Bodyweight Back Workout (No Pullups or Pushups) Lose Back Fat And Bra Bulge | growwithjo

I have not written any blog posts about GrowwithJo‘s workouts but I have actually done quite a few of them. I have been teleworking since the pandemic started. It was supposed to be temporary but teleworking has worked so well for my employer that the majority of us are continuing to telework indefinitely. When I was in the office, I often took fitness breaks at work where I would just go for a walk outside (or walk inside if the weather was bad). Now that I telework, my breaks consist of walking my dog around the block and when the weather is bad (or too hot or too cold) I do YouTube walking workouts. My favorite cardio walk trainers are Jessica Smith (of course), BurpeeGirl and GrowwithJo. Though I usually only do their cardio walks on my fitness breaks, I tried this workout once and I loved it. I haven’t returned to it though and I believe that is because I have not created a blog post about it to reference when planning out my workout rotations. So I decided to use it as a finisher today and create a blog post about it.

Bodyweight Back Workout is a body weight strength workout for your back muscles using no equipment. This is a great little workout. It is not advanced but it does a great job working your back. None of the exercises are complicated or hard to perform but they still get the job done. You can use it as a finisher workout like I did this morning. I did an intense upper body strength workout that was 40 minutes and used this to round out my hour. You could also use this as a travel workout. It is perfect for that purpose. Jo is very bubbly and excited about working out. Her workouts are set to great music and she is clearly energized by it. Each exercise is done for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second recovery. There is a timer in the upper left hand side of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recovery, Jo previews the next exercise. This workout is set to all music, no talking. Just follow along with Jo.

Bodyweight Back Workout is 15:42 minutes; 55 second intro and the last minute is Jo talking; there is no dedicated warm up or stretch, though #1 does a nice job of warming you up and #14 does a nice job dynamically stretching you out. The only equipment you need for this workout is a fitness mat.

  1. Hinge forward and do large arm/shoulder circle forward then reverse the direction and do one large arm/shoulder circle backward, continue alternating directions
  2. Bird dogs, alternate sides
  3. Swimmers–upper body only (lay on stomach, raise head/chest, arms are extended in front of you, paddle/flutter arms)
  4. Still laying on stomach, head is raised but look down at mat so spine is neutral, arms are extended overhead in a V, keeping arms straight, arms flow out to sides until they are hip level then return to start, palms face floor the entire time
  5. Still laying on stomach, bring fingers to sides of head so elbows are extended out to sides, raise head/chest but keep gaze facing downward, moving from the ribs, twist upper body side to side, aiming elbow to ribs
  6. Repeat #4 but this time pulse arms 2x in each position
  7. Still laying on stomach, arms are extended at sides close to body but elevated off mat, raise head/chest/knees, bend legs bringing heels to glutes then extend legs straight
  8. Lay on your back, knees bent and feet on floor, elbows are bent and pressed into the mat, push upper body upward using elbows
  9. Still on back, knees bent and feet on floor, forearms and palms are on mat, raise body off mat so you are balanced on feet and forearms, from this position, shift torso forward and back
  10. Sit on bottom on mat with palms on mat beside hips, legs are extended straight, raise body so you are balanced on heels and hands, lift body upward into crab/reverse table top then lower hips and bring them between hands so legs straighten–glutes never touch the mat
  11. Swimmers–lower body only (lay on stomach, raise head/chest, arms are extended beside body with hands on thighs, flutter kick legs)
  12. V squeeze (still laying on stomach, extend arms in front of you, raise head/chest while pulling elbows back to ribs then return to starting position)
  13. In high kneeling on mat, do 2 front punches (one each arm) then pull elbows back behind you 2x
  14. Side stretches (kneel on mat with glutes on heels, alternate reaching one arm overhead to other side of body while doing a side stretch)

For more info on GrowwithJo and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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