Barlates: 100 Rep Squat & Kick

100 Rep Squat & Kick is part of Linda Wooldridge’s 100 Rep Challenge series. She has 10 workouts in this series (here is her 100 Rep Challenge play list so you can view them all). The idea behind them is you do 100 reps of each exercise in the workout. There are 10 exercises, so each workout actually contains 1,000 reps!

I loved this little workout! I do not have plans to try every 100 Rep Challenge Linda has created but this one and the glutes one (already reviewed) were at the top of my list. This one is awesome. I love to squat and kick, so this one was perfect for me. And I definitely felt it. You’re kicking and squatting at a brisk pace, so there is a cardio factor, too. There are so many ways to use this! Use it as an add on to finish off a lower body workout or do like I did this morning and pair several of Linda’s workouts together to create an hour long workout. I started with this workout, then I did her 100 Rep Cardio Core Box and finished everything off with her 5 Best Butt Blasting Exercises. That gave me an hour long metabolic workout that worked my glutes and core very well! My glutes are still stinging.

Linda says if you need to make this workout more challenging you can hold dumbbells and add ankle weights. 100 kicks was plenty for me w/out adding ankle weights but I can see adding some dumbbells to a few of the exercises–#2, #4 and #10. Nothing super heavy. 12 pound dumbbells for #2 and #10 and something heavier–maybe one 30 pound dumbbell held goblet style for #4. You could even wear a weighted vest.

100 Rep Squat & Kick is 23:30 minutes long; 2 minute intro and 2 minute stretch. In the two minute intro, Linda explains how the workout will work then also gives form pointers for the full squats done in #2 below. She does this because she spends all of her time working and counting–so there is very little form pointers in the actual workout. No equipment is needed for this workout, though Linda does suggest having a chair handy as you might need it sometimes for balance. I used the chair several times.

  1. Alternating front kicks
  2. Alternate between regular squats and full squats (flat footed, very deep squat)
  3. Back kicks (you do both alternating kicks and you stay on one leg)
  4. Wide plié squats (full squats and pulses)
  5. Side kicks (you do both alternating kicks and you stay on one leg)
  6. Low squats (hands on floor, bend and straighten knees, lowering bottom close to floor when bending knees)
  7. Front kick to back kick (you will need to hold onto something for this one)
  8. Barre squats (raise onto toes, keeping spine straight; you will need to hold onto something for this one, too)
  9. Repeat #7 on other leg
  10. Side to side/narrow to wide squats

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.



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