Naomi Joy Fitness: Mini Trampoline Workout With Hand Weights

Mini Trampoline Workout with Hand Weights is a surprisingly intense rebounder workout from Naomi Joy. Especially for something so short! This is a cardio workout but you are also using light dumbbells to increase the intensity and sometimes my arms really started burning. Especially with any of the isometric moves. There are no rest/recoveries in this workout so even Naomi’s arms were burning out. She dropped her arms a few times to let them thaw. I did, too! Just more frequently than she did! And, of course, she does not forget to include squat jumps! For some reason my FitBit stopped tracking this workout 6 minutes in, so I don’t have any stats to share. But it felt intense! This workout is set outdoors and the scenery is gorgeous! Clear blue sky, ocean behind Naomi and a cityscape behind that. At the end of the video Naomi shares that it was filmed on Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver, Canada.

***11/11/22 I returned to this workout, this time with my new Apple Watch. It said I burned 158 calories.***

There is a timer in the upper left hand corner of the screen counting down the workout time. Each exercise is done for 40 seconds with no rest/recoveries between exercises. There is another timer in the lower left hand corner of the screen counting down your intervals. When there is anywhere from 9 to 17 seconds left of an exercise, a video appears previewing the next exercise. There is no talking in this workout until the end when the stretch is done voice over. It is set to motivating music.

Mini Trampoline Workout with Hand Weights is 20:43 minutes; one minute intro, 3 minute warm up and 2:15 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and light hand weights. Naomi recommends using 1-3 pound hand weights. She is using 3 pound hand weights. I used 2 pound hand weights. You do not grab your hand weights until the warm up is over.

  1. Basic bounce with hammer curls
  2. Jack the legs, arms alternate pushing DBs overhead with pushing DBs straight in front of you
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. Basic bounce, elbows are bent with palms facing ceiling, push DBs in front of you then open arms to side, bring arms in front of you again and return arms to start with elbows close to sides
  5. Double knee raises, alternate legs, when knee raises do a single arm front punch with opposite arm
  6. Repeat #4 & 5
  7. High knee run, arms are extended to sides, draw circles with DBs
  8. Keep arms extended to sides w/ palms facing ceiling, lower body does hopping hip twists
  9. Repeat #7 & 8
  10. Single leg front kicks, same side arm as leg that is kicking punches overhead, other arm is extended to side and held there isometrically
  11. Repeat #10 on other side of body
  12. Repeat #10 & 11
  13. Lateral hops, both arms/DBs are extended in front of you and held there isometrically
  14. Squat jumps, arms are bent, push DBs behind you when jumping
  15. Repeat #13 & 14
  16. (set DBs down because intervals are over) Shift hop side to side while doing large arm circles (cool down move); open arms wide then cross arms in front of you, hands holding opposite shoulders; clasp hands behind you and raise them to stretch shoulders and chest (you are still shift hopping side to side throughout)

For more info on Naomi Joy and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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