Barlates: Bounce Express

Bounce Express is a collection of five 16 minute workouts plus a warm up and a cool down/stretch from Linda @ Barlates. All of the workouts are done on the rebounder. There are no premixes on the DVD, so it is for you to pick and choose which workouts you want to do. All of these workouts (including the warm up and stretch) are available for free on YouTube so you can also create a playlist on YouTube, put them all in the playlist in the order you want them to play then start jumping! On each breakdown below, I link to the YouTube workout. I, of course, purchased the DVD. The first time I did this workout I did 3 segments plus the warm up and cool down/stretch: Jacks, Kickbox and Knees & Kicks, in that order. It was a great cardio workout. Pretty intense, too. The way I did them worked well because Kickbox was the easiest of the 3 so it was sandwiched between two more intense segments. According to my FitBit, I burned 565 calories and was in my peak heart rate zone for 26 of the 68 minutes of the workout. Keep in mind that 19 of the 68 minutes was warm up and cool down/stretch. So not bad at all! Plus it is fun and basically low impact. It feels weird for me to say these workouts are low impact because I am bouncing like crazy, but that is the point of rebounder–it is easy on the joints. The second time I did did these workouts I did the warm up, cool down/stretch plus Cardio Sculpt and On & Off. These two segments are different from the other 3. These two are cardio + strength workouts. In these two workouts, the strength moves are alternated with cardio moves so they work really well together. Cardio Sculpt feels easier because Linda slows down for the strength intervals, so your heart rate lowers but during On & Off, the strength moves are done faster and are much more metabolic so it felt a lot more intense. That workout was 51 minutes and I burned 400 calories. I was only in my peak heart rate for 10 of those minutes. The majority of the 10 minutes in my peak was during On & Off though the graph shows a clear spike during Cardio Sculpt–I know when that occurred, too–during the very last interval of that workout–tuck jumps! Again, not bad when 19 minutes of that was warm up and cool down/stretch. This collection is a real winner!

The warm up is 9:30 minutes and the cool down and stretch is 9 minutes. I will break down the warm up but not the cool down/stretch. These are interval workouts. Each move is done for 1 minute

The warm up is 9:30 minutes and the first 30 seconds is Linda’s intro. There are arm movements with every move.

  1. Basic bouncing
  2. Alternating heel digs with hops
  3. Alternating heel digs out to the side with hops
  4. Bouncing hamstring curls
  5. Alternating knee raises with a hop
  6. Alternating insole taps with a hop
  7. Alternating hamstring curls but this time you are tapping same side hand to foot as it curls
  8. Prancing jump ropes; changes to doubles (2 prances on one foot before changing sides)
  9. Continue prancing (not doubles) with single arm speed bag to side
  10. Basic bouncing with legs wide; changes to one squat jump + 2 basic bounces
  11. Hip twist hops; continue this move but lower into a squat 4 hops then return raise out of squat for 4 hops; stop squatting and do hip twist hops to a pattern: single, single, double
  12. Stop bouncing and stand on rebounder with legs wide, alternate reaching straight arms overhead to opposite side with stationary toe taps; arm movement changes to pushing arms to opposite side at chest level

Kickbox is 16:30 minutes; 1:15 second intro. Linda is also holding one pound dumbbells to increase intensity (I did, too). This was a lot of fun and lower intensity than the other workouts in this series but still a great cardio workout.

  1. Bounce with alternating front punches
  2. Punch front and side with same arm, raising knee and hopping as you change sides
  3. 4 wide leg hops w/ jump rope arms + 4 narrow leg hops with fast mini bicep curls
  4. 3 high knee runs + front kick
  5. Squat to side kick
  6. Cross punch with bounces
  7. Upper cut + elbow strike (while hopping)
  8. 2 single arm punches + 2 knee pulls (same leg)
  9. Repeat #6-8 on other side of the body
  10. High-low punches with hops, 4 punches each side

Knees & Kicks is 17 minutes; 1 minute intro. This one is pretty intense plus you are getting lots of leg conditioning.

  1. Alternating straight leg front kicks, pulling arms down from overhead with each kick
  2. Front knee raise + back kick on same leg, alternate legs
  3. Pendulum leg lifts with straight arms moving in opposition to legs
  4. Front knee raise plus straight side leg raise with other leg
  5. Repeat #4 on other side of body
  6. Straight leg front kick + insole tap on other leg
  7. Repeat #6 on other side of body
  8. Hamstring curls each leg tapping heels with same side hand + straight leg side raises each leg with jumping jack arms
  9. Cross body knee pulls all on same leg while chopping arms across body
  10. Repeat #9 on other leg
  11. Front knee raise + back straight leg raise on other leg
  12. Repeat #11 on other side of body
  13. Straight leg front kick + straight leg back raise on other leg
  14. Repeat #13 on other side of body
  15. Insole tap jogs
  16. High knee run

Jacks is 16 minutes; 1 minute intro. Another intense cardio workout. In this one, Linda varies the intensity of some of the moves so you get a active recovery on some of them.

  1. Regular jumping jacks
  2. Low jacks
  3. Heel jacks (more like heel digs on a diagonal) while swinging straight arms high and low
  4. Jacks with X arms (arms high then low)
  5. 180 turn jacks (do one jack facing side then a small hop to turn then do a jack facing the opposite side)
  6. Cross jacks (both arms and legs cross)
  7. Wacky jacks (alternate lifting straight legs to side, arms are in goal post, bring elbow to same side hip when raising leg)
  8. 3 regular jacks + one air jack
  9. Double jacks (2 hops in each jack position)
  10. 3 wide leg hops then jump high and click heels
  11. Cross jacks but this time the same leg will cross in front of the other then behind the other
  12. Repeat #11 with other leg crossing
  13. Squat hop 4x with legs wide then squat hop 4x with legs close together
  14. Squat, reaching hands to rebounder then do an air jack
  15. 4 regular jacks + 2 double jacks

Cardio Sculpt is 16 minutes; 1 minute intro. This workout alternates cardio with strength exercises–basically body weight strength but using the rebounder.

  1. Hopping hamstring curls while rowing bent arms at shoulder level
  2. Wide leg bounces while rowing bent arms close to sides
  3. Uneven pile squats (one foot on the rebounder and one foot on the floor)
  4. Ballet plie hops, alternate crossing feet, raising arms from in front of you to overhead
  5. Repeat #3 on other leg
  6. Hop and kick one leg on a diagonal (all kicks on same leg) while lifting arms out to sides
  7. Curtsy lunge/squats with front foot on rebounder and back foot on floor
  8. Repeat # 6 & 7 on other leg
  9. Legs wide with toes turned out, do 2 small hops then jump higher and tap heels
  10. Start in 3 leg down dog position with hands on rebounder and one foot on floor, flow forward into tripod plank bringing knee under body then lift bent leg to side while doing push up, return to 3 leg down dog
  11. Hop on rebounder while swinging one straight leg out to side then in front of other leg (which continues to hop) then back out to side, alternate legs
  12. Repeat #10 on other side of body
  13. 2 Wacky jacks (alternate lifting straight legs to side, arms are in goal post, bring elbow to same side hip when raising leg) + 2 hamstring curl jacks (crossing straight arms in front of you)
  14. 3 small hops + 1 wide leg tuck jump; last 20 seconds of interval do only tuck jumps

On & Off is 16 minutes; 1 minute intro. This workout also alternates cardio with strength exercises but it is much more metabolic and intense than Cardio Sculpt.

  1. 4 hip twist hops + 4 jumping jacks
  2. 3 hops with a knee raise + one straight leg kick with opposite leg, alternate sides
  3. With one foot on rebounder and one on ground, do knee pulls with a hop
  4. Repeat #3 but this time both feet are on rebounder
  5. Repeat #3 & 4 on other side of body
  6. Hop while lifting one straight leg out to side 3x then swing it across in front of the other leg, alternate sides
  7. Alternating uneven squats (one leg on rebounder and one on floor) with a double hop on rebounder to change sides
  8. Double hop with both legs on rebounder then double hop on one leg, alternate sides with two leg double leg hops between each single leg double hop
  9. Lateral skaters across rebounder, tapping foot off rebounder behind you
  10. Lateral skaters remaining on rebounder, rather than tapping leg on floor, keep it lifted behind you
  11. Stand beside rebounder with one foot on rebounder, do a knee pull across body with a hop while chopping arms across body
  12. Stand on rebounder, do a cross knee pull while chopping arms across body + 1 squat
  13. Repeat #11 & 12 on other side of body

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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