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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when states started their shelter in place orders, Daily Burn did a really great thing. They increased their 30 day free trial to 60 days. Gyms were forced to close and people who already did not workout at home were having to find a new way to exercise. Daily Burn was helping.

If you follow this blog you know I have been exercising at home for decades. That didn’t stop me from subscribing. I have subscribed to Daily Burn before. A few years ago I did their Black Fire series/program and though at the time I never did any other workouts on Daily Burn, there was a lot that interested me. 3 years later they have even more programs. Normally, I would review something by program like I did Black Fire, Xtend Barre and more recently, Daily Burn’s Mini Burns. But I am not really delving into any of the Daily Burn programs that intensely. What I am doing during this 60 day trial is picking and choosing. So this review is an overview of Daily Burn and what it offers. I will discuss (but not break down) the workouts I have sampled during my 60 days.

Before we get to the programs I did sample from, I have to add that I have a torn rotator cuff so I had to avoid some of the more intense strength workouts Daily Burn offers. But there is a lot more than what I summarize below. There is the Black Fire program, which has already been reviewed here. They have a kettlebell program (DBK), Live to Fail (LTF) which is an advanced strength training program, and several metabolic strength programs (Inferno, Inferno HR and Inferno WTF). There are pilates programs, yoga programs, bodyweight strength and mobility programs, and even more strength and metabolic programs than mentioned. There is two beginner programs. One is even titled “True Beginner.” And finally, they have their live 365 workouts. A new workout is filmed every day. Normally, you have to be a premium member (which apparently costs more) in order to access past 365 workouts (of which there is 2000+) but during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are giving everyone premium access until they can start filming 365 workouts again.

The only “program” I am subscribed to on Daily Burn is the Mini Burns and that is because I use the workouts in that program Monday-Friday. I have already reviewed that program so for more info on it, check out the Mini Burn review. But I sampled from several other programs in the course of my 60 day trial. Below I will describe each program and discuss the workout(s) I did from that program. Again, I am not doing break downs like I normally do. These are just overviews and my thoughts.

Barre Harmony: The first workouts I tried from this series is Full Body Tone 1 and Dancer’s Cardio 1. I did them back to back as my morning workout and I loved them. After 3 weeks of my body being beaten up by Xtend Barre, these were beautiful recovery workouts. They were easy in comparison to Xtend Barre workouts, but I still felt them and enjoyed them. I was sweating but I never really felt a burn nor did I burn a bunch of calories. Daily Burn predicted I would burn 193 calories with Full Body Tone 1 and 147 calories with Dancer’s Cardio 1. So, according to Daily Burn, I should have burned a total of 340 calories since I did them back to back. My FitBit reported I burned a total of 183 calories and I was in the Fat Burn Zone the entire workout. I have experienced this huge discrepancy before with Black Fire. All I can guess is that Daily Burn is averaging what an overweight and/or out of shape person would burn. I’m not skinny but I’m not overweight either. And I am in good physical shape. So anyway, just something to keep in mind when choosing your workouts. What is your end goal? If it’s burning lots of calories when working out, then you might want to choose another workout program that Daily Burn offers. If you are really wanting barre workouts then Xtend Barre (not a Daily Burn program) will give you the barre experience with a much higher calorie burn. If you are a beginner or just want to workout but you don’t want brutal workouts, then the Level 1 Barre Harmony workouts are for you. However, I actually think the Level 1 Barre Harmony workouts would work really well in conjunction with Xtend Barre. These would be recovery day workouts, when you want to take it down a notch but still work your body. I thought they felt wonderful.

A few days later I did Full Body Tone 2 and Dancer’s Cardio 2 back to back. That was quite a different experience! Much more challenging. Still no Xtend Barre, but I was working much harder. For the Level 2 workouts, Becca Pace (the trainer) uses both pilates based exercises and barre work. I never had much of a burn out on the barre work, but the pilates work did challenge me a lot. But I was still able to do everything without a problem. Challenging but doable. Becca also doesn’t rep you out. There is some plyo in Dancer’s Cardio 2. I did not enjoy the Level 2 workouts nearly as much as the Level 1 workouts. Plus, if I want to be challenged then I would choose Xtend Barre over Barre Harmony’s Level 2 workouts any day. With that said, I did get an excellent workout. These are just my thoughts and preferences.

Finally, I did Lower Body Pulse 1 & 2 back to back. I did enjoy those two workouts. Lower Body Pulse 1 was easier than Lower Body Pulse 2 but they both worked my lower body very well. Doing both of them back to back really burned out my legs and glutes. They are a combination of barre and mat work.

Sweat Sessions: This program is made up of 12 relatively short (10-30 minutes) HIIT workouts. They are tagged as advanced but the one I did, I found more intermediate. The workouts are led by 6 different Daily Burn trainers and they each lead a work alone (no background exercisers). Cardio Kickbox is 20 minutes and I did it in combination with Box & Burn (below, a Sweat Sculpt workout) for an hour long boxing workout. There were no kicks in spite of the name–just boxing combos along with other cardio and body weight strength moves, all done in 30 second intervals. It was intense not not super intense. It was led by a trainer named Boogie Bowers.


Cardio Sculpt: This is a beginner/intermediate program led by several Daily Burn trainers. It has 11 main workouts and 4 recovery workouts. I only did one workout from this program: Box & Burn, and was so unimpressed with it I didn’t bother with the others I was eyeing. Box & Burn is led by Anja Garcia. It is an interval boxing workout. I actually did her Undefeated workouts (below) before doing this one, so I was expecting something a lot more intense. It really is my fault tho. Daily Burn does label this workout as easy and her Undefeated workouts are advanced. I just enjoyed her Undefeated workouts so much that I wanted more. Box & Burn is pure boxing. It did give me some steady state cardio and worked my arms well. But it is pretty boring. It is simple boxing combos done for 1 minute intervals. You do each interval 4x–twice on each side of the body. The first time you do it with just your hands and if you are doing a more advanced version, the second time through you pick up light hand weights. I wore 1 pound weighted gloves for everything and picked up 2 pound hand weights for the 2nd time through each interval (3 pounds total) and I won’t lie, it did work my arms and shoulders nicely. They still have a nice burn. But it was definitely nothing exciting or fun or intense to make me want to return to. And it felt like there was a lot of down time. I think you get 15 seconds between each 1 minute interval then after completing a 4 minute circuit (5 minutes with the 15 second recoveries) you get a full 1 minute recovery. So, this is probably perfect for a beginner, but if you are more advanced this will probably bore you. The point of this program is to advance you. Some of the workouts are labeled as easy and some as medium, so I am sure it starts you with the easy workouts like Box & Burn then increases the levels as you progress through the program.

DB10: This program contains 6 relatively intense 10 minute metabolic strength workouts. I loved the Kettlebell Ladder. Like all of the 10 minute workouts on Daily Burn, since I am currently teleworking, I used these as a fitness break during my work day. Kettlebell Ladder was one of my favorites. Fun and intense. I also did Upper Body Challenge which for 10 minutes was a pretty thorough and intense workout. Lower Body Challenge was intense and thorough too for being only 10 minutes. The workouts I did were winners and were perfect little fitness bursts to break up my work day.

Yoga Fundamentals: I did these as a Sunday yoga session. The first one I did, Hip Openers, was a very gentle yoga stretch practice. It is beginner level and the trainer shows modifications even for basic poses. Props are also used to make it easier (2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap and a folded towel). I’m not an advanced yogi nor do I care to ever be one. I prefer gentle yoga that stretches me out so I really enjoyed it and got a great hip stretch. I also did Forward Folds on a different Sunday. It used all of the same props as Hip Openers but this one focused on spinal and hip flexion through all sorts of yoga poses. It was a bit more active than Hip Openers but still gentle and beginner level. It stretched me out very nicely, too.

Intelliburn: This program is an interesting and eclectic mix of workouts. It uses workouts from several different Daily Burn programs but also has its own workouts. It contained 3 ten minute workouts that I used as fitness breaks during my work day. I really liked all 3 of them. The way they were filmed was interesting. They are done by just the trainer and the camera man is asking the trainer all kinds of personal questions so the trainer is talking about him/herself throughout the workout. They were all excellent and intense little 10 minute fitness breaks. I did Superhero Kickboxing, Bikini Butt and 5/10 in 9. All three are intense mini workouts. Your workout time is 9 minutes but you also get a one minute warm up and one minute cool down/stretch so a total of 11 minutes. The only one that used any equipment is 5/10 in 9. That’s what the 5/10 means–you need a set of 5 pound dumbbells and a set of 10 pound dumbbells. Or something more appropriate to your fitness level. I used 4/8 and that was appropriate for me!

10 Minute Tone: This is another program that got used because I am teleworking. My fitness breaks were usually 5 minute breaks (Mini Burns). But depending on how busy I am, sometimes I take 10 minute breaks. I really liked this one a lot. This program contains 30 ten minute strength workouts. I used 12 of those 30 workouts because they met my focus. There are 6 Back & Biceps workouts and 6 Legs & Glutes workouts. Those are the 12 I used. They were all intermediate level workouts. If you use the right weights, you will work whatever muscle group they are targeting very nicely. And yes, I now keep dumbbells, resistance bands and a fitness mat in my home office. I used these when I wanted something a little more aggressive and focused. In addition to the 12 ten minute workouts I used in this program, there are also 6 Chest & Tricep workouts, 6 Abs & Core and 6 Arms workouts. These workouts are all led by different Daily Burn trainers.

Undefeated: Holy crap this was intense! The Undefeated program is led by 2 trainers: Anja Garcia and Phoenix Carnevale. I only did two of the workouts led by Anja. I did Kickboxing HIIT 1 followed by Cardio Kick 1 one day for an hour long kickboxing workout. And WOW–these workouts kicked my butt! Just one of these 30 minute workouts is plenty intense. Doing 2 back to back totally wrung me out! In both types of workouts (Kickboxing HIIT and Cardio Kick) Anja builds kickboxing combos. The first part of the workout the first half of the combo is built then you do a HIIT series then the second part of the combo is built followed by another HIIT series then you finish the workout with the complete combo. The only difference is Kickboxing HIIT uses the tabata concept and Cardio Kick does straight 30 second intervals with few breaks. At least in Kickboxing HIIT you get a regular 10 second break during the tabata HIITs. Cardio Kick seemed harder because of the longer HIITs with less breaks. Most of the combos were pretty easy to follow but sometimes Anja moved so fast and the punch combos were at times so unusual that I had a hard time remembering the punches when we came back to them after a longer break. When I did Kickboxing HIIT 1 followed by Cardio Kick 1 I burned 519 calories and I was in my peak heart rate 36 of those minutes. According to Daily Burn I should burn 352 between those two workouts (176 calories each). So in this instance, I far exceeded their estimate!


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