SanFran Fitness: 15 Minute Bounce and Weights Rebounding Workout

Wow! This rebounder workout worked me harder than I expected it to! 15 Minute Bounce and Weights Rebounding Workout is a cardio workout from SanFran Fitness that also hits your upper body. The strength work is high rep endurance based strength work. Claire challenges you at the beginning to use heavier weights so I did. I usually use 2 pound hand weights for her rebounder workouts but I used 3 pounders this time and my arms were burning by the end! I never thought squat jumps would be the the exercise I looked forward to in a rebounder workout but that was the only opportunity for my arms to thaw! This was a seriously excellent workout and, at only 15 minutes, the perfect length for an add on/finisher workout. Especially on an upper body strength day. This is the perfect way to finish those arms off and give yourself some cardio while you are at it.

Just like their Bounce Fit Warm Up or Add On Workout, the sound is messed up. I had to crank my TV’s volume up to the max to have this at a workable volume. However, it is kind of convenient that both this workout and their warm up have the exact same problem. This means you can easily pair them together and not worry about your volume suddenly blaring when it changes to the next workout. I used this as a doubles workout today. Since it is so short and has very little warm up, I actually did use SanFran Fitness’s Bounce Fit Warm Up to give myself some additional warm up. This workout also does not have a stretch, so I finished it off with AngieFitness TV‘s Extended Stretch & Release (Claire talks at the end of this workout, so you have time to get to your remote and crank the volume down). It is a 6 minute stretch and Angie stretches out both your lower and your upper body–and your upper body needs some stretching after this workout! According to my FitBit I burned 211 calories between those 3 workouts (stretch doesn’t really count).

15 Minute Bounce and Weights Rebounding Workout is 15:14 minutes; 30 second intro, 1:30 minute warm up (#1-3 are the warm up) and no stretch. You need your rebounder and a light set of hand weights for this workout. I used 3 pound hand weights.

  1. Shift hop side to side
  2. Basic bounce
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. Scissor runs with alternating hammer curls
  5. Basic bounce, raise straight arms to sides in a T, raise both arms overhead, return arms to T then lower arms to thighs (slow jacks)
  6. Alternating heel digs with double arm bicep curls
  7. Basic bounce with very slow straight arm front raises
  8. Hamstring curl hops with double arm tricep kickbacks
  9. Basic bounce with very slow straight arm side raises
  10. Alternating hopping knee raises, push arms/DBs overhead and pull them down to knee as it raises
  11. Basic bounce with very slow goal post chest fly arms
  12. Basic bounce with alternating overhead punches
  13. Squat jumps, reaching one arm/DB to mat when in squat, 2 small hops between each squat jump
  14. Shift hop side to side
  15. Repeat #4-13
  16. Repeat #14 & 15 two more times
  17. Repeat #14

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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