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  1. Hi, I probably haven’t read through your posts properly and I am sure the answer is there but do you have a YouTube channel where I could see your saved workout playlists? I came across your website when I was Googling info on Jillian Michaels workouts and I got back to you today as I Googled about Caroline Girvan today. I’ve switched from JM to Sydney Cummings, who you have not reviewed yet, for these two past months, but as she is pregnant now I’m thinking of trying Caroline. I loved reading about her on your blog to get to know her even better and would like to try her upcoming Epic program!


    1. Hello Akvabela–no, I do not have a YouTube channel. I do not create any of the workouts I have reviewed. I just do and review other trainers workouts. And my personal playlists on YouTube change every week and they are private. However, if you want to learn more about a specific trainer that I have reviewed there are a few ways. For Caroline Girvan, I have created a trainer page devoted to her workouts that I have done and reviewed. Go to her page (I hyperlinked to it above) and I have categorized her workouts by type and length, and also if they are part of a program. Within each review I link to the YouTube workout–the title of the workout is hyperlinked within the review. Just click on the title and it will take you to the YoUTube workout. Another way to look at all of her workouts that I have done/reviewed is to go to my streaming page. Scroll down to her name and click on it; it will take you to another list of all of her workouts I have done and reviewed. This list is structured differently–I list her workouts in the order I do them (unless they are part of a program)–so the ones at the bottom of the list are the ones I most recently reviewed (again, unless it is part of a program, I group program workouts together).

      As you can see from the streaming page, I have done/reviewed a lot of YouTube workouts by lots of trainers. I have only created trainer pages for 3 YouTube trainers (so far)–the rest are all listed on my Streaming page. For the other 2 trainers check out my Trainer page. Along the top of my blog I have links to all of the main pages contained in the blog. If you click on any of those pages they either contain links to other pages (like individual trainers or different types of workouts) or reviews/posts that fall within the topic.

      Hope this is helpful!


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