BOSU/HIIT/Bodyweight–Calorie Burning Workout

Bosu/HIIT/Bodyweight is another excellent bosu/cardio workout from Yvette Bachman. Yvette’s Youtube workouts are what prompted me to actually get a bosu ball and I am loving her workouts that use them. This one is an intense cardio workout with some body weight strength work. But it is primarily cardio. I love her bosu workouts. They give me balance challenges that I cannot get otherwise because of my feet. She has another bosu workout that I’ve done and loved: Bosu Cardio Mashup that combines bosu work with kickboxing. There is no kickboxing in this workout, but plenty of cardio!

BOSU/HIIT/Bodyweight is 61 minutes long; 11:30 minute warm up and 4 minute stretch. Equipment needed: bosu ball, 5 pound dumbbells and 8 or 10 pound dumbbells, and a yoga strap for the stretch at the end. Yvette is wearing weighted gloves. Structure is 40 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

  1. Burpee into wide squat, jump forward straddling bosu then jump back; ends w/ plank hold
  2. Step on and over bosu laterally (fast)
  3. In plank w/ hands on bosu, tap hand to opposite shoulder 6x, jump feet in, jump onto bosu and hold squat on bosu to count of 4
  4. Plank walks across bosu (walk hands only)
  5. Fast straddle step on/off bosu
  6. Sit on edge of bosu, lean torso all the way back, touching hands to floor, and when you come up, raise into a squat and squat pulse 2x; ends w/ squat pulses only
  7. Repeat #5 starting w/ other foot
  8. Sit on edge of bosu and do full sit ups w/ knees bent and feet on floor; add standing and jumping after sit up
  9. Double straight arm jack + one basic step up onto bosu (5# DBs)
  10. Sit ups on bosu, cross punches at top of sit up (5# DBs)
  11. Standing on bosu, squat slowly to count of 4 while raising DBs in front of you; ends holding squat to count of 8 (5# DBs)
  12. Shuffle 2 steps to side and punch (5# DBs)
  13. Curtsy lunge then jump onto bosu landing in squat and hold squat briefly; ends holding squat on bosu
  14. Shuffle tap toes on top of bosu
  15. In straight arm plank w/ hands on bosu, do swimmer arms
  16. Repeat #13 on other leg
  17. Step w/ knee raise on bosu (clap hands under thigh while raising knee)
  18. Stand on bosu and hop 3x then lower into squat and hold
  19. Side to side lunge while punching bosu each time you lunge
  20. In a deep wide plié squat hold, raise DBs to side and overhead (5# DBs)
  21. Burpee + jump on and off bosu
  22. Punch overhead while stepping out side to side (5# DBs)
  23. Sit up on bosu, at top of move tap hand to floor outside of opposite leg
  24. Lateral jumps on/over bosu, touching bosu w/ fingertips each time you land (one foot always on bosu)
  25. Plank jacks w/ hands on bosu
  26. Shuffle forward from behind bosu to the front/side of bosu and tap hand to ground then shuffle back, alternate sides
  27. Hinge forward and alternate cross-back step w/ tricep kickbacks (5# DBs)
  28. Straddle jacks on and off bosu
  29. Step together w/ upper cuts (5# DBs)
  30. Knee raise w/ lunge back (step on bosu for knee raise and touch bosu when lunging back)
  31. Straddling bosu, squat pulse 3x then tap one foot to top of bosu; ends w/ all squat pulses, then hold squat
  32. Repeat #30 on other leg
  33. 30 second water break
  34. With one foot on bosu and lowered into squat, jump laterally over bosu and hold squat while raising outside leg out to side
  35. Squat pulse 3x + jump pushing DBs overhead (5# DBs)
  36. Sit ups on bosu w/ arms crossed over chest
  37. Turn bosu upside down; burpee w/ hands holding edges of bosu and when you stand, raise bosu overhead; ends just holding bosu overhead
  38. Cardio hop (knee lift skip move)
  39. Bosu still upside down, burpee and stand into a squat holding bosu in front of you and pulse squat 3x
  40. Shuffle side to side w/ side/cross punch (5# DBs)
  41. Bosu still upside down, in plank w/ hands on edge of bosu and rock back and forth
  42. Shuffle/scissor run w/ alternating hammer curls (5# DBs)
  43. Bosu still upside down, with hands on edges of bosu, burpee w/ plank jack, stand and jack while pushing bosu overhead
  44. Alternating front diagonal lunges along side bosu, tapping top of bosu at bottom of lunge
  45. Step one foot on bosu while stepping other foot out to side, repeat on other leg
  46. Lateral jumps over bosu w/ one foot always on bosu
  47. Repeat #45 & 46 (but with different arm movements)
  48. Kneel on bosu and do straight arm lateral raises (I used 8# DBs, Yvette used 10# DBs)
  49. Standing on bosu, do a slow squat and when you stand do an overhead press (10# DBs)
  50. Forearm plank hold on bosu

For more info on Yvette Bachman and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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