AngieFitnessTV: 3 Mile Power Walk Body Shaping Party

I’ve been pretty lax about blogging since my shoulder surgery even though I’ve done several new-to-me workouts. YouTube has a few good recumbent bike workouts I’ve been doing and I decided that since I love AngieFitnessTV‘s rebounder workouts, I would give her walking workouts a try. I’ve now done quite a few. Then I ran into a snag. I wanted to return to one and I could not figure out which one it was that I had enjoyed so much! I had to preview 4 of her walking workouts before I found it. Which is the entire point of this blog–a personal database of workouts I have done and my thoughts about them since I have the memory span of a gold fish. So I realized that even tho I have to modify things for my shoulder, I can still blog workouts I want to remember. So you will start seeing some blog posts again. Probably mostly Angie’s walking workouts since I can only use one arm and cannot do anything with impact for at least another 5 weeks,

3 Mile Power Walk Body Shaping Party is a great low impact total body cardio + conditioning workout. It is a lot of fun. Not an advanced workout but there are a lot of ways to increase the intensity and burn. I wore an 8 pound weighted vest (heaviest I’m willing to go near my shoulder; the strap sits between my neck and my shoulder), a 10 pound weighted belt, 2.5 pound ankle weights and a 1 pound weighted glove on my good arm/hand. I also have the other arm in a sling so that I do not use it by accident. All of that extra weight does a great job increasing the intensity of the cardio walk.

This walk does a great job of hitting every muscle group in some way except your back. Angie recommends using the cloth booty bands and I agree. I used my medium resistance Enriq booty band and I definitely felt the short (5 minutes I think?) lower body segment. It burned! For the upper body segment I used a 5 pound dumbbell and for the final punching segment I used a 3 pound dumbbell. I am obviously doing all of the upper body movements with only one arm.

3 Mile Power Walk Body Shaping Party is 55:30 minutes; 1 minute intro, 3:30 minute warm up and 7 minute stretch. Equipment: booty band/resistance loop, dumbbells and a stability ball. Angie is wearing an 8 pound weighted vest. As mentioned above, I also wore an 8 pound weighted vest, a 10 pound weighted belt, 2.5 pound (5 pounds total) ankle weights. and a 1 pound weighted glove.

Angie does very basic walking combos so I am not going to break this workout down like I do other workouts. I will break down the strength training parts. The warm up ends at approx, the 4:40 mark and the  workout begins. You will do low impact cardio walking for the next 10 minutes. In addition to marching in place, you will do various walking steps such as stepping out wide and narrow, knee raises, heel digs, hamstring curls and side to side step. Arm movements accompany all of the lower body steps. Around the 15:20 mark you grab some light hand weights. You will repeat the moves mentioned below but I am only listing them once in the order they appear.

  1. Arc arms/DBs from hips, out to side then bring them in front of you (arms are kept straight) to forehead height, while marching in place
  2. Alternating hammer curls, still marching in place (changes to heel digs)
  3. Alternating traditional bicep curls with heel digs
  4. Extend arms straight out to sides in a T, bend at the elbow bringing DBs to shoulders while marching in place
  5. Straight arm side raises; changes to raising arms to side and when they are shoulder level bringing straight arms in front of you, lower DBs to thighs, raise in front of you again then return arms to sides then lower them (marching in place throughout)
  6. Scarecrows with heel digs
  7. Start with arms in goal post and do chest press arms while marching in place

Get rid of the light dumbbells and grab the booty band/resistance loop. Place loop around thighs. There are various arm movements but this is the lower body portion so that is what I will be listing–the lower body moves. Again, you repeat them more than once but I am only listing them once in the order they appear.

  1. Alternating knee raises
  2. Heel digs
  3. Wide march while lowered into partial squat
  4. Squats
  5. Double side steps
  6. Alternate tapping feet behind you

Remove the resistance loop. At approx. the 27 minute mark you will go back to low impact cardio walking. At the 38:45 minute mark you grab light dumbbells again (Angie is using 3 pound dumbbells) for boxing moves while doing the basic cardio walk moves. You will do front punches, upper cuts, hook punches and cross punches. It ends with overhead presses while marching. At the 44:30 mark you put away the hand weights and get your stability ball for core work.

  1. Sit ups sitting on the stability ball; add raising one knee at top of sit up, alternate legs; just sit ups again but with hands crossed over chest; continue the sit w/ hands behind head
  2. Straight arm plank hold with hands on ball; lower to elbows and continue to hold plank (I did not do this move since I cannot use one arm–I just continued doing sit ups)

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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