SaraBethYoga: 20 Minute Full Body Yoga for FLEXIBILITY & Strength

20 Minute Full Body Yoga for Flexibility & Strength is one of Sara Beth‘s more active yoga practices. It is not power yoga or anything; I just tend to gravitate toward Sara’s gentle yoga practices that are more flexibility focused. But that doesn’t mean this didn’t feel good. You are still doing some deep stretching and flowing through different ranges motion. I really enjoyed this practice. I did it after one of Jessica Smith‘s new Fusion Flow & Glow workouts (that review will post next weekend), so my body was nicely warmed up and ready for this feel god practice. At the end of this practice, while you are sitting cross-leg in prayer, Sara Beth’s children run out to hug their mom. They are super cute!

20 Minute Full Body Yoga for Flexibility & Strength is 21 minutes; it is actually 19:30 minutes. The last 1:30 minutes is Sara talking about another routine. Equipment: fitness mat and optional yoga strap.

  1. Stand at end of mat with eyes closed and hands in prayer
  2. Reach arms overhead and do a side stretch
  3. Reach arms overhead, arch spine and, looking up to ceiling, pull elbows down behind you
  4. Chair pose with arms lifted behind you
  5. Stand on one leg, other knee raised and leg extended straight, both arms extended overhead
  6. Step leg that was raised in #5 back so you are in crescent pose
  7. Lower into runners lunge and twist torso toward front leg, raising arm to ceiling
  8. From #7 position, rotate into a side plank but bring top leg behind you, knee bent, top arm reaches to ceiling then overhead, arching spine
  9. Straight arm plank; bending elbows, lower body toward mat then transition into upward facing dog
  10. Downward facing dog
  11. Forward fold with palms on shins and back flat; forward fold with hands on floor and back relaxed
  12. Repeat #1-4
  13. Repeat #5-8 on other side of body
  14. Repeat #9 & 10
  15. Seated spinal twist
  16. Cow facing pose (legs crossed so knees are stacked, one arm is raised with fingers reaching down spine, other arm lifts up from the bottom, reaching up spine to touch top fingers–Sara gives the option of using a yoga strap between hands)
  17. Wide leg forward fold
  18. Wide leg yoga squat
  19. Repeat #15 & 16 on other side of body
  20. Reverse tabletop
  21. Lay on back and pull knees into chest; rock from shoulders to glutes
  22. Upward dog to downward dog
  23. Pigeon pose
  24. 3 leg down dog or flip dog (one arm back bend/wheel pose)
  25. Repeat #23 & 24 on other side of body
  26. Down dog
  27. Gorilla pose (forward fold w/ knee bent and hands under feet)
  28. Bridge pose; wheel pose
  29. Reclining butterfly pose
  30. Lay on back and pull knees into chest
  31. Reclining spinal twist
  32. Repeat #30
  33. Happy baby pose
  34. Corpse pose for approximately 3 minutes
  35. Sit cross leg with hands in prayer

For more info on SaraBethYoga and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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