Bring the Heat NO REPEATS! Total Body Workout

Bring on the Heat No Repeats! Total Body Workout is a total body metabolic strength workout from Heather Robertson. It is a cardio + strength workout, too, but not in the traditional sense (strength exercises or circuits are alternated with cardio exercises or circuits). Though this workout is made up of a lot of compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups, the exercises do have a main focus. The workout starts with exercises that focus on the upper body followed by core focused exercises then you move into lower body focused exercises and the workout ends with cardio exercises. But like I said, there are a lot of compound exercises so you will get some cardio and some core in your upper body section and some upper body work and some cardio in your lower body section. And the core work is total core, working the front, sides and back of your body and some of the exercises will also work your upper body. This is an excellent workout. As the title indicates, no exercise is repeated so there is no boredom in this workout. The exercises in this workout are done interval style: each exercise is done for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of recovery. There is a timer in the lower right hand side of the screen, counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recoveries Heather previews the next exercise.

Bring on the Heat No Repeats! Total Body Workout is 46:53 minutes; 3 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells and fitness mat. Heather is using a set of 5 and 10 pound dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used.

  1. Inchworms & push ups (stand at one end of mat, hinge forward and walk hands out to plank, do one push up, walk hands back to feet, stand and jump)
  2. L-raises (one arm does a straight arm front raise while the other arm is doing a straight arm side raise at the same time, alternate arms) (6# DBs)
  3. Curl & press (bicep curl with palms facing upward into an overhead press, palm position does not change, palms face you during overhead press) (15# DBs)
  4. Alternating single arm dumbbell swings (with a DB in each hand, do kettlebell swings with DBs, swing both DBs between legs but only swing one arm up to shoulder level) (15# Dbs)
  5. Plank pass & press (in straight arm plank with one DB on floor outside of one hand, reach under body with other hand, grab DB and rotate into side plank, raising DB to ceiling, set DB on floor, alternate sides) (one 10# DB)
  6. Weighted jacks (jumping jack legs with overhead press arms) (5# DBs)
  7. Alternating single arm bent over row (25# DBs)
  8. Tricep push ups
  9. In & out curls (alternate wide bicep curls with traditional bicep curls) (15# DBs)
  10. Shadow box (alternating front punches) (5# DBs)
  11. Toe touches (lay on back, one DB held in both hands, legs straight and extended to ceiling, crunch upper body while reaching DB toward toes) (one 15# DB)
  12. Reverse crunch (same starting position as #11, keep DB raised to ceiling with arms straight, lower straight legs until they are a few inches off the floor then raise them into a reverse crunch, keeping legs and arms straight the entire time) (one 15# DB)
  13. Side bridge (in side elbow plank, resting one DB on top of hip, raise and lower hips) (one 15# DB)
  14. Superwoman (supermans)
  15. Repeat #13 on other side of body
  16. Seated twist (hold one DB in both hands and do Russian Twists, tapping DB to mat beside hip) (one 10# DB)
  17. V-sit (sit on mat, torso leaned back and hands on mat behind you, extend legs straight while leaning torso back further then bring knees into chest while raising torso)
  18. Bicycle tuck (bicycle maneuver but between each side, do one reverse crunch)
  19. Hip rocker jacks (in elbow plank, rotate hips to one side then to the other + one plank jack)
  20. Down dog ninja (start in straight arm plank, push back to downward facing dog, return to plank, jump feet into hands, raise torso and hands so you are in a deep squat, place hands back on floor and jump feet back to plank)
  21. 30 second rest
  22. Squat lunge hop (hold one DB in both hands, one squat, step back into reverse lunge, jump once then step leg back in to start) (one 20# DB)
  23. Repeat #22 on other side of body
  24. Deadlift & row (straight leg deadlift + upright row) (15# DBs)
  25. Sumo & side leg lift (hold a DB in each hand together in front of thighs, do one sumo squat + one side leg lift, alternate sides with the leg lift, squatting when changing sides) (15# DBs)
  26. Squat & swing (hold one DB in both hands, squat with DB between legs, stand and swing DB straight in front of you until it is overhead) (one 20# DB)
  27. Bear kick backs (in bear pose (on hands and toes, with knees bent), alternate raising one leg, pushing sole of foot to ceiling)
  28. Side lift (in modified side plank (bottom leg is bent with knee on floor, top leg is extended straight in line with body), top arm is reached toward ceiling, raise and lower top straight leg)
  29. Repeat #28 on other side of body
  30. 1.5 goblet squat (lower to bottom of squat, raise halfway, lower back to bottom of squat then raise all the way) (one 35# DB)
  31. Side lunges (alternating side lunges holding a DB in each hand, at bottom of lunge DBs frame foot) (15# DBs)
  32. Jumping jacks
  33. Shuffle & hop (2 lateral shuffles the length of your mat + one jump, reaching arms overhead)
  34. High knee run
  35. Speed skaters (lateral skaters)
  36. Mountain climbers
  37. Crossover jacks (do one jumping jack, landing with feet wide, forward fold reaching one hand to opposite foot, other arm reaches for ceiling, alternate sides with a jack between each side)
  38. Butt kicks (butt kick runs with hands behind head and elbows out to sides)
  39. Squat & punch (squat + one cross punch + squat + one cross punch w/ other arm + squat + front kick + squat + front kick other leg)
  40. Spot sprint (high knee sprint in place)

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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