JessicaSmithTV: Ballet Burn

Ballet Burn is a recovery level workout from Jessica Smith with some mild cardiobarre and toning. This was another very nice recovery day workout. Jessica works you well–but not too hard. I was never really sweating at any part of this workout, but I did perspire a bit. I did feel like I got a good workout tho. And it was very enjoyable!

Ballet Burn is 52 minutes long; 5 minute warm up and 1 minute stretch. You are doing “ballet style” arms throughout.  Equipment: chair and light dumbbells. Jessica uses 3 pound dumbbells, I used 5 pound dumbbells for everything except #20–I used 15 pound dumbbells for that exercise. 5 pound dumbbells were actually appropriate. This is a high rep workout and my arms were burning out with only 5 pound dumbbells!

  1. With feet separated in a split stance, tap forward and back; add lifting back leg instead of tapping back
  2. Wide plie squat w/ torso twist
  3. Start w/ feet in 5th position and bend knee, bringing toe to knee and stepping it forward in 5th position (step foot forward and back in this manner w/ knee raise); add raising up on toe w/ each knee raise; knee raises change to small side leg raises and you pulse 3x between each leg sweep; repeat both sequences on other leg
  4. Facing chair back w/ hands on chair, raise and lower straight leg behind you (glute raises); keep leg raises and pulse w/ foot flexed; changes to bringing knee to elbow then pushing back out behind you; keep leg raised behind you, bend knee so sole of foot is facing the ceiling and circle leg; repeat this series on other leg
  5. In a lunge position w/ torso hinged forward, do a rear fly + straight arm tricep push back; changes to tricep kickback pulses
  6. With legs in wide plie, open and close arms (standing chest fly); add plie squat; changes to just plie pulses with one heel raised; changes to raising and lowering both heels while pushing DBs straight in front of you; changes to just plie pulses w/ heels raised
  7. Repeat #5 w/ other leg lunged
  8. In wide plie, hold arms/DBs out straight to sides then raise and lower overhead; add plie squat; hold arms/DBs overhead and do plie pulses raising one heel; raise and lower heels while doing DB pull downs (arms/DBs start overhead then pull down bringing elbows into sides); end pulsing in plie squat on toes
  9. Come into plank w/ hands on set of chair, bringing one knee into chest and pulse 3x then raise behind you
  10. Still in plank, raise onto toes and push back to pike then return to plank; plank changes to up dog; stay in pike and raise and lower heels
  11. Repeat #9 on other leg
  12. Repeat #10
  13. Stand w/ legs together, heels together and toes turned out, alternate raising arm overhead while arching spine and looking toward lifted arm
  14. Standing facing chair holding one DB w/ same side foot extended behind you, toe on floor and other hand on chair back, do one arm fly; add raising and lowering straight back leg; lean forward, raising back leg straight behind you and do one arm tricep kickback while bending and straightening leg
  15. Repeat #14 on other side of body
  16. Cross-over step (step side to side but cross/sweep foot in front of opposite foot, toe pointed); the cross sweep changes to a cross sweep lift; add wide plie in between each cross sweep lift
  17. In split stance, tap forward and back; add lifting front leg forward and back leg behind you rather than tapping
  18. In chair pose, pulse 3x and stand
  19. Hold straight arm plank
  20. Lay on back and do a chest fly crunch while raising and lowering one straight leg (other leg is bent w/ sole of foot on floor)
  21. Still on back, elbows pressed into floor, knee together and bent, feet near bottom and raised up onto toes and raise and lower hips; ends w/ pulses
  22. Repeat #20 raising and lowering other leg
  23. Repeat #21 but for pulses do one leg pulses
  24. Lay on stomach and raise and lower chest and legs; hold chest and legs up and pulse legs open and closed
  25. Sit on bottom, knees bent and raised, hands on mat behind you, rock hips side to side, lifting hip off floor; add extending leg and arm to side while rocking
  26. Sit cross-legged and stretch and contract to the side, reaching arm overhead and to opposite side

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.



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