Barlates: Total 20/Bounce Sculpt

I was super excited when Linda @ Barlates started creating the workouts for this series. The Total 20 Series consists of 8 workouts that are 23-29 minutes in length. They are advertised to give you a total body workout in 20 minutes–plus you get a warm up and stretch, which is what makes the workouts longer than 20 minutes. I was excited about this series before I even considered getting a rebounder. Now that I am obsessed with rebounder workouts, imagine my excitement to see the a rebounder workout was included in this series! The length of these workouts are perfect for any time you want something quick but thorough but they are also the perfect length to combine 2 of them for a 50-60 minute workout. Which is what I did the first time I tried this workout. I started with Total 20: Weights and finished with this workout. I got a great total body strength workout. Weights is metabolic and Bounce Sculpt is as well; it is cardio + strength. Linda alternates cardio circuits with strength circuits.

This is a very fast paced workout, so your heart rate will remain elevated throughout the strength work as well. Linda uses light dumbbells for this workout. The dumbbells are only used for the upper body strength work. The light dumbbells were appropriate for some of the exercises but I needed something heavier for other exercises. I also have a torn rotator cuff so I cannot lift as heavy as I normally do. When I return to this workout after my surgery I may lift even heavier. We’ll see! I will definitely be returning to this workout and pairing it up with some of the others in this series because I loved it! It worked really well paired with Weights.

There are several ways you can do this workout. It is available for free on YouTube. You can purchase the Total 20 DVD that contains all 8 workouts in this series (which is what I did) from Amazon or Total Fitness DVDs. You can also purchase it directly from Linda. You can purchase it from her on DVD or download and you can purchase the entire series or or just this workout if that is all you want. She is very accommodating.

Total 20: Bounce Sculpt is 29 minutes; 45 second intro, 2:20 minute warm up (I am not sure when the warm up ended and the first cardio interval began, so I am starting the break down when the cardio became more aggressive) and 2 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and dumbbells. Linda is using 2 pound and 5 pound dumbbells. I used 3, 5 and 10 pound dumbbells.

  1. While hopping on rebounder, kick one leg straight in front of you then tap it across other leg, alternate legs
  2. Straight leg pendulum leg hops; continue lifting just one leg straight to side while bouncing
  3. Wide plie squat on top of rebounder, tap one heel in front of you then return to pile squat, remain on same leg for taps; heel taps change to kicking leg out to side (continue plie squatting between each kick); changes to alternating the front heel tap with the side leg lift with wide plie squat between each move
  4. Repeat #3 on other side of body
  5. Still on top of rebounder, lower into a side lunge (one leg bent and other leg is straight), push up off of bent leg and do a crescent knee and land back in side lunge
  6. Cross jacks
  7. Mini squat jumps (Linda isn’t really squatting, knees are slightly bent and she is doing fast wide leg hops); continue the squat jumps but bring legs close together (narrow mini squat jumps); changes to squat jacks (wide to narrow mini squat jumps)
  8. Alternate 4 cross jacks (#6) with 4 squat jacks (last part of #7)
  9. Hop on one leg for 8 counts then other leg for 8 counts; changes to 4 counts each leg; changes to 2 counts each leg
  10. Step off rebounder and stand on floor, pick up your lightest set of DBs, raise arms in front of you to shoulder level with elbows bent so DBs are raised toward the ceiling, in this position, you will do small narrow circles with the arms (so small that arms remain in front of you the entire time), your legs are also close together and you do a mini squat with each circle; continue the small arm circles but as you do them you open arms wider into goal post the return to start (open to 4 counts (each count is a small circle) and close to 4 counts); arms are in start position but bring them close together so DBs are pressed together, arms are still held at shoulder level with elbows bent, pulse/press arms/DBs up toward ceiling (I used 3# DBs)
  11. Hinge forward at waist and do partial/high end tricep kickbacks; continue the partial/high end pulses but open arms wider out to sides of body to 4 counts then return to starting position to 4 counts); ends with full range tricep kickbacks (I used 3# DBs for the partials and 8# DBs for the fill range)
  12. (swap light DBs for heavier DBs) Wide bicep curls with elbows close to sides; continue bicep curls but bring arms/DBs in front of you to count of 4 (each curl is a count) then back out to side curls to count of 4 (I used 8# DBs for the first part but due to the speed I had to drop to 5# DBs for the second half)
  13. Hinge forward and do narrow back rows alternated with wide back rows (I used 10# DBs)
  14. Get back on rebounder and prance side to side while doing large arm circles; arm movements change to swinging arms straight out to side then crossing straight arms in front of body
  15. Pike hops (hold the edge of the rebounder so you are in a bent knee pike position or down dog, hop feet in this position); changes to a bounce + butt kick, alternate legs; changes to just pike butt kick runs
  16. Still in pike position on rebounder (#15) bounce and kick one leg out straight to side, alternate legs; changes to pendulum legs in pike position
  17. Standing on rebounder, do bouncing hamstring curls; changes to sort of crescent leg raise, rotating from outside to inside (you are also doing large arm circles in same direction as legs)
  18. Bouncing insole taps
  19. With legs wide jump forward and back on rebounder
  20. Hip twist hops
  21. Sit on rebounder with torso leaned back and hands on rebounder behind you, knees are bent and toes on floor, alternate raising bent legs in this position; continue the leg movement but raise the arms and extend them beside the legs; add lowering the torso to 4 counts then raising torso to 4 counts
  22. Still sitting on rebounder, place hands on rebounder behind hips, raise bent legs off floor and alternate pushing legs straight in front of you; changes to pushing both legs out and bringing knees into chest; changes to pushing legs out with legs close together then bringing knees into chest then pushing legs out wide in a V then bringing them back into chest, alternate these two versions of this move; just push legs out wide in a V
  23. Sit on edge of rebounder, knees are bent, legs wide and toes are pointed, raise one leg and tap insole with opposite hand, alternate sides
  24. Sit on rebounder, lean torso back with hands on rebounder behind you, lift both legs and open them wide in a V (legs straight), then bend knees and cross shins/calves in front of you

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


3 thoughts on “Barlates: Total 20/Bounce Sculpt

  1. Glad the rebounding is going well! I found a new trainer on Youtube you might want to check out. She has lots of different classes. I don’t think she has rebounding but boy does she have everything else 🙂 Her name is Sydney Cummings.

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    1. I have been following her for a while (I actually follow 32 different trainers on YouTube). I always plan to try hers but I obviously haven’t yet. Still not sure when I will finally try her.


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