Naomi Joy Fitness: Trampoline Workout With Weights

Trampoline Workout with Weights is another excellent and fun rebounder workout from Naomi Joy. This one uses dumbbells to increase the cardio intensity and to also give your upper body some work. You do not do any complicated leg movements in this workout (of course you are doing some type of bouncing movement throughout), but your arms are doing lots of work! Naomi uses 3 pound dumbbells for all of the exercises in this workout. I know from doing Naomi’s other light dumbbell rebounder workouts that she can really burn your arms and shoulders out, so I made sure I also had 2 pound dumbbells nearby. And I used them a few times! I stuck with 3 pound dumbbells the majority of the workout, but I few times I had to grab the 2 pounders on the second run through an exercise. Which leads me to the workout structure. The workout is made up of 5 circuits. Each circuit contains 3 exercises. After you do all 3 exercises you repeat the circuit before moving on to the next circuit. The exercises are done interval style; each exercise is done for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest/recovery. During the recovery Naomi previews the next exercise. There is a timer in the upper right hand corner of the screen, counting down the intervals and recoveries. There is another timer in the upper left hand corner of the screen counting down total workout time minus the stretch. This is primarily a cardio workout, but your upper body does get some nice conditioning. I really enjoyed this workout! Tons of fun! In 40 minutes I burned 281 calories. I remained in my cardio heart rate zone throughout (except for the warm up and stretch). The stretch was very nice, thorough and felt great.

Set up tip: when I do a rebounder workout, I always have my square step set up at full height (24 inches) beside my rebounder. I set a towel and my water bottle on it. If I am doing a rebounder workout that also uses one piece of small equipment, I will set that on the step as well. But if I am doing a workout that requires more equipment, I will either set a chair beside my rebounder or use my full step at 14 inches so I can lay out more equipment. This saves having to get on and off your rebounder to grab things. For this workout I had my square step set up for water and towel, and a chair beside it with my 3 pound and my 2 pound dumbbells.

Trampoline Workout with Weights is 39:50 minutes; 3 minute warm up and 4:30 minute stretch. Equipment: a rebounder and light dumbbells. Naomi is using 3 pound dumbbells. I also used 3 pound dumbbells but I had 2 pound dumbbells nearby as well.

  1. Alternating heel digs with 1.5 rep overhead press (arms are in goalpost, push DBs up halfway then all the way)
  2. Hopping hip twists with legs/feet close together, arms are extended out to sides in a T w/ elbows slightly bent and palms facing the ceiling, hold arms isometrically in this position throughout interval
  3. Double hamstring curls, alternate legs, arms are raised out to sides with elbows bent, pull elbows back in time with hamstring curls
  4. Repeat #1-3
  5. Jack squats, push DBs in front of you while in squat and pull elbows back when legs are together
  6. One knee raise + one front kick same leg, alternate legs, arms do hammer curls (push DBs behind you at bottom of curl to work the triceps)
  7. Alternating side kicks, push arms/DBs overhead in time with kicks
  8. Repeat #5-7
  9. Double jack with L arms (straight arm front raise with one arm while also doing straight arm side raise with other arm, alternate arms)
  10. Lateral ski hops with legs/feet together, arms are extended straight in front of you at should level and held there isometrically throughout interval
  11. Hop forward and back, arms are extended out to sides, pull elbows into ribs then push them back out to sides in time with hops
  12. Repeat #9-11
  13. Single knee raise, same side arm that is raising is bent in a partial bicep curl and held there isometrically, the other arm punches in front of you then overhead, alternate these two moves in time with knee raise hop
  14. Repeat #13 on other side of body
  15. Basic bounce with tricep kickback arms
  16. Repeat #13-15
  17. Jack the legs, elbows are bent at 90 degrees with palms facing ceiling, push DBs out in front of you then open them out to sides, reverse the arm motion
  18. High knee run with alternating front punch
  19. Alternating front kicks, arms are extended overhead in a V and held there isometrically throughout interval
  20. Repeat #17-19

For more info on Naomi Joy Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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