Trampoline BARRE Workout | Total Body Sculpt & Tone | REBOUNDER

Trampoline Barre Workout | Total Body Sculpt & Tone is a fun cardio + strength workout from Michelle Briehler. In this workout Michelle alternates cardio rebounding circuits with barre strength circuits that also use the rebounder. It’s not a total body workout as the title promises. Your lower body arms, shoulders and core all get worked but not you back or your chest. Michelle and crew set their rebounder on its side and hold onto its legs for balance during the lower body barre segments but if you have a T-bar like I do, you can do everything on the rebounder. During the lower body work, one of the background exercisers does a different version of all of the exercises. Instead of standing wearing a booty band/resistance loop, she is on all 4s on top of her rebounder doing mat lower body exercises. The first lower body barre segment really burned out my lower body. Everything else worked it nicely but no burn out. This workout was very enjoyable. I love cardio + strength workouts. The time always seems to fly by during them.

Trampoline Barre Workout | Total Body Sculpt & Tone is 48:07 minutes; one minute intro, 3 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder, light dumbbells (1-5 pounds) and a booty band/resistance loop. Michelle is using 5 pound hand weights and one pound lace up weights. I used 2 and 3 pound hand weights. I also used a strong booty band for all of the exercises where the band is above the knees and a rubber booty band for any exercise where the band is below the  knees.

  1. 2 jacks + 4 narrow basic bounces
  2. 2 single leg side kicks + 2 hopping hip twists, repeat this combo 4x then repeat 4x on other side of body
  3. One knee raise + one front kick (same leg) + scissor run to single-single-double pattern, repeat combo on other side of body
  4. Knee raise hops while rotating leg to side (raise knee and rotate it out to side then raise knee and rotate it back to start–think crescent knee) + 4 basic bounces (Michelle does heel click bounces); repeat combo on other side of body
  5. Repeat #1-4
  6. Water break (grab DBs; Michelle grabes her 5# DBs and I grabbed my 3# DBs)
  7. While doing a health bounce, extend both arms/DBs overhead, do 3 partial raises + one full raise
  8. Double jacks pushing the DBs overhead in time with legs
  9. Extend arms/DBs overhead, do alternating knee raises, pull elbow of same side arm down to thigh when it raises
  10. Repeat #8 & 9
  11. Single jack the legs while doing upright rows
  12. Hop forward and back, push arms in front of you then pull elbows back (arms close to sides) with palms facing upward
  13. Do one rep of #12 + jack the legs once while rotating forearms/DBs out to sides while keeping elbows close to sides, continue alternating these two moves
  14. Alternating heel digs with alternating bicep curls
  15. Repeat #12-14
  16. Lateral ski hops with tricep kickbacks
  17. Jack the legs, extend arms out to sides and bend elbows in time with legs in tricep kickbacks to the side (bringing DB in to armpit then push arms out to a T)
  18. Narrow basic bounce (legs/feet together), push straight arms behind you
  19. Water break (set DBs aside and get booty band/resistance loop)
  20. (turn rebounder on its side or use a chair) Booty band is around calves just under knees, stand with legs wide enough so that there is tension on the band, hold rebounder for balance, raise and lower heels
  21. Barre squats (with heels lifted, do squats); changes to partial squats (lower to bottom of squat but only raise halfway)
  22. Still raised onto toes, lower into partial squat and hold isometrically while pulsing legs out wider
  23. Repeat #21 & 22
  24. Repeat #20
  25. Raise onto toes, lower into a partial squat and hold isometrically, tuck pelvis in and out
  26. (remove booty band and set rebounder back on all legs) Basic bounce, swinging arms forward and back
  27. Sprint
  28. 2 jumping jacks + 2 knee raises (once each leg) while crossing straight arms in front of you
  29. One knee raise bringing opposite elbow to knee + one insole tap (same leg) + one knee raise bringing opposite elbow to knee (same leg) + one side kick (same leg), repeat combo on other side of body
  30. Sprint
  31. Repeat #28 & 29
  32. 2 hopping hip twists + kick front to back to front (foot doesn’t touch mat while kicking), repeat combo on other side of body
  33. Basic bounce
  34. Double scissor runs
  35. Repeat #28 & 29
  36. Repeat #32
  37. (get your booty band/resistance loop and place your rebounder on its side to hold for balance) Booty band is around thighs just above the knees, face the rebounder holding onto it for balance, extend one leg behind you, lift and lower leg; angle leg on a diagonal and continue lifting and lowering it; combine the two lifts–one to the back and one on a diagonal, continue alternating the two lifts
  38. Same position as #37, leg is still extended straight behind you, draw small circles with your leg
  39. Repeat #37 & 38 on other leg
  40. Remove loop and do a standing figure 4 stretch, holding the rebounder for balance
  41. (place rebounder back on all 4 legs, grab light weights; Michelle wraps her one pound lace ups around her hand/wrist, I used my 2# DBs) Basic bounce reaching arms forward and back
  42. Alternating knee raises, reach arms overhead and pull them down to knees when they raise
  43. Jack the legs while raising arms to sides in a T
  44. Alternating front kicks, reach arms overhead and pull them down when kicking
  45. Alternating knee raises with legs wide, rainbow arms (pull arms down to frame one leg as knee raises then circle them overhead to the other side when other knee raises)
  46. Hopping hip twists
  47. 2 jumping jacks + 2 narrow basic bounces (legs close together, pushing arms overhead
  48. 2 single leg side kicks + 2 hopping hip twists, repeat on same leg then repeat 2x on other side of body
  49. One knee raise + one front kick (same leg) + scissor runs to single-single-double pattern, repeat on other side of body
  50. Repeat #4
  51. Double scissor runs
  52. Single scissor runs
  53. Sprint
  54. One knee raise bring opposite elbow to knee + one insole tap (same leg) + one knee raise bringing opposite elbow to knee (same leg) + one side kick, repeat combo on other side of body
  55. Front kick to back kick to front kick (same leg, foot doesn’t touch mat) + 2 hopping hip twists, repeat on other leg
  56. Basic bounce reaching arms forward and back
  57. Repeat #55
  58. Repeat #42-47
  59. Repeat #48 but 4x on one side before repeating 4x on other side
  60. Repeat #49-55

Core: (set light weights aside and place booty band/resistance loop around thighs, just above knees) (6 minutes)

  1. Lay on back on rebounder, legs are raised with knees bent at 90 degrees, hands hold rebounder frame above head, do a reverse crunch, pushing legs overhead and raising hips, lower hips then extend legs out straight in line with hips, open legs wide then bring legs together again; add opening legs wide during reverse crunch (keeping hips raised isometrically long enough to open and close legs)
  2. Lay on one hip on rebounder, both legs are extended straight and raised off rebounder, top hand is behind head, bottom arm is lifted off rebounder, hold this position isometrically; add lifting and lower top leg
  3. Repeat #2 on other side of body
  4. Place band round toes, lean torso back on rebounder so you are resting on elbows, bicycle the legs; lay back with hands behind head
  5. Lay on back, legs straight and extended to ceiling, pulse legs open

Joyful Jump:

  1. Basic bounce, swing arms down then clap them overhead
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Hopping hip shift side to side
  4. Basic bounce
  5. Squats (no bouncing)
  6. Balance on one leg, other leg is extended straight to side and arms are open in a T
  7. Balance on one leg, hinge torso forward while extending other leg straight behind you

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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