AngieFitnessTV: Rebounding Weight Loss Workout

Rebounding Weight Loss Workout is another rebounder workout from AngieFitnessTV. Angie has a new workout studio! And this one is very nice! I like it a lot. Angie is also rebounding barefoot. She usually wears shoes. In one of her other rebounder workouts she mentions that she wears shoes because of ankle issues. She doesn’t mention in this workout what motivated her to rebound barefoot but I have something to share along the same lines. I have 12 screws and 2 plates in each heel. So I have a lot of foot issues. I always wear shows for everything–even yoga. Once I started doing rebounder workouts I noticed that a lot of the trainers are barefoot or wearing yoga socks with grips on the soles. That still wasn’t enough to induce me to go barefoot. But then I ungraded to a Bellicon and started watching all of their videos–not just the workouts but their other videos and they tell you to bounce barefoot or in yoga socks to protect the rebounder. Bellicons aren’t cheap so I decided to give it a try. I do want my Bellicon to last. So I purchased some yoga socks and I am able to jump on it no problem with the socks! No foot pain! I am even more sold on rebounding than I was before! In addition to being fun low impact intensity with all kinds of health benefits, it’s good for my feet, too! I only wear the socks when I know the majority of the workout is done on the rebounder. I will never wear the socks for a URX-MT workout because they have you jumping on and off the rebounder but many of Angie’s and Barlates’ rebounder workouts I can wear the socks and all of the Bellicon workouts are appropriate for the socks.

I know I went off topic, but I do think it is important to mention. If you are like me and have had to protect your feet for some reason, try rebounding barefoot or with yoga socks–you might be surprised!

Back to the workout. This is primarily a steady state cardio rebounding workout though Angie includes some bodyweight strength/conditioning work at the very end. The majority of the cardio is very basic bounce moves. She does each move for a minute and she builds on them–you do the move for a minute sans arms then you add the arms for the next minute. I added arm movements to everything so that I could keep the intensity higher. The last 6 minutes of the cardio segment Angie kicks it up a notch with some more advanced rebounder moves. In addition, Angie wore weighted gloves to increase the intensity. I did, too, and it definitely kicked it up a notch. Another fun and effective rebounder workout from Angie! Keep them coming please!

Rebounding for Weight Loss Workout is 49:39 minutes; 1:30 minute intro, 4:30 minute warm up and 6 minute stretch. Equipment: Rebounder and Angie is wearing one pound weighted gloves.

  1. Double jack legs; add jack arms to double jack tempo
  2. Single jack legs; add jack arms
  3. Hop with legs close together
  4. Double hops with 180 jump turn; Angie adds an arm movement
  5. 180 hops side to side; add arm movement
  6. Alternating toe tap hops (tapping to the front)
  7. Double scissors run hops; add pushing arms overhead to double scissor tempo
  8. Single scissor run hops; add arms–raise and lower arms in opposition
  9. Alternating front heel dig hops
  10. Double bounce forward and double bounce back; add raising and lowering arms to double bounce tempo
  11. Bounce forward and back (singles); add raising and lowering arms overhead
  12. Double bounce side to side
  13. Double jack legs; changes to single jack legs
  14. Fast air jack legs for 15 seconds
  15. Repeat #13 & 14 two more times
  16. Cross hops (every time you hop you cross one foot in front of the other, legs are kept close together the entire time–so these are not cross jacks which is an easier move)
  17. Repeat #13 & 14
  18. Push ups on knees on rebounder
  19. Bird dog pose holds on the rebounder
  20. Lay on back on rebounder with feet on frame, do glute raises/bridges, singles and pulses
  21. Tricep dips with hands on rebounder frame and feet on floor
  22. Lay on rebounder, hands behind head, elbows forward, knees bent and brought to elbows, hold this position while rocking from bottom to shoulders; start rotating the hips to the side a little with each rock so you rotate in a circle around the rebounder with each rock
  23. Hold elbow plank with forearms on rebounder and feet on floor; raise to straight arm plank and hold; bend elbows slightly and bounce hands into rebounder while continuing to hold plank
  24. Continue holding straight arm plank with hands on rebounder, alternate bringing knee in under body to tap rebounder frame

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “AngieFitnessTV: Rebounding Weight Loss Workout

  1. Hey, I finally ordered a rebounder. I found another YT channel too. Sanfran Fitness has some rebounder workouts when you’re ready to get back at it.

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    1. Thanks for the heads up. Can’t wait until I can rebound again. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Recovering from shoulder surgery and haven’t blogged in 2+ weeks!


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