another minor issue about this workout is that the full title is 45 Minute Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout You Can Do Anywhere. This workout is not 45 minutes long.

Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout is 34 minutes long. It begins with 1:30 minutes of Adam talking before the warm up begins. The warm up is 7 minutes long and pretty comprehensive with lunges and jumping jacks, high knee runs and lots more. The 4 minute stretch at the end is also excellent but lower body focused. No equipment is needed for this workout, but if you’re like me, you will need something for your elbows while in elbow plank. I had a folded fitness mat.

The workout consists of a circuit of 6 exercises. Each exercise is done 12 reps. This circuit is repeated 3 times. After the warm up it takes 2:30 minutes of him talking and demonstrating the first exercise before the actual workout begins. It takes 6 minutes to get through the first circuit. The recovery before repeating the circuit is approx. 1:20 minutes. It takes a little bit more than 4 minutes to get through the second circuit. The next recovery? 1:40 minutes! It takes almost 4:30 minutes to get through the final circuit. Adam then talks for another minute before you finally start the 4 minute stretch.

There is a modifier doing easier versions of every exercise.


  1. Jump squat (hands touch the floor at bottom of the squat and raise straight overhead at top)
  2. Push ups; after each push up tap hand to back of head, raising elbow out to side; alternate hands
  3. Pivot lunge (stand w/ legs wide apart and hands clasped and held straight out in front of you; pivot to side into a lunge then power up fast back to center; alternate sides)
  4. High lows (straight arm plank to elbow plank)
  5. Low plank knees (in elbow plank, pike hips as you drive knee to forehead and return to plank; alternate legs)
  6. Knees and toes (two high knees, then two insoles (tapping hand to opposite insole); alternate between these two moves)

Do 12 reps of each exercise; do circuit 3 times total.

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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