JessicaSmithTV: 15 Minute Barre Booty Workout

Barre Booty Workout is exactly what it sounds like. It is 14 minutes of barre that focuses on your glutes. This was a great little mini workout that you can use as an add on to finish off another workout or even pair it together with one of Jessica’s other short barre workouts to hit your glutes harder. That is how I used it today. I used it as my doubles workout. I started off with this workout and finished with Jessica’s 15 Minute Lower Body Ballet. They are both 14 minutes long, so it was a 28 minute workout that hit my glutes very nicely. Afterward (and still, 2 hours lately), I feel it in my glutes and hamstrings.

Jessica Smith‘s 15 minute Barre Booty Workout is actually 14 minutes long and all you need is a chair. No warm up, 1 minute stretch.

  1. Facing chair back, hinged forward over chair back, raise and lower straight leg behind you; bend knee and flex foot, pulsing foot up to ceiling; changes to circling knee; repeat on other leg
  2. Standing beside chair back, raise one leg out to side and bend knee (hydrant), and rotate knee to floor then to ceiling; straighten leg out in front of you, flex your foot and pulse straight leg; repeat on other leg
  3. Get into straight arm plank w/ hands on chair seat, bring knee to same side elbow then push it out straight behind you; repeat on other leg

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