AngieFitnessTV: Live #84 Rebounding Body Works Class

Live #84 Rebounding Body Works Class is another hour long rebounder workout from AngieFitnessTV. This workout is done EMOM style–Every Minute On the Minute. All that means is every exercise is done for one minute. This is one of her more intense rebounder workouts. Angie says this is an “informal workout”–the type of workout she would do when not filming workouts for other people. The biggest difference I saw between this workout and her other rebounder workouts was a lack of variety. And before I go any further, I’ll say up front that this was not my favorite AngieFitnessTV rebounder workout. I thought a long time about whether to include what I am going to write next but in the end, I reference these blog posts to recall what I thought of a workout and whether I want to return to it. I love Angie’s rebounder workouts and I am very grateful she creates them for free. I am so grateful that I started donating to her because I want her to continue creating wonderful rebounder workouts.

With that said, I was not crazy about this workout. There are several reasons, but a big one is because she is now calling the technique of pressing your feet down into the rebounder for more intensity (which she literally just started using in her YouTube workouts) the “Angie press down technique.” Before I sound weird and petty, I wouldn’t even mention this except that Angie calls attention to it repeatedly in the course of this workout, calling it the “Angie Press Down Technique,” over and over and over again. In fact, once she started ramping up the intensity of the workout, it was the main thing she talked about during the entire cardio portion of this workout–which makes up the bulk of the workout. Even at the very end of the workout during the 7:30 minutes when she is talking to the audience, she continues to lay claim to creating this method. This technique is not new and she did not create it. I learned it from other trainers when I first started rebounding in March/April of this year. In fact, until recently, Angie is one of the few trainers who did not use this technique. I have done 36 of Angie’s rebounder workouts. In all 36, she has used this method 3 times–her 3 most recent rebounder workouts. Almost every other trainer in the other rebounder workouts I have done employ this technique in their rebounder workouts. I say “almost every trainer” because at last count I have done more than 83 rebounding workouts since March (well over 100 when I include the Bellicon workouts I’ve done–that review will post eventually) and though I am pretty certain all of them except Angie use this method, I am not going to rewatch them all to be certain. Angie recently created a 4:28 minute “Benefits of rebounding” video and in it she says she taught rebounding for Urban Rebounding in the 1990s. Since I have done the entire URX (Urban Rebounding Extreme) program–I know for a fact that they are using the rebounding intensity method that Angie is laying claim to, so that is where she probably learned it. Another example: here is a how to video posted 4 years ago. In the first 1:30 minutes of the video the instructor (Christine Bullock) describes the proper rebounding technique that Angie lays claim to creating. The FitPrime G-Force workouts filmed in early 2000s use this method. Not new technique! As much as I love Angie’s workouts, she should not take credit for this rebounding technique.

***Since this review has already posted I am not going to change the content but Angie commented to this post that she is well aware she did not create the rebounding technique referenced above. So please scroll down to the comments to read her clarification.***

That is the one of the reasons I didn’t care for this workout–the many times I had to hear her reference her “Angie Press Down Technique.” Another reason was the egg weights. These things came out of nowhere. Kelly Coffey-Meyer is promoting them and now Angie is, too. She uses egg weights for this workout. She bought the “bundle” and uses all 3 weights in this workout: 1, 1.5 and 2 pounds. These things are expensive. $99 for the 3 sets of egg weights bundle. I am not going to lie. I spend a lot of money on fitness equipment. I own a Bellicon. I have weighted vests in 2 pound increments from 4-12 pounds. Medicine balls and kettlebells in similar increments. Three barbells. I could go on with all of the fitness equipment I have accumulated but this isn’t an inventory of my workout room. It’s just to show that I will not shy away from investing in a piece of equipment that will add something to my workouts. And even though Angie is promoting the egg weights and repeatedly says you should at least get the 1.5 pound egg weights if nothing else ($45), she never explains why they are better than weighted gloves or light hand weights. Even though I say that–just watch, in a month I will probably end up buying them. But I honestly want to know what makes them superior (for the home exerciser) to light hand weights and weighted gloves. How will they improve my workouts? If you have an answer to this question–please comment below. I am genuinely curious. I want to hear from actual users of egg weights–not a link to the egg weights website. I’ve already checked that out. If egg weights have upgraded your workouts, explain to me how.

And finally, as mentioned above, I found this workout kind of boring compared to her other rebounder workouts. I did get an excellent workout but you pretty much just jump on the rebounder (using the “Angie Press Down Technique”) while doing various arm movements with the egg weights. The last 5 or so minutes of the rebounding you actually do something different with your legs. The bodyweight work at the end was very solid and worked me well. For the majority of those exercises she did 4 sets of 8 reps. I think the push ups are the only thing she did less reps of. But since you do push ups at the beginning of the bodyweight strength and then again near the end, overall you are actually doing more than 4 sets of 8 reps. Oddly, I enjoyed the body weight strength portion the most because she did not talk about the “Angie Press Down Technique” or egg weights during it.

This is probably my first negative review of an AngieFitnessTV workout. And I have done a lot of her workouts. 36 of her rebounder workouts and 73 of her other types of workouts (strength, step, power walking, bosu, kickboxing, flexibility). So I’ve done over 100 of her workouts and loved the majority of them. There was bound to eventually be one I wasn’t crazy about.

Stats: Angie shares that she burned 464 calories and “walked” 5363 steps. I burned 424 calories, I was in my cardio heart rate zone 53% of the workout, in my peak heart rate zone a total of 9 minutes and I “walked” 4329 steps. Obviously I still got an excellent workout, in spite of my criticisms.

Live #84 Rebounding Body Works Class is 72 minutes but the workout is actually only 60 minutes; the first 4:30 minutes is Angie waiting for people to check in, 4 minute warm up and 4:30 minutes stretch. The last 7:30 minutes is Angie talking to her audience of home exercisers. So total workout time is 60 minutes. Equipment: rebounder, egg weights or light hand weights, pilates/playground ball, resistance loop/booty band and fitness mat. Angie has a step set up beside her rebounder with all of her equipment set up on it for easy access. The warm up starts with the pilates ball between your thighs, holding the one pound egg or hand weights. I used 1 and 2 pound hand weights for this workout. So when Angie was using 1 pound egg weights I used 1 pound hand weights. When she is using 1.5 and 2 pound egg weights I used 2 pound hand weights.

  1. (pliates ball is still between thighs and you are still holding one point egg/handweights) Hop side to side with bicep curls
  2. Jump forward and back with bicep curls
  3. Press down hops with chest fly arms
  4. Hop side to side with overhead press
  5. Press down hops with “runner” arms (alternating row/punch downs)
  6. Jumps with jack arms
  7. (set pilates ball aside and put fitness loop around thighs above knees, get 1.5 egg weights or 2 pound hand weights) Press down jumps with legs wide; add circling the arms from the elbow (arms are extended out to sides at shoulder level, circle arms at the elbows while keeping arm from shoulder to elbow at shoulder level)
  8. Still press down jump with legs wide while doing runner arms
  9. Hop side to side while keeping legs wide enough that there is tension on the loop, straight arm raise to the front then to the side
  10. Hop on rebounder while “shaving your butt cheeks” (a row with hands behind your back)
  11. Legs are wide, shift hop side to side, hold arms at sides at shoulder level, alternate bending elbows and bringing weight to shoulders
  12. Fast press down hops while doing a fly variation, bringing arms down in front of you then opening them to sides (Angie describes it rotating thumbs down to floor when lowering arms in front of you then when doing the fly variation the thumbs are raised to ceiling)
  13. Repeat #11
  14. Wide press down hops with scarecrow arms
  15. Continue with wide press down hops but now with slow jumping jacks arms bringing DBs together in front of you and again overhead
  16. (remove loop and place pilates ball between thighs again, get 2 pound egg/hand weights) Press down hops with running man arms
  17. Continue hopping with tricep kickbacks
  18. Continue hopping and alternate pushing arms overhead on a diagonal
  19. Continue hopping and raise arms from in front of thighs to overhead in a Y
  20. Hop side to side, alternate raising arm overhead then bringing elbow down to hip
  21. Continue hopping and alternate bringing back of hand to forehead
  22. Continue hopping and open arms out in chest fly but on a diagonal (one arm high and one arm low)
  23. Continue hopping with alternating bicep curls
  24. (set ball aside and swap 2 pound weights for 1 pound weights) Scissor run while pushing arms/DBs overhead
  25. Butt kick run
  26. High knee run while pushing arms overhead
  27. Jumping jacks
  28. Hop twists, hopping 3x in each direction, arms are held at shoulder level with one arm extended out straight to side and other arm bent so hand/DB is at shoulder, alternate arms every time twist hop
  29. Keeping legs wide, shift hop lower body side to side, alternate bringing arms from forehead to hip
  30. Heel dig hops, alternate raising and lower arms straight in front of you
  31. Alternating insole hops while pushing arms forward and back
  32. Pendulum hop the legs with large arm circles
  33. Butt kick runs
  34. (set weights aside) Health bounce to cool down
  35. (place mat on floor beside rebounder) Knee push ups, knees on floor and hands on rebounder frame
  36. Lay on back on floor/mat, knees bent and heels on rebounder canvas, pilates ball between knees, raise and lower hips in bridge; move feet so they are on rebounder frame, continue raising and lowering hips in bridge
  37. Tricep dips with hands on rebounder frame and feet on floor (pilates ball is still between your knees)
  38. Lay back on elbows on rebounder, knees bent and ball still between knees, in this position, raise and lower legs, toes tap rebounder frame at bottom and reach to ceiling at top
  39. Lean onto one hip and elbow and continue doing #38 (in this position you are bringing heels to bottom then extending them to wall
  40. Push ups on rebounder, knees on rebounder canvas and hands wide on frame
  41. Get into pike with hands on floor and feet on rebounder, alternate raising leg to ceiling (Angie shows an easier modification for this move)
  42. Boat pose on the rebounder with pilates ball between knees, arms extended straight to sides, holding one pound weights with palms facing down, while holding boat, alternate raising arm overhead

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


18 thoughts on “AngieFitnessTV: Live #84 Rebounding Body Works Class

  1. First- I want you to know I really enjoy reading your posts about all the different workouts you do. It is refreshing and a nice read. I know very well I did not invent the ” angie push” and no one did really in the rebounding world. It is a part of being on a trampoline. You naturally bounce and push dow if you want a harder workout.That is the nature of bouncing. I am not claiming to invent the natural push down of the trampoline in anyway. I am not reinventing anything about rebounding. I simply call it the ” angie push down “, nothing more. So- I will call it the “bounce push down “.
    Not every workout is going to be the best fit. Not every instructor will be the correct fit. Some workouts resonate better than others. I have been in the industry so long I understand this very well. I want to say your website is so awesome. All the variety in your workouts is so refreshing to see. I have tried workouts because of your reviews. I love reading all the rebounder videos. You have actually introduced me to some new rebounder videos myself. I too workout with Cathe and love all her workouts myself. Keep up the awesome website and thank you for real and very honest reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! I cannot believe you read my blog! I love, love, LOVE your workouts. I know this review doesn’t sound like it but if you’ve seen the other 100+ you know I adore them. Especially your rebounder and kickboxing workouts. Those are my favorites. I truly meant no disrespect. I will update this review and direct readers to see your comment below.


      1. No- this is your website and your review. Feedback is a gift to me. I learn myself too. Your reviews are so perfect just the way they are. Egg weights are great for people with wrist issues. It helps keep the wrist in a neutral grip alignment. Less flexion or extension in the wrist when gripping. Less chances of inversion and eversion too. Hand weights, weighted gloves are perfect too. Egg weights are costly -agree. I really do like them for the neutral wrist I achieve.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you! And thanks for your response about the egg weights. It does help–I’m still trying to decide whether I want to give them a try. If I do, I will probably just get the 1.5 pound egg weights. At least it will be a weight that I do not already own!


    2. As long as I have you here, (o: I have a question about the egg weights. What is the benefit of using egg weights over light hand weights or weighted gloves? Another commenter said she experienced less bicep pain and increased muscle definition from egg weight use. Do know why an egg weight would would give you more muscle definition than the same weight hand weight or weighted glove would? I do a lot of cardio boxing/kickboxing workouts so I am definitely interested in the egg weights if they truly have a measurable advantage over other types of resistance.


    1. Yeah. It was kind of weird. She does get repetitive sometimes but it is generally just form reminders and that doesn’t bother me. But this was definitely different from her other workouts that I’ve done.


      1. Now for an “Ugh” of a different kind — feeling quite a bit embarrassed at my quite candid comment now that Angie has visited your site and read the comments!

        But I’m so glad to hear Angie’s reasons on what make Egg Weights different: “Egg weights are great for people with wrist issues. It helps keep the wrist in a neutral grip alignment. Less flexion or extension in the wrist when gripping. Less chances of inversion and eversion too.” I don’t even think this is mentioned anywhere on the Egg Weights site but it’s been a long while since I visited and I don’t have any plans to return since I don’t plan to purchase.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If I do get them I am not going to buy the bundle. I’ll just get the 1.5 pound ones. I have 1 and 2 pound dumbbells and gloves but nothing 1.5. So it might be worth trying for that reason alone, even if I don’t find the shape of the weights anything to get excited about. But I am curious!


  2. IMHO, I think Egg Weights are only gaining in popularity because of the shortage of traditional dumbbells/weights available in the market. They seem incredibly overpriced and very niche. I wonder if Angie is endorsing them on her own or if she is a compensated “spokesperson.” I also wonder if KCM is compensated….. But perhaps that doesn’t matter.

    If you have light hand weights and weighted gloves I would say skip the Egg Weights.

    I was initially mildly excited about the Egg Weight concept but after thinking about it I came to the conclusion that I really really want wrist weights (1/2 pound or 1 pound per wrist) so my hands can be completely free and don’t have to hold a dumbbell or egg.

    The holder/carrier the Egg Weights come in is plastic and it seems like it would be irritating/uncomfortable to have to wear it on your middle finger. They do sell plastic holders/carrier in multiple colors separately but it more makes me think that the plastic is eventually going to break and thus you’d need a new holder for the egg weights.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was wondering about the finger holes too. I first saw these a few weeks ago when KCM posted about them. I looked them up and there were Amazon reviews saying the finger holes broke. That turned me off right away. I don’t want to have to keep buying holders for them. My interest in them all comes back to my shoulder. If I discover that they will somehow put less stress on my shoulder than weighted gloves or light hand weights then I will probably invest in them. But I’m still in research mode.


      1. I saw those reviews too. Some of the negative reviews also mentioned that they received dirty or what they felt was a used product. I also find it unusual that nearly all the product reviews are glowing, all several hundred of them, it just seems fishy to me, although maybe Egg Weights are the best thing since sliced bread. Who knows.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If I get them I’m going through the egg weights site rather than getting them from Amazon. Amazon sent me a survey the other day asking me questions like–have I gotten dirty or used products from them that were supposed to be new. I thought that was really odd. It has never happened to me before but for them to send a survey like that out to customers must mean it is happening to people.


  3. I feel that egg weights are a worthy investment. I have the 3 pound (1.5 pound for each hand) set. I learned about them from Kelly. I always have pain while boxing with weighted gloves in my right bicep … with using the egg weights, which are actually heavier than my one pound weighted gloves, I have no pain. I still try not to do weighted boxing too many days in a week, but I feel these really help me get more out of a workout. I also feel like I have a little more definition in my arms and I have only had them a few weeks. I keep reading your rebounding reviews … I don’t have one but think Santa may bring me one for Christmas, although I am a bit concerned about ceiling height.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! My husband knows me pretty well and has already predicated I will eventually buy the egg weights. Why do think holding the egg weights works your arms better than using gloves or a dumbbell of the same weight? (as in, why does a one pound egg weight work your muscles more than a one pound dumbbell or glove) Does Kelly give reasons why? Angie doesn’t–at least not in this workout and in her other rebounder workout that uses them. I’ve previewed that one but haven’t done it yet.

      My house does not have high ceilings and I have no problems rebounding. I would run into a problem if I was high jumping with my arms extended straight overhead but if you are following DVD or streaming workouts, they never do that so my ceiling height has never been an issue. Generally when they do have you jumping higher, your arms are doing nothing or they do not raiser higher than shoulder level. The overhead reaching is generally during the controlled intensity bouncing where you are not jumping high.


      1. For me, there is just less arm strain as the egg weights sit in the palm of your hand; I can also use a heavier weight (1.5 pounds, my weighted gloves are 1 pound, they actually came with Jessica’s 10 Minute Solutions boxing DVD) and go longer. I feel they are more ergonomically correct. You are definitely stronger than I am … so it may not be an issue. They are very comfortable in the hands and I can definitely get them on/off much quicker than my weighted gloves. With that said, I also don’t want to use them every day; I am actually a little disappointed that so many of Angie’s and Kelly’s new workouts (on her raw channel, which I subscribe to) do use them, as I just can’t box every day. I am sure I will end up with a rebounder at some point … I don’t have as many DVDs as you nor am I at as high a level but I definitely have hundreds and now have my favorite trainers on Youtube. Have you tried CDorner Fitness yet? I think you would like her, especially as many of her workouts are at the 60 minute mark.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No, I haven’t tried CDorner Fitness before. I just added some of her workouts to my Need to Try playlist though! 2 mobility workouts, 2 kickbox workouts and one upper body and one lower body workout. I do want to get to some of these trainers I’ve saved quicker. I was actually subscribed to Angie’s YouTube Channel for years before I finally tried one–and now I’ve done over 100 fo her workouts. But it is easy to get overwhelmed on YouTube–so many trainers.


      3. I think if I do get the egg weights, I will just get the 1.5 pound ones. Then I can justify it as being a weight size you cannot get anywhere else. I never see 1.5 pound dumbbells or weighted gloves! (o:


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