BeFit: Strong Ass Glutes Bootcamp Workout

BeFitStrongassglutesThis is not technically my first BeFit workout, but it is my first using YouTube. The other BeFit workouts I’ve done are part of a program (BeFit in 30 Extreme). I checked out level 1 on DVD at the library and was notified by a reader that the entire program (which includes levels 2 and 3, which are not on DVD) are all available for free on YouTube. And that began my fascination with free YouTube workouts. I’ve been doing primarily Popsugar workouts, but I also have plans to do some BeFit workouts (and finish out the BeFit in 30 Extreme program).

Strong Ass Glutes Bootcamp Workout is the first of their 10 minute workouts I’ve tried. And, like Popsugar, they have a ton of free workouts of varying lengths. However, just judging from this first workout, a lot more equipment is required for BeFit! There is also no introduction and little preparation for what is needed. No warm ups or cool downs either. But that’s ok. It is only a 10 minute workout!

This is a great little glute buster. It consists of 5 exercises. Each exercise is done for one minute then you repeat them all. If an exercise focuses on one side of the body, you work each side for 30 seconds. This workout moves very fast between exercises so it is important to be prepared. That is the beauty of this blog! If you read this post then you will be prepared before the workout starts–no time wasted. I had to pause it to do a quick set up. But I won’t have to in the future.

This workout is done voice over and it does appear as if this might have been pieced together from other workouts. This doesn’t make it look sloppy or anything. There are just two different exercisers, but only one is shown at a time (a different exerciser for each exercise). I don’t know who they are; no trainer names are given. They are both in the same setting–at night on the top of the building. I really like this setting btw. The workout is set to music that fits the workout. There is a timer counting down each minute as you do the exercise. Also, BeFit is a fitness supplement company (protein powders, etc.), so during the workout in the top left hand corner a tiny ad for one of their products will occasionally pop up. It is not distracting at all so do not let that put you off from their workouts.

Strong Ass Glutes Bootcamp Workout is 10 minutes long. For this workout you need a high step, box or bench, a set of moderate dumbbells, one light dumbbell, and a mat. Though they do not show modifications or alternative options, I have a suggestion for two of the exercises which I will note below in the breakdown. They will increase the burn of the exercises, giving you an even better glute workout. One note here–since you repeat each exercise, rather than changing legs halfway through the 60 seconds, just stay on the same leg for the full minute then when you repeat the exercise, do it on the other leg.

This is an excellent little add-on to finish off a lower body workout!


  1. Single Leg Glute Lift (you are laying on your mat; another option would be to do a glute raise w/ your back on a bench and a heavy weight on your hips; another option is to stay on the mat but elevate your bottom foot on a step at 6-10 inches)
  2. Box Pistol (this is a one leg squat off the top of a high step/box/bench; I used my high step at 16 inches)
  3. Dumbbell Side Leg Lifts (hydrants w/ a DB gripped in knee pit); I used 5# DB
  4. Alternating Dumbbell Side Lunge; I used 15# DBs
  5. Bulgarian Split Squats (rear foot is on bench/high step/box; I used my high step at 16 inches); they use no DBs for this exercise but you could hold one heavy DB in both hands or a moderate dumbbell in each hand

For more info on BeFit and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.



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