GIANT KILLER Upper Body Workout – Arms, Chest, Back, Shoulders | EPIC Heat – Day 32

Giant Killer Upper Body Workout is Day 32 in Caroline Girvan‘s EPIC Heat program. This was another incredible upper body workout. Caroline completely fries your upper body in this one. All of my upper body muscles feel pumped after this workout. I used Heather Robertson‘s No Equipment Arm Toning Workout as my warm up and got an all around excellent upper body workout this morning. I’m so glad a reader pointed me in the direction of purchasing a set of 16.5 pound dumbbells. That has really made a big difference in my workouts. (Thanks rcf90!)

As the title indicates, this workout is a giant set workout. This means you will be doing 4 different exercises, each for 45 seconds, back to back with no rest/recovery between exercises. That is 3 minutes of work before you get a 45 second rest. There is a timer in the upper right hand corner of the screen counting down each 45 second interval and recovery. During the recovery Caroline previews the next giant set. There is also a little bar at the bottom of the screen that counts down the entire workout time as a percentage. This workout is set to all music, no verbal cuing. However, there are lots of beeps and on screen graphics to signal you when to change exercises within the 3 minute giant set. This is obviously very helpful during exercises such as bent over rows, renegade rows, supermans and push up variations.

Giant Killer Upper Body Workout is 36:34 minutes; 2 minute intro, no warm up and 1:20 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells, a chair or bench and a fitness mat. Caroline is using 8kg/17.6 pounds and 15kg/33 pound dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used. I also used my weight bench for all of the sitting/laying down exercises.

Giant Set 1:

  1. Seated shoulder press (arms in goalpost) (16.5# DBs)
  2. Lateral raise (8# DBs)
  3. Face pulls (similar to a bent over row, at bottom of move palms are facing behind you, as you pull up raising DBs to shoulder level, rotate palms so they are facing each other/your face) (15# DBs)
  4. Pike push up (feet are on the floor, or elevated on chair)
  5. 45 second rest
  6. Repeat #1-5

Giant Set 2:

  1. Bent over row (30# DBs)
  2. Renegade rows, alternate arms (25# DBs)
  3. Superman
  4. Pullovers (one 35# DBs)
  5. 45 second rest
  6. Repeat #1-5

Giant Set 3:

  1. Chest press (20# DBs)
  2. Diamond press (lay on mat, hold a DB in each hand, press the DBs together and do a narrow chest press) (16.5# DBs)
  3. Chest flys (16.5# DBs)
  4. Push ups
  5. 45 second rest
  6. Repeat #1-5

Giant Set 4:

  1. Clean to press (hammer curl into Arnold press) (16.5# DBs)
  2. Hammer curls (16.5# Dbs)
  3. Alternating cross body curl to Arnold press (with palm facing body, curl DB to shoulder into an Arnold press) (16.5# DBs)
  4. Skull crushers (#12 DBs)
  5. 45 second rest
  6. Repeat #1-5

Finisher: (2 minutes; each exercise is done for 30 seconds, no rests)

  1. Tricep dips (hands on chair behind you, legs extended straight)
  2. Alternating supination curls (15# DBs)
  3. Repeat #1 & 2

For more info on Caroline Girvan’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.

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