45 Min Trampoline Total Body Cardio Workout

45 Min Trampoline Total Body Cardio Workout is an intense rebounder workout from Michelle Briehler. Maybe I am having an off day today but this seemed like Michelle’s most intense rebounder workout to date. I haven’t done all of her rebounder workouts (yet) but I have done most of them. I was working very hard in this workout. Part of me thinks it is because I had to wear shoes in this workout, which makes some rebounder exercises more awkward for me than when I am rebounding in yoga socks. But because you are using the floor several times in the course of this workout, I had to wear shoes. This workout is primarily cardio but there is some strength work in it, too, though I would never use the small amount in this workout as my strength work. It served more as a brief respite from the intense cardio–for me at least. I got an excellent cardio workout. According to my FitBit I burned 416 calories. Michelle has 4 exercisers behind her also doing the workout. Michelle gives easier options for many of the more advanced exercises. During some of the more challenging exercises you will see the women behind her moving at different speeds and some of them are modifying. So if you are having a hard time keeping up with Michelle, just follow one of them.

45 Min Trampoline Total Body Cardio Workout is 50:51 minutes; 40 second intro, 2:30 minute warm up, 6 minutes of core and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and a set of dumbbells. Michelle is using a set of 8 pound dumbbells (I did , too). I needed to wear shoes for this workout.

  1. Alternating heel digs with jump rope arms
  2. Hip twists hops to one side 4x; repeat to other side
  3. Hopping knee raises 2x each leg, continue alternating (reach arms overhead and pull hands down to knees)
  4. Single leg front kicks with alternating front punches, 8x; repeat on other leg
  5. Repeat #1-4
  6. Repeat #1-3
  7. Repeat #4 but for 2 reps each leg
  8. Shift hop side to side
  9. Basic bounce
  10. Single leg side kick hops, 4 reps before changing sides (punching same side arm out to side when kicking)
  11. Double jacks, raise arms overhead when legs are together and out to the side when legs are apart
  12. High knee run; changes to high knee sprint
  13. Hop with knee raise, bringing opposite elbow to knee + insole tap same leg, alternate sides
  14. Repeat #10 & 11
  15. Repeat #13
  16. Repeat #10-13
  17. Lateral ski hops to single-single-double pattern, arms raise overhead in opposition to each other in time with hops
  18. Basic bounce with legs/feet together, punch arms down then overhead
  19. Alternating kicks the the front on a diagonal (you are kicking in a V pattern), raise arms overhead and pull them down to thighs when kicking
  20. 4 alternating heel digs + 4 wide basic bounces
  21. One jumping jack + one tuck jump
  22. 4 quarter turn squat jumps + 7 low alternating front kick hops (quarter turns change to 4 squat jumps to the front and she says she is doing 8 kick hops but usually does 7)
  23. Repeat #18-22
  24. Repeat #21
  25. Repeat #18-20
  26. Jumping jacks
  27. (get your DBs) Tricep kickbacks while standing on the rebounder (hinged forward/no jumping)
  28. Balance on one leg while doing bicep curls (optional, extend leg in front of you, raise and lower leg in time with bicep curls)
  29. Balance on one leg while doing overhead shoulder press
  30. Squat jacks with bicep curls (DBs reach toward rebounder when legs are together)
  31. Straight arm tricep raises (hinged forward/no jumping, raise straight arms behind you, palms facing behind you)
  32. Repeat #30 & 31 two more times
  33. (set DBs aside) Alternating knee raise hops while rotating to side (raise knee while facing one direction, other leg does a quarter turn hop, lower leg while facing other direction), raise same side arm overhead as knee that raises
  34. Alternating hamstring curl hops, reach arms in front of you and pull elbows behind you
  35. Single leg knee raise hop, 8 reps before changing legs, reach arms overhead and bring to knee when it raises
  36. Cross jacks, arms in T when legs are wide, arms are crossed in front of you when feet cross
  37. Repeat #33 & 34
  38. Repeat #35 but for 4 reps each leg
  39. Repeat #36
  40. Repeat #37-39 two more times
  41. (get one DB) Stand beside rebounder, one foot on rebounder and one on floor, one DB held in both hands, squat and when you stand, lift floor leg out to side while pushing DB overhead, squat again and when you stand, raise floor knee (you are balanced on rebounder leg) and twist torso/DB toward raised knee, continue alternating these two moves
  42. Balance on rebounder leg, holding DB at chest, pulse-raise other leg out to side; continue pulsing leg but rotate it behind you
  43. With DB in one hand, still balanced on one leg as you were in #42, hinge forward and do single arm back row
  44. Holding one DB in both hands again, squat with one foot on floor and one on rebounder, then step across rebounder and squat on other side with foot positions swapped
  45. Repeat #41-43 on other side of body
  46. Repeat #44
  47. (set DB aside) Do alternating tap backs off rebounder (one foot is always on rebounder while other taps floor behind you); go deeper so it is a lunge back, tapping rebounder with hand when in lunge

HIIT Cardio 40/30/20 (the exercises below are done in same order as the intervals–the first exercise listed is done for 40 seconds/the second exercise is done for 30 seconds/the third exercise is done for 20 seconds):

  1. Jumping jacks/lateral ski hops, arms raise in opposition to each other/sprint with directional changes
  2. Jumping jacks/lateral ski hops to single-single-double pattern, arms raise in opposition to each other/sprint with directional changes
  3. Jump forward and back while swinging arms forward and back/knee raise + front kick on same leg, alternate legs/squat jumps
  4. Repeat #3

More Cardio:

  1. Single knee raise hops, 8 reps before changing legs
  2. Alternating hopping front kicks, arc arms overhead and to other side as you kick
  3. High knee jog
  4. High knee sprint
  5. Hopping knee pulls, arms are in geni and twist toward knee as it raises (changes to punching across body when knee raises), 16 reps
  6. Repeat #4
  7. Repeat #5 on other side of body
  8. Repeat #5 but go straight to punching across body when knee raises
  9. Repeat #4
  10. Repeat #8 on other side of body
  11. Repeat #4
  12. “Sways” (shift hop lower body side to side, arms raise overhead then “sways” to other side, hands lower to one side then “sway” to other side (still low), arm movements are done in time with shift hops)
  13. Hop on one leg 4x + 2 jumping jacks, continue repeating this combo but alternate legs you hop on
  14. 2 cross jacks + 4 heel digs
  15. Repeat #12-14
  16. Repeat #12 & 13
  17. Hop on one leg 32x then change legs and hop on other leg 32x
  18. Repeat #14
  19. Repeat #15
  20. High “joyful” bounces
  21. High knee jog
  22. Repeat #12 & 13 two more times
  23. Hop on one leg 8x then change legs and hop on other leg 8x
  24. 4 wide hops + 4 narrow hops
  25. One hopping knee raise + one hopping front kick + alternating knee raise hops while rotating to side (see #33 first section/circuit), alternate legs
  26. Repeat #24
  27. Rocking horse hop (hop raise one knee to the front + kick other leg behind you)
  28. Repeat #24-25
  29. Repeat #24
  30. Repeat #27 on other side of body
  31. Basic bounce
  32. Repeat #25
  33. Repeat #31
  34. Basic bounce with legs/feet together, raise arms overhead and pull them down
  35. Cross jacks

Core (6 minutes):

  1. Lay on back on rebounder, raise legs with knees bent, alternate lowering one leg and tapping toe to ground
  2. Same starting position as #1, hands are behind head, do 2 basic crunches then bring straight arms beside knees and circle arms out to sides and back behind head
  3. Bicycle maneuver
  4. Reverse crunches, straight legs raised to ceiling, hands clasp the rebounder above head; changes to twisting hips to side as you raise them
  5. Still on back on rebounder, feet on floor, hands behind head, do basic crunches; continue crunching but one arm reaches toward same side knee as you crunch
  6. Still laying on back on rebounder, knees bent and raised, arms straight and raised to ceiling, hold this position; straighten arms and legs and lower them so you are in a banana hold
  7. Forearm planks with forearms on rebounder and feet on floor; add shifting body forward and back; changes to rotating hips side to side; changes to tapping one leg out to side, alternate legs
  8. Stand behind rebounder, legs wide and toes turned out, hands behind head, lower into squat and do side bends, reaching elbows toward thighs; changes to reaching same side arm toward foot while reaching other arm overhead; bring hands together in prayer and shift side to side bringing elbows toward thighs
  9. Still standing behind rebounder, do hip circles; shift hips forward and back

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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