JessicaSmithTV: 15 Minute Lower Body Ballet Workout

Lower Body Ballet isn’t exactly the title of this workout but it is a more accurate one than the one on YouTube: Full Length Ballet Workout. 15 minutes is “full length”? Okay…. So I am using the more accurate title on the picture associated with it (I just realized the picture says Barre not Ballet–so it’s a combination of the two titles!). This is another short but sweet little barre workout that hits your glutes nicely. You can use this as an add on to finish off another workout or even pair it together with one of Jessica‘s other short barre workouts to hit your glutes harder. I did this as my doubles workout. I used this workout with Jessica’s Barre Booty Workout for 28 minutes (total) of barre glute work. Plus, we get a busy Peanut in this workout. Peanut was looking very cute trying to chewing up Jessica’s fitness mat.

Lower Body Ballet is 14 minutes long with 1 minute stretch. All you need is a chair.

  1. Face your chair back, bend knees w/ feet and legs together and back straight and pulse; raise onto heels and keep pulsing; open feet into first position, keeping heels together and keep pulsing; raise onto heels and keep pulsing
  2. Raise one leg behind you, hinging over the chair back slightly, and raise and lower straight leg behind you; add a squat as you lift the other leg; keep leg raised and bend into attitude position and pulse; do a squat while bringing attitude leg down so heels tap then raise leg up behind you, straightening both legs; keep leg extended straight out behind you, foot flexed, and pulse; repeat on other leg
  3. Stand behind chair back, legs wide into grande plie and do plie squats; changes to pulsing plie squats while alternating raising one heel; keep pulsing but raise both heels; full plie squats w/ heels still raised
  4. Stand beside chair back and place one elbow on chair back, leg closest to the chair bent, raise and lower other straight leg to side; keep leg lifted straight out to side, foot flexed and place top hand behind head–do little lifts even higher bringing elbow toward hip (they obviously won’t touch); raise arm straight overhead and point leg, bring elbow to hip in front of you then extend leg and arm straight again
  5. Repeat #3 but go straight to pulsing plie squat w/ heels raised
  6. Repeat #4 on other leg

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.





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