SanFran Fitness: Day 15, Jan 2022, Kickstart Rebounding Series, 20min Fun, Disco Style Workout

20 Min Fun Disco Style Workout is Day 15 in SanFran Fitness‘s Kickstart Rebounding Series. For the first 3 weeks of January, Claire and Scott uploaded a workout every day (Monday-Friday). They alternated workout types and leads (the cardio workouts are led by Claire and the strength workouts are led by Scott). However, during this final week of the series, Scott became ill, so most of the week 3 workouts are all led by Claire. All of the workouts are done on the rebounder.

This is another super fun cardio rebounder workout. This is the final workout in the series and it is structured the same as Day 11 and Day 13. It’s longer than the cardio workouts that were uploaded the first 2 weeks, plus they increased the tempo so you are getting a more intense workout. For the week 3 workouts, Claire strings together about 5 different moves. You repeat this short circuit 2 more times, then you move on to the next circuit. There are a total of 4 circuits in this workout. Once you go through all 4 circuits (3 times each) you repeat all of the circuits one more time, once right after the other. Even though it is structured the same, this one felt a bit different than the others. I think that is due to the disco theme. The first half of the workout had a lot of fun disco themed moves. Plus, I really liked the music in this one–more so than the other 8 cardio rebounder workouts in the series. Though there is no dedicated warm up, a warm up really isn’t needed. The workout starts with easier/less intense moves and builds. By the time you hit the 3rd circuit, the intensity of the moves has increased. This was a lot of fun and probably my favorite of the 9 cardio rebounder workouts in their Kickstart Rebounding Series–though I loved all of them. According to my FitBit I burned 194 calories. There is no stretch but I used this on my recovery day, so once I finished this workout I did a long, relaxing yoga stretch.

20 Min Fun Disco Style Workout is 22:49 minutes; 40 second intro, no dedicated warm up and no stretch.

  1. Shift hop side to side
  2. Step touch side to side
  3. Butterfly (pivot hop the heels in and out, arms figure 8 in front of you in opposition to each other)
  4. Wide leg basic bounce with arms extended to sides, bounce 4x then shimmy shoulders then quarter turn hop and repeat
  5. Shift hop the hips side to side, arms are extended in front of you and twist side to side as if turning a steering wheel on a car
  6. Jack legs, single arm raises overhead/out to side on a diagonal–one high and one low, alternate arms
  7. Repeat #2-6 two more times
  8. Basic bounce, bring one arm up, rolling shoulder while also bringing fingers in front of eyes (she calls these John Travolta “disco eyes”), alternate arms
  9. Basic bounce w/ hitchhiker arms (hands in fists with thumbs up, do a sort of alternating bicep curl)
  10. Repeat #8 & 9
  11. Hopping hip twists to one side, arms raise to one side and pull down toward hip when twisting
  12. Repeat #11 on other side of body
  13. Hopping single knee raises, arms are in genie in front of you, twist torso to side when knee raises, repeat but open one arm out straight to side when twisting (alternate these two arm movements)
  14. Repeat #13 on other side of body
  15. Jack the legs, open arms overhead in a V then bring hands together in front of chest and open them again but in a low/inverted V
  16. Repeat #8-15 two more times
  17. Double hop to side + double hop to other side (arms are extended in front of you) + 2 jumping jacks
  18. Face the side and tap one foot in front of you 2x while also raising arms overhead + 4 hip twist hops as you turn to other side + tap other foot in front of you 2x while also raising arms overhead
  19. “Guitar arms” (basic bounce in split stance, one arm is extended straight in front of you while other arm does large circles)
  20. Rocking horse (one knee raise + one hamstring curl w/ other leg)
  21. Diamond jacks (jumping jacks but arms move from thighs out to sides in a T then overhead then back out to sides in a T then back to thighs, each part of the arm movement is in time with the legs jacking)
  22. Repeat #17-21 two more times
  23. Double pony hop to side + double pony hop to other side + 4 single pony hops
  24. Double hop forward + double hop backward + 4 alternating front kicks
  25. 2 double hopping hip twists + 4 single hopping hip twists, arms are raised to shoulder level, elbows bend in opposition to hip twists
  26. Scoop hop 2x (in split stance step/stomping forward while scooping arms down and up) + 2 jacks + repeat the 2 scoop steps with other lead leg)
  27. “Tina Turner” (wide leg fast feet, arms do large slow circles, one arm at a time)
  28. Repeat #23-27 two more times
  29. Repeat #2-6
  30. Repeat #8-15
  31. Repeat #17-21
  32. Repeat #23-27
  33. Shift hop side to side

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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