High Intensity Cardio Blast

High Intensity Cardio Blast is another excellent and fun workout from Yvette Bachman. It was just what I needed after doing primarily Fit Body by Julia workouts this week. I love Julia’s workouts but they aren’t fun and the time does not fly. They are just hard (but very effective) work. Yvette’s workouts are fun and effective, and I am always surprised when her workouts are over. The time flies by in Yvette’s workouts.

This workout is mostly a cardio workout with some good tricep work in it. She has some other strength moves for the biceps and shoulders but there isn’t enough of either to make this qualify as a strength workout for the biceps or the shoulders–but for the triceps, I think you could count this if you use challenging weights and have the proper tension on your band. Like most of Yvette’s workouts that I’ve done, you also get some core work in the mix. Excellent, fun and just what I needed this morning. In fact, I am already rethinking another solid week of Fit Body by Julia workouts. I think I will swap out a few of Julia’s long workouts for some of Yvette’s longer workouts next week. Might as well have fun on my staycation–it doesn’t all have to be grueling.

High Intensity Cardio Blast is 62 minutes; 10 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. After the warm up Yvette informs you that you will be doing agility work over resistance bands placed on the floor as a marker. Structure of the workout is 40 seconds of work w/10 seconds of recovery for the first half of the workout then it changes to 30 seconds of work w/ 10 seconds of recovery. Equipment: 5 pound dumbbells, various dumbbells (12, 15, 20 pounds), gliding disks and a resistance tube w/ handles which is laying horizontally on the floor in front of the exercisers when the workout begins.

  1. Burpee and when you jump in, squat jump over tube and back
  2. Plank shoulder taps
  3. Quick feet over the tube and back while traveling from one end of the tube to the other
  4. T jumps over the band–when you jump over it, you land in a squat and hold for 3 counts; ends by holding the squat and pulsing for s slow 8 count
  5. Alternating side lunges w/ a jump between lunges (when you lunge, you tap the floor between the tube handles)
  6. Start standing, walk out to plank to count of 4, do 2 plank jacks, walk hands back to feet to count of 4, stand and do 2 jacks
  7. Jump/shuffle squat laterally and when you land in a wide squat, tap the floor between the tube’s handles
  8. Start in plank and do 6 alternating shoulder taps, jump feet in to hands and do a squat jump over the tube then squat jump back
  9. Lateral skaters, tapping floor between tube handles
  10. Start standing, walk out to plank, do 2 push ups, walk hands back to feet and tap shoe but do not stand
  11. Shuffle 3x to side and jump
  12. In straight arm plank, walk 4 steps to side then jump feet in and out
  13. Jumping jacks
  14. In straight arm plank, alternate punching in front of you
  15. Squat jump over band, jump back over band, do one plyo jack; ends w/ 8 plyo jacks
  16. Crab kicks; alternate tapping toe w/opposite hand
  17. Squat touching floor w/ finger tips and stand + squat jump
  18. Russian twists chopping arms side to side
  19. Squat jump to the side, tapping fingertips between band handle, jump back and do 2 jacks (alternate sides)
  20. Scissor runs side to side across length of band and back
  21. In crab, w/ hips raised, alternate tapping arm to floor on other side of body
  22. Shuffle side to side w/ a cross punch (5# DBs)
  23. Squat jumps–pulse 3x at bottom of squat then jump, pushing DBs overhead (5# DBs)
  24. Alternating front punches (5# DBs)
  25. Tricep kickbacks while hinged forward at hips and doing alternating cross back steps; ends w/ just tricep kickbacks (5# DBs)
  26. Pulse squat 3x + one front kick, alternate legs (still holding DBs)
  27. Squat jump over band w/ hammer curl then jump back (5# DBs)
  28. Alternate overhead punches (5# DBs)
  29. 20 one arm overhead tricep extensions w/ band (stand on one end of band)
  30. Scissor runs side to side the length of the band
  31. Repeat #29 on other arm
  32. Burpee + squat jack
  33. 15 double arm overhead tricep extension (one 20# DB)
  34. In crab, alternate reaching arm overhead and to other side of body, lifting hips as you reach
  35. Tricep dips
  36. Shuffle side to side w/ upper cut (5# DBs)

Change band to straight on floor vertically. Time changes to 30 seconds of work w/ 10 seconds of recovery.

  1. Low straddle walk the length of the band and tap the floor through the handle, low straddle jog back and do a runners lunge as you tap the floor through the handle
  2. 3 lateral jumps over band + one jump
  3. Straddling the band do long jump + burpee + low jog backwards
  4. Lateral skaters over band w/ windmill arms (and moving forward and back)
  5. In straight arm plank, walk hands side to side over band
  6. Stand beside band and do side lunge, stand and do a high knee jump (“over the fence”) over the band then back (all lunges will be on same leg)
  7. Repeat #6 on other leg
  8. Straddling band, walk out to straight arm plank, do 2 push ups, walk hands back to feet and stand and do one tuck jump
  9. Lateral skaters over band, moving forward and back
  10. Side lunge while tapping the floor then jump, alternate sides
  11. Russian twist w/ feet raised off floor
  12. Run forward beside band, run backward and around band to other side, run forward–and keep repeating, running side to side (she calls it “horseshoe”)
  13. In straight arm plank, walk hands over band then back; ends w/ plank hold
  14. Front kick + lunge back, touching hand to floor
  15. Repeat #14 on other leg
  16. In straight arm plank, slide feet in under chest 3x, then stand and raise arms overhead (sliding disks)
  17. Place band under one foot and hold a handle in each hand, reverse lunge and pulse 3x then stand w/ a straight arm side lateral raise; ends w/ pulsing straight arm side raise
  18. Overhead shoulder press (12# DBs)
  19. Repeat #17 on other leg but instead of side arm raises, do bicep curls; ends w/ just bicep curls then pulses w/ arms raised halfway
  20. Alternating reverse lunges w/ hammer curls (12# DBs)

For more info on Yvette Bachman and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “High Intensity Cardio Blast

    1. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Her HIIT workouts aren’t as intense as (some) other trainers–but they are intense. I think it has to do with the fact she doesn’t do much plyometrics. Her workouts are all high impact but no tuck jumps, box jumps, etc. You get plenty of burpees but they usually aren’t full burpees. I still always get an awesome workout.


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