SaraBethYoga: Full Body Yoga Stretch for Post Workout Cool Down & Flexibility

Full Body Yoga Stretch for Post Workout Cool Down & Flexibility is not one of Sara Beth‘s more gentle yoga practices. I was hoping from the title that it was. But that’s okay–it is still an excellent yoga flexibility workout. It is full of deep yoga stretch poses that you hold for a long time. So, for me, there was a lot of discomfort. It was all doable. I did not have any problems getting into any of the poses so this is not an advanced workout. But my muscles are feeling tight lately so holding these poses for so long was not a “feel good” experience. However, it is probably exactly what my body needs.

Full Body Yoga Stretch for Post Workout Cool Down & Flexibility is 30:52 minutes. The actual practice is 29 minutes; the last 2 minutes is Sara talking. Equipment: fitness mat.

  1. Wide leg child’s pose; reach both arms to one side, hands stacked
  2. Cat/cow stretch
  3. Downward facing dog; pedal feet
  4. Wide leg forward fold with knees bent; add movement, shifting hips side to side and straightening legs
  5. Runner’s lunge with both hands on mat with front foot outside of same side hand
  6. Lower back knee so you are in kneeling lunge then shift your hips back, straightening your front leg, flex toes and hinge forward over straight leg
  7. Return to runners lunge, rotate torso toward front leg, reaching same side arm to ceiling (other hand is on the floor beside front foot)
  8. Side angle pose
  9. Triangle pose
  10. Wide leg forward fold
  11. Warrior 2
  12. Reverse warrior
  13. Downward facing dog
  14. Chaturanga (in plank, lower toward mat but before chest touches mat, lift upper body into up dog then return to down dog)
  15. Repeat #5-8 on other side of body
  16. Repeat #12 on other side of body
  17. Repeat #9 on other side of body
  18. Goddess squat (wide plie squat); with hands on knees, drop one shoulder forward while pushing same side knee open, alternate sides
  19. Repeat #11 & 12 on other side of body
  20. Downward facing dog
  21. Straight arm plank; elbow/forearm plank
  22. Sphinx pose
  23. Corpse pose on belly (belly shavasana)
  24. Still on belly, bring legs close together, press toes into mat so that knees raise off mat, place hands on mat underneath shoulders, lift head/chest off mat while also raising palms a few inches of mat
  25. Repeat #23
  26. Lying scorpion twist
  27. Puppy pose
  28. Child’s pose

For more info on SaraBethYoga and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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