Naomi Joy Fitness: 5 Min Express Abs Workout at Home

5 Min Express Abs Workout at Home is quick but intense little abdominal add on workout from Naomi Joy. Today I tacked it on to the end of a Chest and Tricep workout. There are a lot of push ups in that workout, so my core already got some work before coming to this. Naomi burned my abs out quickly and in only 5 minutes. I definitely felt this little ab finisher! I actually really felt it in my hip flexors, too, which I thought was a little odd. I don’t think I used my hip flexors at all in a chest and tricep workout but they were tiring out in this workout. Naomi leads you through this workout in real time. There is a timer in the lower left hand corner of the screen counting down the total workout time.

5 Min Express Abs Workout at Home is 5:43 minutes. Equipment: fitness mat. Naomi shows easier modifications for some of the exercises.

  1. Lay on back, head on mat, bicycle legs
  2. Place hands behind head, elbows out to sides, and raise head/shoulders isometrically while continuing to bicycle the legs
  3. Upper body is in same position as #2, but extend legs straight and flutter kick the legs; continue fluttering legs but extend arms along sides (head/shoulders still elevated)
  4. Lay on back, head on floor, raise straight legs to ceiling, draw a circle with straight legs, alternate directions
  5. Bicycle maneuver, pulse 2x at top of move (when elbow taps opposite knee); hold top of move isometrically for 10 seconds (elbow to opposite knee)
  6. Roll up into bent leg V sit with hands behind thighs; reach arms overhead and roll up into bent leg V sit with legs extended on either side of legs; roll up into straight leg V sit
  7. Lay on back with straight legs raised to 45 degrees, head and shoulders elevated and arms raised to ceiling, open and close arms and legs

For more info on Naomi Joy Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


3 thoughts on “Naomi Joy Fitness: 5 Min Express Abs Workout at Home

  1. Sooooo … I have a bad case of tennis elbow. Doc said it’s very common with people who exercise a lot and was surprised this was the first time I encountered it. Got a cortisone shot with instructions to apply ice for 15 min 2x per day. And to layoff exercises that exacerbate the condition. So no upright rows, lateral raises, snatches or hammer curls for 2 weeks. So my plan for now is to sub push-ups when any of those are required because they don’t bother my elbow at all. This was cleared with the doc.

    The shot was interesting. Gave me lidocaine first. I could feel the needle hitting the bone as he kind of worked the needle around the area. He kind of shot the cortisone all around. Blew up like a little balloon! Feels great now but he said don’t be fooled that it’s fixed because when the lidocaine wears off it will probably hurt. 😢

    I’m just glad it’s not something serious!

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    1. That sounds unpleasant–but hopefully it works. When I got a cortisone shot in my CMC joint, I felt it down between the bones, too. It was so unpleasant. But that is also the only cortisone shot I’ve gotten that actually worked.


  2. I saw this one and added it to my rotation this week. Once again we are on the same page! ☺️

    I did the workout I was scheduled to do Saturday when I was recovering from the booster shot. It was Caroline’s latest full body calisthenics workout. To my surprise, it wasn’t a super hard workout. Still, she does a remarkable job in burning out every muscle even with no weights so definitely there was endurance involved. I ended with a sarabeth yoga finisher.

    I’m really hoping the doc won’t put the brakes on my upper body workouts today. That said, I want this elbow pain which is now a constant companion to go away so I will follow his instructions. Here’s hoping! 🤞🤞🤞

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