GymRa: Brutal Butt Workout

With a title like Brutal Butt Workout how could I not give it a try? And it uses no equipment! This definitely warranted some further investigation. It is a free YouTube GymRa workout led by trainer Nicole Steen. It was actually a really nice change of pace. Not the toughest lower body workout I’ve ever done but it was effective. The standing lower body work wasn’t brutal but the floor work was–I was making pain noises! The floor work is what really finished my glutes off. Some things I could do in the future to make the standing work tougher–wear a weighted vest and ankle weights and use my 15 pound body bar for the good mornings. I don’t know if I could keep the ankle weights on for the floor work because it was frying my legs w/out any ankle weights. But I will use my square step (and set it to 8 inches) for the glute bridges at the end.

Overall this is a great lower body workout on it’s own plus there are a lot of ways to make it tougher (by adding some equipment). Since this workout is only 44 minutes long and I work out for an hour in the morning, I combined it with Jessica Smith‘s Saddlebags and Inner Thigh Bulge. That workout is 17 minutes long and also a body weight lower body workout. The two of them together did a great job working my lower body really well–and with no equipment! Nicole has 3 more free workouts w/ GymRa I plan to try–all lower body. A 40 minute one and two 20 minute ones. I might stick all 3 together for an 80 minute workout to really fry my butt!

Brutal Butt Workout is 44 minutes long; 3 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. No equipment needed.

  1. Basic squats; add kick after each squat; basic squats again; stay in squat and pulse
  2. Curtsy lunge + side kick
  3. Pulsing squat
  4. Side lunge w/ knee raise
  5. Good mornings (straight leg deadlift w/ hands behind head)
  6. Squat w/ back lift (squat and lift one leg straight behind you)
  7. Alternating front lunges
  8. Plie squat w/ heel lifts; plie squat jump; pulse in plie squat
  9. Side leg lifts; changes to pulses
  10. Get on all 4s, lift one leg out straight behind you–lift and lower; hold leg up and pulse; changes to rainbows (tap straight leg to one side then raise and tap to other side–making an arch); changes to donkey kicks (bend knee and press foot to ceiling); changes to pulsing foot to ceiling
  11. Lay on side and do straight leg side leg lifts; bring leg a few inches behind other leg and raise and lower; bring leg a few inches front of other leg and raise and lower; do regular side leg lifts again; bend knees and do bent leg side leg lifts; bent leg pulses; circle bent leg; leg still bent, kick foot/leg out behind you; kick leg in front of you; hold leg straight in front of you and pulse leg; leg still straight in front of you, raise and lower leg
  12. Basic glute bridge–raise and lower; hold hips up and pulse; keep hips raised and sway hips side to side; hold hips to one side and pulse; raise and lower hips while opening knees at top of lift; hold hips up and pulse knees out; raise hips and circle hips; single leg glute bridges; changes to pulses

For more info on GymRa and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.







2 thoughts on “GymRa: Brutal Butt Workout

  1. This is a brilliant lower body workout !
    Set against the lovely sunny background helps as well especially on a grey cold day in Britain! Really felt 45 mins well spent .
    Thank you Nichol!


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