Full Upper Body Workout // Toning + Strength

Full Upper Body Workout // Toning + Strength is another excellent metabolic strength workout from Heather Robertson. This morning was upper body day for me so I stacked several of Heather’s workouts to equal my hour.  I started with her 5 Minute Warm Up, then I did her Arm Toning + Strength Workout which is an excellent and thorough upper body strength workout. I ended with this workout which is also excellent but it is a higher rep and more metabolic workout. Overall, I got an excellent upper body workout this morning. My upper body is still burning nicely.

This workout is made up of 2 circuits of 6 exercises. Each circuit is done twice. This workout is done interval style. Each exercise is done for 40 seconds with 20 seconds of recovery. There is a counter in the lower right hand corner of the screen counting down each interval. During the 20 second recovery, the next exercise is previewed in the center of the screen with a larger counter over it counting down the recovery time.

Full Upper Body Workout // Toning + Strength is 26:30 minutes; 30 second intro, no warm up and 2 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells. Heather is using 5 and 10 pound dumbbells. The weight listed below are what I used.

  1. Row Combo (alternate bent over wide row with bent over narrow row) (12# DBs)
  2. Alternating Overhead Press (hold DBs at shoulder level and alternate overhead presses) (12# DBs)
  3. Inchworm (hinge forward and walk hands out to plank, do one push up, walk hands back to feet, stand up and jump)
  4. In + Out Curls (regular bicep curls alternated with wide bicep curls) (10# DBs)
  5. Skull Crusher (lay on back, knees bent and feet on ground, hips raised into bridge and held isometrically while doing skull crusher, holding one DB in both hands) (one 15# DB)
  6. Power Jacks (holding one DB on both hands, do jumping jacks, pushing DB overhead) (one 10# DB)
  7. Repeat #1-6
  8. Alternating Bent Over Rear Delt Flys (8# DBs)
  9. Tricep Press (double arm overhead tricep extensions) (8# DBs)
  10. Walking Plank (alternate elbow plank with straight arm plank)
  11. Negative Bicep Curls (raise DBs quickly but lower very slowly) (12# DBs)
  12. Chest Press Combo (lay on back with legs bent and knees raised to 90 degrees, alternate chest press with pull over) (12# DBs)
  13. Cheer Squad Combo (keeping arms raised at shoulder level, raise DBs overhead into a V, bend elbows, bringing DBs down to shoulders, lower elbows to shoulder level and extend DBs out straight so arms are in a T, bend elbows bringing DBs to shoulder again, alternate these two moves) (5# DBs)
  14. Repeat #8-13

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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