DAY 12 // THE DAILY10: 10 Min Back Sculpting Workout

10 Min Back Sculpting Workout is Day 12 in Heather Robertson‘s Daily10 workout series, which is a series of 10 minute workouts that she is uploading every day in the month of November. I used this as a finisher after a tough upper body workout. So I was not only well warmed up but my muscles were already fatigued. This little back finisher kicked my butt! I probably should have lifted lighter dumbbells since I was already fatigued, but I didn’t and man, I was done by the end of this workout! Excellent little upper body/back finisher.

The exercises in this workout are done interval style: each exercise is done for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds of recovery. There is a timer in the lower right hand corner of the screen, counting down your intervals and recoveries. Heather previews the next exercise during the recovery.

10 Min Back Sculpting Workout is 10:30 minutes; no warm up or stretch. Equipment: dumbbells and a fitness mat. Heather is using 5 and 10 pound dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used.

  1. Underhand row (bent over row, palms face forward, alternate arms) (25# DBs)
  2. Scapular squeeze (extend arms/DBs straight to side with palms facing ceiling, pull elbow behind waist, alternate arms) (7# DBs)
  3. Rear fly combo (one double arm bent over rear delt fly + one single arm bent over rear delt arm + repeat single arm rear delt fly on other arm) (8# DBs)
  4. Narrow & wide row (bent over rows, alternate one narrow row with arms close to sides with one wide row with elbows out to sides away from body) (16.5# DBs)
  5. Star fish (lay on stomach, arms extended in front of you, raise arms/chest and legs off floor, hold isometrically while opening straight arms to side and bringing them down to hips while also opening legs)
  6. Repeat #1-5

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


7 thoughts on “DAY 12 // THE DAILY10: 10 Min Back Sculpting Workout

  1. Today I did Epic III Day 46 Prodigy Push-ups and Abs. Holy crap. I knew going in this was going to be tough, more of a challenge workout than anything else and I was right. What made this especially tough is that most of the push-ups are triceps-centered. The staple was 1 min of tricep push-ups which appears 5 times I think. I had to drop to my knees at some point for many sets. At the end I could eke out 1 or 2 on my toes and that was it. The abs section was ok but pretty mundane. 9 min straight through.

    I have to say that Caroline is simply impressive. She never dropped to her knees and showed perfect form throughout. If I were 25 years younger I’d really strive to have her physique (or a modicum of it anyway) but for now I’m happy if I can keep pace and modify. ☺️

    I ended with Heather’s Day 13 booty band which was another excellent finisher workout.


    1. Caroline is definitely a powerhouse. She has made me stronger, too. Now that I am doing the rotation I created, I am returning to her workouts–including the ones I did when I first discovered her. I did EPIC 2 Day 37 on Monday and I am lifting much heavier now than I did the first time I did that workout back in March. I, of course, am no where near as strong as she is but I am not competing wit her–I am competing with myself and I am definitely winning!

      I have Heather’s Day 13 scheduled for Sunday–but who knows when the review will post.


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