Trampoline Cardio HIIT Interval Workout | At Home Rebounder Low Impact | 28 MIN

Trampoline Cardio HIIT Interval Workout is another rebounder workout from Michelle Brieher. This is a short fun little cardio workout. It is not Michelle’s most intense rebounder workout but it has a lot of variety. The exercises are all done interval style; each exercise is done for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest/recovery. For each interval, Michelle puts together a combo of moves. Nothing too complicated since she has to teach it fast and you are only doing it for 45 seconds. With that said, there is one challenging combo–#2 & 3 below, those require a bit of balance! But I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Michelle doesn’t take much of a recovery because she immediately demonstrates the next exercise. You can start with her and take little to no breaks or you can watch her (like other trainers that do separate video previews during rest/recoveries) then start when the buzzer signals the start of the interval. It’s up to you! I did both–sometimes I rested, sometimes I started working during the interval with Michelle. However a few times she would start the demonstration then change her mind and have you do a different move. But by the time the interval started she knew what she wanted you to do! And like I said, nothing was so complicated that I ever had a problem catching onto a combo. I burned 219 calories and had lots of fun.

Trampoline Cardio HIIT Interval Workout is 28:20 minutes; 3 minute warm up and 4 minute cool down/stretch. The first part of the cool down is gentle bouncing on the rebounder before going to the stretch.

  1. 8 high knee runs + 8 basic bounce
  2. 2 knee raise hops (same leg) + one kick (same leg) + hamstring curl into a front kick (other leg)
  3. Repeat #2 on other side of body
  4. 2 hip twist hops to side + 2 side kicks (same leg), repeat pattern on other side of body
  5. 4 high knee runs + 2 jumping jacks
  6. Shift hop hips side to side 4x + hop on one foot 4x, each time you repeat this pattern you alternate the leg you hop on
  7. 2 hopping knee raises + 2 front kicks (all on same leg)
  8. Repeat #7 on other leg
  9. 2 jumping jacks + 4 alternating insole taps
  10. One squat + one squat jump
  11. 4 alternating wide knee raises, bringing fingers together under thigh when leg raises + 4 cross jacks
  12. While hopping on one leg, other leg does a knee raise + side kick + knee raise, then do heel digs to single-single-double pattern, alternate legs
  13. Hopping knee raise + front kick (same leg), repeat combo on same leg, alternate legs (combo done 2x each leg); changes to one combo + hop forward and back 4x
  14. 2 double scissor runs + 4 single scissor runs
  15. 2 single jacks + one double jack + lateral skiers to single-single-double pattern done twice
  16. Knee raise hops while rotating to side (raise knee while facing one direction, other leg does a quarter turn hop, lower leg while facing other direction, reverse this back to start) + 2 front kicks (same leg), alternate sides with combo
  17. 4 jacks + 3 jump squats w/ 180 turns (each time you jump, turn 180 degrees)
  18. One knee raise to side + one side kick (same leg) + repeat combo on other leg + 8 high knee runs
  19. Sprint
  20. Lay on back on rebounder with feet on floor and arms extended overhead, do a sit up, raising one bent knee and bringing arms down to frame knee (hands reach for ankle), alternate legs
  21. Still laying on back on rebounder, hands grip rebounder frame above head, lower bent legs so feet almost tap floor then raise bent legs, lifting hips into a reverse crunch
  22. Get into straight arm plank with feet on floor and hands on rebounder mat, bring one knee to same side elbow outside of body, alternate legs
  23. Hold forearm plank (forearms on rebounder, feet on floor)

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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