SaraBethYoga: 10 Minute Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Tension

10 Minute Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Tension is actually 8:30 minutes. This is a gentle but thorough stretch routine for you neck and shoulders. My neck is always stiff and frequently achy plus I have chronic shoulder problems. So why not give this a try, right? It didn’t cure anything but it did feel good and my neck and shoulders. I did a back, chest and shoulder workout before doing this routine so those muscles were already warmed up and ready to be stretched out. I’m not sure I would classify this as yoga. There were really only 2 actual yoga exercises in this routine. The rest are just stretching exercises.

10 Minute Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Tension. Equipment: mat. This stretch routine is done voice over.

  1. Sitting cross-leg on your mat, bend head forward and interlace hands behind head; inhale while raising head and opening elbows wide; exhale and lower head and elbows again; continue flowing between these two moves while inhaling and exhaling
  2. Interlace hands behind back then bring both hands to one hip and tilt head toward shoulder, hold this pose; do not move hands but lift head and look over shoulder
  3. Spinal twist with one hand one knee and other hand on floor behind you
  4. Seated side bend
  5. Seated eagle arms; first raise them upward, then fold forward, bringing arms to ground in front of you with forehead meeting hands
  6. Cow face pose (reach one arm overhead and bend elbow, reaching hand toward middle of back, other arm is at side with elbow bent and hand reaching upward behind you toward middle of back, if fingers meet–even better
  7. Legs are still crossed, but switch which leg is in front, repeat #5 & 6 on other arm
  8. Place fingertips on same side shoulder, do large shoulder circles, bringing elbows together in front of body

For more info on SaraBethYoga and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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