SanFran Fitness: Day 3, Jan 2022, Kick Start Rebounding Series, 10 mins & 10 moves of bouncing fun on a Trampoline

10 Mins & 10 Moves is Day 3 in the Kickstart Rebounding Series from SanFran Fitness, so it is another 10 minute cardio rebounder workout led by Claire. As mentioned in the Day 1 review, for the next 3 weeks they are uploading a workout every day Monday-Friday. They are alternating workout types and leads (the cardio workouts are led by Claire and the strength workouts are led by Scott). All of the workouts are done on the rebounder.

This workout is very similar to Day 1 but slightly more intense and with different moves. I really enjoyed it. Claire builds a long combo by adding a new exercise each time you repeat the the combo. By the end of the 10 minutes you will be running through a 10 exercise combo. I paired together Claire’s Kickstart Day 1 and Day 3 for 20 minutes of cardio before moving into my main, more intense (and longer) cardio rebounder workout (Naomi Joy‘s 30 Minute HIIT Cardio Intervals). According to my FitBit I burned 112 calories in the course of this workout and I spent half of it in my peak heart rate zone. Keep in mind I was already warmed up from doing Day 1 before moving on to this workout. Day 1 is structured exactly the same as this workout but with different, slightly easier moves (Day 1 works really well as a warm up to this or any other workout). So Day 1 & 3 work really well together. If you just want to string Kickstarts together, that would work great since there will be more coming! I am looking forward to them! These are great little add on rebounder workouts!

10 Mins & 10 Moves is 11:39 minutes; 49 second intro; no designed warm up or cool down.

  1. Shift hop side to side
  2. Wide leg basic bounce, reach arms in front of you and pull them back
  3. Scissor run w/ athletic running arms
  4. Repeat #2 & 3
  5. Jack the legs, one arm reaches in front of you while the other reaches to side, alternate positions
  6. Repeat #4 & 5
  7. Basic bounce w/ speed bag arms
  8. Repeat #6 & 7
  9. Jack the legs, alternate pushing the arms overhead with pushing them out to sides
  10. Repeat #8 & 9
  11. Alternating hopping knee raises, one arm reaches in front of you while the other reaches to side, alternate positions
  12. Repeat #10 & 11
  13. High knee run, arms wave side to side overhead
  14. Repeat #12 & 13
  15. Jack the legs while doing a single arm front punch
  16. Repeat #14 & 15
  17. Repeat #15 punching w/ other arm
  18. Repeat #16 & 17
  19. Single leg heel dig to side then tap toe in then heel dig to side (same leg) then repeat on other leg, this is done with jumping jack arms
  20. Shift hop side to side

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


3 thoughts on “SanFran Fitness: Day 3, Jan 2022, Kick Start Rebounding Series, 10 mins & 10 moves of bouncing fun on a Trampoline

  1. Happy Thursday my workout buddy!

    Today I did my first dumbbell workout. I did Endgame day 1 proper leg day. For the series, she says she is using the previous Epic series as inspiration. Of course she tweaks things up. Her finisher this series is 100 reps of “something”. It could be something related to the current workout or something unrelated. For example, today it was 100 heel elevated body weight squats. I was able to finish at the same time as Caroline but since it’s untimed you go at your own pace and pause the workout while you finish, if necessary.

    I tacked on a quick inner thigh burner from Naomi (

    Tomorrow I’m doing a two-fer of Heather’s new H12. It will be push and pull upper body. It’s gonna be long at 1.5h total. It will also be a good test of my right elbow. Today felt really good. No pain for the first time in about 4 months!

    Hubs is almost done putting in the new floor. Omg, it looks so nice! Everything is cohesive now instead of a mishmash of tile, wood and carpet.


    1. I won’t be starting any of their newest workouts until February (when they will no longer be new!) but I have been previewing all of them when they are released. I like the idea of the 100 rep challenges! I have done Naomi’s thigh workout.


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