30 Min Trampoline Intervals / Cardio + Strength / Low Impact Workout

30 Min Trampoline Intervals / Cardio + Strength / Low Impact Workout is another rebounder workout from Michelle Briehler. She doesn’t have very many but so far I really like the two I’ve done. The other one is 20 Min HIIT Mini Trampoline Workout. That one is all cardio. This is a cardio + upper body strength and core workout. It moves non-stop and the intensity is up to you. You do not get any real recoveries in this workout. As the title of this workout indicates, it is done interval style. You do 50 seconds of cardio on the rebounder followed by 30 seconds of strength work with dumbbells on the floor. The workout ends with core work. In addition to Michelle, there are 4 background exercisers. Most of the time at least one of the exercisers (frequently 2 or 3 of them) is doing a different version of the exercise. They are also frequently doing the exercises at different speeds. I stuck with whatever Michelle was doing but it is a good example to do each exercise at the level you are comfortable with. This was a fun and very active workout. According to my FitBit I burned 206 calories.

30 Min Trampoline Intervals / Cardio + Strength / Low Impact Workout is 31:22 minutes; 40 second intro, 3 minute warm up and 5 minute stretch. The last 40 or so seconds you do seated bounces on the rebounder. Equipment: rebounder and dumbbells. Michelle is using 5 and 8 pound dumbbells. I used 8 pound dumbbells for everything.

  1. Cardio: High knee run w/ directional changes
  2. Strength: Start with arms in goal post, alternate overhead press with standing goal post chest fly
  3. Cardio: One knee raise + one front kick, alternate legs, reach arm overhead and bringing it to knee when it raises/kicks; changed to alternating front kicks
  4. Strength: Skull crusher crunches (lay on rebounder and do skull crushers, knees are bent and feet raised off floor, raise and lower bent legs as you raise and lower DBs)
  5. Cardio: double jack the legs, raise arms overhead when legs are together and down when they are wide; changes to lateral ski hops with legs/feet together, arms raise overhead and lower in opposition to each other
  6. Strength: Bicep curls
  7. Cardio: 3 jumping jacks + 1 tuck jump
  8. Strength: Plank ankle taps (straight arm plank on rebounder, tap hand to opposite ankle underneath body, alternate sides)
  9. Cardio: double heel dig hops, once each foot + 2 jumping jacks
  10. Strength: repeat #2
  11. Cardio: 180 squat jumps
  12. Strength: repeat #4 except this time Michele just keeps her bent legs elevated
  13. Cardio: alternating insole taps, opposite arm raises overhead when not tapping foot
  14. Strength: repeat #6
  15. Cardio: Stand on floor, jump onto rebounder, jump once on rebounder then step off rebounder
  16. Strength: forearm plank jack + straight arm plank jack (forearms/hands are on rebounder and feet are on floor)
  17. Cardio: repeat #1
  18. Strength: repeat #2
  19. Cardio: Alternating wide leg front kicks (since legs are wide, you are actually kicking on a diagonal), alternate reaching arms overhead; changes to one knee raise + one front kick, alternate legs, reach arm overhead and bringing it to knee when it raises; return to the alternating front kicks
  20. Strength: repeat #4
  21. Cardio: repeat #5 (when doing the lateral ski hops, this time you do them to a single-single-double pattern); ends with single jumping jacks
  22. Strength: repeat #6
  23. Cardio: one jumping jack + one tuck jump
  24. Strength: slow mountain climbers (hands on rebounder and feet on floor); changes to faster mountain climbers

Core (3 minutes):

  1. Sit on rebounder, lean torso back slightly, knees are bent and feet are elevated off floor, raise and lower bent legs in this position (torso also raises and lowers slightly in time with the legs)
  2. Still seated on rebounder, feet on floor now, torso is leaned back and hands are clasped, twist hands/torso side to side, tapping hands to mat beside hips
  3. Lay back on rebounder, raise straight legs to ceiling, alternate raising and lowering legs (straight leg scissors)
  4. Still laying back on rebounder, feet are on floor and hands behind head, pulse crunch up 3x; changes to single crunches; changes to 2 pulses; singles again; 3 pulses again; hold isometrically
  5. (turn trampoline on side so you can hold onto it for balance–or if you have a T bar like I do, hold onto it) Kick one leg forward then behind you (hinge forward when kicking backward); remain hinged forward and kick back leg in and out
  6. Straight leg side leg lifts; changes to leg circles
  7. Repeat #5 & 6 on other leg

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


3 thoughts on “30 Min Trampoline Intervals / Cardio + Strength / Low Impact Workout

  1. Hi, thanks for posting. I’ve been viewing Michelle’s workouts. I would love to get a trampoline, but I’m scared I might fall off 🙂 Can you please refer me to a trampoline that won’t break the bank and is sturdy. Also, can you create a rotation from Michelle, of course if you have the time. Thank you so much for your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t believe there is anything to be frightened about. I have 12 screws and 2 plates in each heel, which makes me balance challenged but I do not have any issues bouncing. In fact, I bounce barefoot most of the time and it has gone a long way to strengthening my feet. I do have a T bar on my rebounder in case I ever needed it, but I rarely use it. I recommend that when you do get a rebounder, get the T bar/balance bar attachment.

      I have only owned/used 2 rebounders so I really cannot give the best advice. My first was a very inexpensive spring bound rebounder that did a good job. It introduced me to rebounding and I enjoyed it enough that I upgraded to a very expensive bellicon, which is bungee bound. So I have never tried any in between models. I would recommend that whatever you choose, choose a bungee bound rebounder. Leaps and Rebounds is a very popular and inexpensive bungee bound rebounder. I would get the larger size. My spring bound was 40 inches and I wanted and needed something bigger. My bellicon is 49 inches and it is perfect.

      Finally, I have only done 2 of Michelle’s workouts with a 3rd one planned for tomorrow. She has a total of 4 rebounder workouts. Not enough for a rotation and I have no plans to do any of her other workouts. Until she creates a large amount of rebounder workouts she does not have enough to create a rotation. However, I do plan to create a rebounder rotation in a few weeks. Her workouts will be included in it but so will many other trainers. So stay tuned for that.


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