Barlates: Holiday Barre HIIT

Holiday Barre HIIT is free Barlates workout on YouTube from Linda Wooldridge. It is an excellent and intense 10 minute workout. It has some pretty complex moves so before the workout starts, Linda does a little tutorial demonstrating 3 of the compound moves so that the workout can keep moving at a brisk clip once it starts. This workout has a lot of plie squats in it, plus other lower body exercises, so your legs will be getting some work, too. There is no warm up or cool down stretch, so it’s up to you to add those on. And Linda also suggests that if you want a longer workout just repeat and get 20 minutes of HIIT. Excellent intense little workout that is a perfect add on to finish off other workouts, particularly a lower body workout, but with the dive bomber push ups it could even finish off an upper body (or total body) workout nicely.

Holiday Barre HIIT is 13 minutes long. The first 3 minutes Linda does a tutorial of some of the more complicated moves, so actual workout is 10 minutes long. There is no warm up. Each move is done for 50 seconds + 10 seconds of rest. You have a timer in the right hand corner of the screen.

  1. Start in plank, jump feet up to hands into wide plié squat then (while keeping hands on floor throughout) curtsey lunge, regular lunge, jump feet back into plié squat and pulse bottom down 2x then jump back to plank. Stay on same leg for entire 50 seconds.
  2. Dive bomber push up, do a pike/shoulder push up, jump feet to hands in wide plié squat then jump feet back to plank
  3. Repeat #1 on other leg.
  4. Side lunge touching fingertips to floor beside foot, stand and raise straight leg out to side (abduction), side lunge again, stand and knee raise across body. Stay on same leg for entire 50 seconds.
  5. Hopping scissor feet (feet close) 4x then jump out to plié squat and pulse 2x.
  6. Repeat #4 on other leg.
  7. Punches: two cross punches, 2 upper cuts, 2 hooks, 180 jump squat to the back then to the front.
  8. Start in down dog and raise one leg into single leg split (3 leg down dog), bring knee to nose under body, return leg to single leg split, bring knee to elbow outside of body, return leg to single leg split, swing straight leg to the side (knee again to outside elbow but leg is straight), return to single leg split and hop. Stay on same leg for entire 50 seconds.
  9. Get into horse stance and w/ arms in guard twist torso 4x (keep hips straight) then do 2 knee raises (on same side) bringing opposite elbow to knee; alternate sides.
  10. Repeat #8 on other leg.

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.






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